This comedian’s trick will help you look good in a swimsuit for a lifetime


Stay fit. And life long. This trick helps you to look good for a lifetime.


Like Charles Eugster, the 95-year-old world record holder in the 200-meter sprint.


What is the secret to lifelong fitness: a balanced diet? Proper strength training? Good genes?


The most important element that is often overlooked: is your thoughts.


Every action presupposes a thought. And if you observe yourself, you realize that most of what you do (and think) every day is a habit.


If you want to look good for a lifetime, you may replace unhelpful habits with good ones.


I call this “building momentum”.


In this article, you will learn:


  • Why successful stayers rely on the power of momentum.
  • How to use comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s trick to easily create a new habit that you’ll stick with automatically – from exercising regularly to eating healthier.
  • How to stick with this habit in any situation– especially when something suddenly comes up.
  • How to get back in after a long-planned or unplanned break.


This article will also help you stay fit. You wouldn’t be the first to be surprised to find, “It’s so much easier to keep at it now.”


So read on.


look good for a lifetime: What Successful Stayers Do Differently

The Power of Momentum: What Successful Stayers Do Differently

Habits are both a curse and a blessing.


Do you know that?


You change your diet, train regularly, and maybe even join a good gym.


You’re consistent for months. Develop an automatism. You feel great, and your results are impressive.


And then something happens.


Maybe you’re at a wedding for a long weekend, the kids are sick at the same time, or a project needs your full attention. Whatever it is, you’re breaking your habit.


And suddenly, “ding-dong”, the doorbell rings, and you realize that you haven’t been to training for three weeks.


You open the door. 


It’s the delivery guy, and he brings dinner.


The flow is broken.


And you ask yourself: “How could this happen?”


One of the most valuable skills I have ever learned is building MOMENTUM – in all areas of life: career, relationships, health, and fitness.


Once you’ve generated momentum, sticking with it becomes a breeze.


  • You feel better every day. 
  • You see your body changing. 
  • You taste the success.


All this gives you the energy that lets you say tomorrow: “I want more of it.”


It’s like riding a bike.


As long as you keep going, you won’t fall over.


Yes, there were those situations where you lost momentum, maybe even went backwards.


That’s not bad. After all, it’s never too late to start again.


But in 99% of the cases, regression is avoidable.


  • How does this work? 
  • How do you build momentum? 
  • How do you stay tuned even when something comes up?


Some people think you need the discipline to do it. I don’t think so. It’s enough if you know the right tools and, of course, use them.


In the following section, you’ll learn one master comedian’s excellent momentum-building method. You can implement this trick immediately.


Jerry Seinfeld strategy

The Jerry Seinfeld strategy – Little effort, big effect: With an “X” a day to success

Do you know “Seinfeld”? Possibly the best comedy series of the ’90s.


Here’s a sample.


I don’t know if it’s still on TV – I sold my TV years ago. But you can get all nine seasons online. 181 consequences of good fun. Yes!


How did Jerry Seinfeld make the top 10 greatest comedians of all time?


He knew the secret of momentum. He knew why sometimes we stop doing what we want to do.


Seinfeld knew he had to keep at it every day to reach his goal and look good for a lifetime.


For him, that meant writing stories that make other people laugh — every day.


He asked himself what many of us ask ourselves: “How do I make what makes me successful do it automatically?”


The Seinfeld strategy is surprisingly simple. He did the following:


Seinfeld strategy worksheet


  1.    Take a wall calendar and put it in a prominent place, so you always have it in view.
  2.    Take a big magic marker.
  3.    Put a capital “X” for each day you stick with your habit.
  4.    After a few days, a chain results. The chain will grow longer by the day as you keep at it.
  5.    You will like the feeling when you see the chain getting longer and longer.
  6.    Don’t break the chain.


That’s all.


Maybe the magic marker makes the Seinfeld strategy work so well.


The method is surprisingly robust. It works even if you are missing an “X”.


At the end of the month, you will find out how much more you have achieved and how easy it was for you.


Tip: You can get started right now by downloading and printing out the free worksheet.


Secret to Lifelong Fitness

The Secret to Lifelong Fitness: A Staying Fit Trick That Works No Matter What Happens

We all have days when, for whatever reason, we don’t make it to the workout. Can happen.


Sometimes something comes up. We call it “life”.


The break is not the issue. It depends on how you deal with it.


The power of momentum helps you bridge a gap and stay tuned. I follow a simple rule:


Don’t skip your workout twice in a row.


More generally: don’t let your habit fail twice in a row.


If you want to avoid the exception becoming the rule, you would gradually lose momentum. You navigate this cliff by giving yourself a nudge on the second opportunity and moving on.


This is one of those critical life situations where you ONLY think about your goal. Push aside thoughts that would distract you.


You show iron will and keep at it.


No excuses. You put on your gym clothes and go to training!


  • If it’s just 5 minutes of strength training, you go to the gym.
  • If you just run 500 meters, you walk.
  • And even if you only do 2 sets of pull-ups, you do them.


Perfection is not the goal. The goal is to keep going.


So you do, even if it’s just a baby step. After that, you will feel better. 




What if you are forced to take a longer break? That, too, can be solved. Read on.


Look Good For A Lifetime: What if you can't keep up?

Look Good For A Lifetime: What if you can’t keep up?

‘Can’t’ lives on ‘Don’t want to’ street.




I hated that saying from my grandmother, probably because she was almost always right.


Sometimes there are good reasons for “don’t want to”, maybe because you’re going on a well-deserved vacation.


If you’ve been training for months at a time, a week or two off can do wonders. There is nothing wrong with taking an active break.


Believe it or not, you can do a workout even on a plane.


And there are times when you can (and should!) pause if you are injured or ill, for example.


The important thing is the point: “So, now we can continue.” From now on, the following applies again:


Don’t skip your workout twice in a row.


Suppose you trained on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays before your training break. You’re back from vacation on a Sunday. 


You could start right back on Monday. Or you take Monday off – both are okay.


But on Wednesday you are at the start.


This will start a new Seinfeld chain and pick up momentum again.


Solid as a rock!

Look Good For A Lifetime – Conclusion

When you build momentum, sticking with it becomes a breeze. It’s like riding a bike: as long as you keep going, you won’t fall over.


Sometimes life gets in the way. Then the saying goes: once is never.


A failed workout or a bad meal will not destroy your success any more than a workout, or a healthy meal will bring you your dream body.


What if once becomes two, three, four times, and suddenly 3 months have passed?


Then it helps if you make it a CONSTANT in your weekly planning.


Solid as a rock!


The Seinfeld strategy is simple but highly effective. You will instantly build momentum and keep it there if you follow the principle, “Don’t break the chain.”


Many things become more manageable when you start planning ahead. 


Most people make the mistake of planning with the best case.


It’s a good idea to consider the worst-case scenario: how do you fit in at least a minimal workout if something comes up?


And if all else fails: You don’t skip two training sessions in a row. Come what may.


This will make sticking with it a habit. The most important foundation if you want to look good naked and stay fit for a lifetime – no matter what.


You can get started right now by downloading and printing out the free worksheet.