70 Weight loss affirmations for health



“Health is not everything – but without health, everything is nothing!” Those who are healthy are rich, and the weight loss affirmations recommended on this website are the key to your health and your material wealth and prosperity.


When your mind has good and healthy thoughts, it also has an easier time staying healthy and getting better again. An interesting book on this subject has Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke wrote. It is entitled “Illness as a Way.”


As you start with your weight loss journey you will need support.


Our weight loss affirmations can help you to reach your goals without unnecessary stress.



The connection between mind and body is undisputed. The best-known clinical picture is psychosomatic illnesses, i.e., illnesses that are caused by thoughts and emotions.


weight loss affirmations
You can change your life with this method.


Germs can also penetrate the body and have a psychosomatic effect. When a person is exposed to strong emotional stress, the immune system can be weakened to such an extent that new germs can penetrate the body, or germs that have already entered can do their malevolent work.



Thoughts generate feelings and emotions, and you can control your thoughts at will. Our weight loss affirmations help you to direct your thoughts in the direction you want. This also makes the connection between affirmations and health understandable.



“If you change your mind, you change your life!” Is an old Chinese proverb. By feeding your conscious mind with healthy thoughts, you will reap health.



If you regularly give healthy and good thoughts about health to your subconscious, your body will gradually react to them and bring about the desired effect.


70 weight loss affirmations
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The power of thought could conquer even terrible diseases like cancer. The placebo effect known in medicine is purely psychological. The test person is given a medicine that will have certain active ingredients and thus, effects. But instead of medicine, this person is given a sugar pill that does not contain any active ingredients.


And the healing success occurred.


This proves the fact that it was not the placebo that cured the disease, but the patient’s utterly convinced belief that this tablet worked. You can achieve similarly wonderful results with affirmations.



There is compelling evidence that the body produces different hormones depending on the thoughts on recovery. When you are happy, hormones are produced that have a positive effect on your body (so-called happiness hormones).


Conversely, bad thoughts produce hormones that are harmful to the body. Bad thoughts are solidly deposited in the body like mercury or arsenic and fulfill their terrible work through a serious illness as soon as the amount of solid matter has reached a certain level.


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People who have been written off from conventional medicine have struggled again because their will to live and their conviction that they want to go on living was too strong for death.


So there is no question.


What follows is a list of weight loss affirmations for a healthy approach. Choose the right weight loss and health affirmations for you and repeat them a hundred times a day – for at least six months.


Try not to take any medication that has not been prescribed by your doctor. Affirmations can only strengthen the healing process but cannot replace medication.


Affirmations strengthen your mind to direct your thoughts in a different, better direction for better health.


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70 weight loss affirmations for better health:



  1. Every day I am healthier in every way and feel better and better.
  2. I love myself, and I am perfectly healthy.
  3. I move consciously at all times.
  4. I connect the body, mind, and soul.
  5. I treat my body carefully and lovingly.
  6. I thank my body for the good it does for me.
  7. My body feels good.
  8. I love my body and take good care of it.
  9. I am in a flow with the rhythm of my body.
  10. Every cell in my body is health-conscious. I am a health apostle.
  11. I am full of energy and vitality. My mind is calm and peaceful.
  12. My healthy body is an expression of my zest for life.
  13. I avoid unhealthy food. I eat healthy and nutritious foods that are good for my body and drink large amounts of water that cleanse it from the inside.
  14. I release all tension from my body, my environment, and from my whole life.
  15. I release all thoughts of sickness, misery, and suffering.
  16. I honor my body with my actions.
  17. Health is the normal, natural state of my body.
  18. I thank my body for all the wonderful services it does to me every day.
  19. I feel and enjoy my vitality.
  20. I think of pure health, love, and joie de vivre.
  21. The flow of life flows freely within me.
  22. The love of my soul circulates in perfect harmony in my body and mind.
  23. My body, mind, and soul are my best friends.
  24. I am and will remain completely healthy, vital, and fit.
  25. Every breath gives me new, positive energy.
  26. I trust my body completely.
  27. I have a wonderful and beautiful body.
  28. I pay attention to my body and register its messages.
  29. I pay attention to my thinking and consciously choose a healthy diet.
  30. Whatever the circumstances, I always have positive thoughts and am happy and cheerful.
  31. Everything dark disappears from my body and makes way for pure health.
  32. I always think positively.
  33. I love my body!
  34. I love physical exercise, and I enjoy it a lot.
  35. Sport is fun for me.
  36. My heart works perfectly.
  37. My stomach feels good.
  38. Perfect health is a natural state of my being.
  39. My love for other people makes me strong.
  40. I am immune to fours, and my body and mind remain healthy.
  41. I trust the wisdom of my body.
  42. All of my organs function in divine perfection and with the power of the universe.
  43. I always feel good. As proof, my body feels good and has great charisma.
  44. I breathed deeply, calmly, and relaxed.
  45. I love myself and my body.
  46. My body is beautiful and supple.
  47. I am calm, peaceful, and live in my midst.
  48. Every day is a day of hope, happiness, and health.
  49. Good health is my birthright. I bless my body daily and take good care of it.
  50. God’s power and the power of the universe live in me.
  51. Every cell in my body is constantly renewing itself.
  52. I am always happy, well, and alive. Happy in spirit with a healthy body and a lively nature.
  53. I have a strong, healthy heart and a hardened body. I am powerful, energetic, and full of vitality.
  54. For me, good health means fulfillment. I have a healthy mind and body.
  55. I am healthy, vital, and strong.
  56. My glands are filled with the light of my soul.
  57. Every day that goes by, my body has more energy and is always healthier.
  58. My body is like a temple, and that’s how I treat it: holy, clean, and full of goodness and energy.
  59. I take a deep breath, exercise regularly, and eat healthy foods.
  60. My body is fit, strong, and healthy.
  61. I regenerate.
  62. My skin is healthy and clear and shines in the light of the sun.
  63. I am free from diabetes, free from blood pressure problems, and free from all life-threatening diseases.
  64. My body is my best friend.
  65. My teeth are strong and blindingly white.
  66. I am free from bad feelings towards other people and anything else. I forgive all people who are related to me.
  67. I am grateful to God and everything that has happened to me in my life. I am aware of my incompleteness, and I thank everyone who comes into my life.
  68. I have a strong constitution and strong muscles.
  69. My motto is: “Healthy, Rich, and Smart!” My body is healthy, I am rich, and my mind is wise.
  70. I am my own creator. I am my everything.


You can add all those weight loss affirmations into your 15 minutes daily meditation. We also show you different ways to make it work for you.


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