What happens to your body when you stop wearing underwear?



For many of us, wearing underwear is a routine that is almost like breathing, and the thought of walking around without it may seem strange. In reality, you might actually get more benefits from choosing to stop wearing them and it might even help with acid reflux.


We have found surprising results that we would like to share with you all.


wearing underwear problems


Tight clothing like underwear can push your stomach up, which can put pressure on your stomach and cause acid reflux, which leads to heartburn. Although this health problem is common in adults between the ages of 20 and 30, removing your underwear can reduce the chance of acid reflux.



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You won’t get a yeast infection that often.

There is one bacterium that most of you already know about or that you may have had problems with called Candida. This bacterium can be found in 20% of women. While some may never have symptoms, complications can lead to a yeast infection. Because cotton retains moisture and creates the perfect area for bacteria to grow, choosing not to wear panties can reduce the chance of infection.


wearing underwear candida


Not wearing underwear will be more comfortable and it will reduce the odor.

Most of us were sweating down there. This moisture gets trapped in your underwear, which can increase the odor. If you don’t wear panties, the sweat can evaporate, which leads to less friction and reduces odor to a minimum.


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Your bikini line will be safer.


Your intimate parts are made up of delicate tissues, much like your lips. Underwear made from man-made and tight materials can irritate, injure and infect your bikini area. Worst of all, it can hurt. Removing panties and wearing only loose-fitting clothing can reduce the risk of irritation, and in some cases eliminate it entirely.


loose-fitting underwear


While not wearing underwear your intimate area is less prone to sensitivity and allergies.

Because many items of clothing, including panties, contain artificial fabrics, dyes, and chemicals, they can easily cause allergic reactions. This reaction can include irritation, blisters, rashes, and bumps. In this situation, no panties mean fewer clothes that can cause allergies.


Men can also benefit from command.

The same goes for men, who can also reduce the risk of irritation and injury. In fact, it can mean less infection and itchiness. In addition, it helps keep the reproductive system healthy.


Man sport underwear


What do you think of an underwear-free lifestyle? Have you tried it before and if so have you seen any benefits?


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