Why you should train your body tension


Being able to move a lot of weight is one thing. Body tension trains the other. You can’t get one without the other. Train your body tension to avoid stagnation and injuries.


If you do not tighten your body as much as you exercise, you will not fully develop your strength and will hurt yourself more easily.


And: body tension gives you a magical presence in every situation that others perceive.


Why you should train with high body tension

Maximum body tension makes you stronger and protects tendons, joints, and connective tissue like a shell against overload.


People who train their body tension also develop a higher muscle tone. That means their muscles also work harder and are more defined.


At least when the body fat percentage is low.


The Calisthenics: Athlet Frank Medrano is a good example.


I only know a few who consciously train their body tension.



But I often see people in the studio who lack it. They don’t just train with it ineffective. They also go (an unnecessary ) risk for injuries.


The statics of your body give you stature.


Do you like to play Jenga? Then the following model will immediately illuminate you.


Simply put, you can think of your body as a stack of large shoe boxes. The building is most stable when the boxes are exactly on top.


If the position of the boxes deviates too much, the entire tower falters.


Body tension affects your charisma

One more thing.


Body tension affects your charisma.


You lack stature without body tension. You look weak, coarse motor, clumsy. 


This not only seems lazy or driverless to other people. It also affects your mood.


You will also appear differently in everyday life if you have a natural body tension. Then it is one of those people who, when entering a room, immediately emit a magical aura that others can hardly put into words.


You are present. Exude sovereignty and backbone. People will watch you if they want it or not.


( If you don’t want that, think carefully about whether you are reading now)


If you tighten a muscle statically, it is called isometric muscle contraction.

What is body tension?

Body tension arises when you contrast the muscles of your body without moving.


If you tighten a muscle statically, it is called isometric muscle contraction.


Sounds complicated, but it is quickly explained:


  • iso = same
  • metric = length


So “same length.”


With an isometric contraction, the length of your muscle remains the same, even though you tense it.


You can do this by contrasting the opponent as well.


Let’s experiment:


  • Tighten the right biceps without moving the forearm.
  • Place your left hand on the right biceps while you are relaxing and relaxing on -. You feel the muscle contract.
  • Now feel how your triceps also contract with your left hand, although you “actually “only deliberately start the biceps.


This is an isometric contraction.


Planks or a Handstand are an example of an isometric exercise.


Body tension is imperative for you to carry out the basic exercises correctly and safely.


Such exercises like squats, Lift, Pull-ups, or Shoulder presses.


Most sports are ineffective or even impossible without body tension. Whether karate or climbing, surfing or snowboarding, dancing or gymnastics – but also running.


If you want to get more out of your fitness training, you shouldn’t just know what body tension is. You should maximumly Know body tension.


maximum Body tension

What is maximum Body tension?

Suppose we apply your body tension on a scale of 1 – 10. 


1 stand for “wet sack, 10 for “granite.”


The task for the next workout: Try to train with maximum body tension.


My thesis is this: If you already have some experience with strength training, you will probably come to a 7 of 10.


That is good. But what does 10 out of 10 mean?


Now it’s getting exciting.


Take that classic push-up as an example.


Train body tension using the example of push-ups

How to perform a push-up with maximum body tension:


  1. Go to the push-up – starting position ( plank with arms outstretched ).
  2. Rotate your shoulders outside.
  3. Make sure that your palms and all 10 fingers are under constant tension.
  4. Push your forearms forward while your triceps are pressed backward at the same time.
  5. Pull your chest down and tighten your abdominal muscles. Harder. Even harder. Imagine Bruce Lee wanted you one of his legendary 1 – Customs – Blows miss in the stomach pit.
  6. Make sure you touch your abdominal muscles and your entire trunk. So 360 °, like a belt that wraps around your torso.
  7. Tilt your pelvis forward minimally and stretch your legs Glutaeus Maximus really hard. Do you call that “span? Harder. Even harder. Don’t be afraid of the cramp in the butt. Keep going!
  8. Now concentrate on both Lat-muscles. Turn them to stone.
  9. Span the Quadriceps hard and pull your knee discs up towards your hip.
  10. Try to pull the floor under your toes towards your head.
  11. Imagine a long Thera – band pulling your entire body together, from the hoes to the back of the head. Now you push the band apart with your entire body as much as possible.


Finally, NOW, the time has come.


  1. Start lowering your body.
  2. Pull yourself down as if you wanted to press a metal spring together in 2 seconds.
  3. DO NOT let up. The body tension remains maximum!
  4. As soon as you get down, you push yourself up quickly, but in a controlled manner and without momentum. You continue to keep every muscle under maximum tension.
  5. You can carry out the return almost explosively. At least when you are trained in body tension.
  6. Now, 5 more such repetitions. This will start your pulse, and I guarantee you will sweat.


THAT is maximum body tension!


how to train body tension

How can you train body tension?

Good body tension arises in your midst. You need a strong hull. You will probably get it much easier than you think:


Every situation is suitable for training your body tension.


Proper strength training is one of the best ways to improve your body tension. Every type of sport increases body tension.


And you don’t need any sport to train your body tension:


The more you pay attention to your body tension in everyday life, the more you get your muscles on a raised tone.


This makes it easier for you not only to tense your entire body during training. You will also be much more present to other people.


This is how you develop this magical aura that surrounds some people and leads others to perceive you immediately when you enter a room.


First, let’s talk about how you can train your body tension in everyday situations without additional time. Then we go to training.


Train body tension in everyday life

1., Train your body tension in everyday life


The first step to more body tension also leads to your consciousness here.


You subconsciously carry out 99% of your daily movements. And that’s a good thing.


Imagine that you would consciously control every single movement – also that of your eyes – to read this text.


Of course, it would then be a bit much required also to record the content. On the other hand, you might sit or stand a little upright.


You can train this awareness in any everyday situation.


You simply try to carry out everyday movements as often as possible:


  • the handle to the coffee cup,
  • opening a door,
  • the walk to the supermarket,
  • operating the touchscreen or keyboard,
  • putting on your shoes,
  • Etc.


Perhaps you are surprised at how quickly your body feeling and your body tension change.


Tip: It is not a good idea to practice driving ( or other security-related situations ) where your 100% attention is required. Situations are best suited in which little can go wrong.


Train body tension through strength training

2., Train body tension through strength training

Strength training is an excellent way to increase body tension in everyday life.


And if you want to get more out of your training, there is still something!


  • No matter what exercise you exercise today, I want you to pay attention to high body tension consciously. Muscle training with free weights is essential, but it is also important if you work with machines.
  • Train the push-up with maximum body tension. That not only perfects your Push-ups – technology. You train your Mind-Muscle – Connection (“Mind Muscle Connection “) and develop a new muscle feeling.
  • Train as freely as possible. Replace machines – Training with basic exercises, bodyweight – exercises, and exercises with free weights.


If you are now doing your strength training with high body tension, you will not only make better progress.


You also become more resistant to injuries and train your central nervous system.


train with low body

Train your body tension – Conclusion

Gymnasts train their body tension, as does Karateka. But in the gym, body tension is often neglected.


Those who train with low body tension risk stagnation and injuries.


Fortunately, holders train differently. They pay attention to their body tension during strength training and move more consciously in everyday life.


Are you a “holder”?


If so, you might not only make better progress in training than your fellow human beings. It is quite possible that you also have a magical presence in everyday life – and all your eyes follow you.


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