The MBSC six-pack formula – and what everyone should know about six-pack training!


Today is not about details. We go all out. A simple but powerful MBSC six-pack formula.


It is fascinating.

The term “six-pack workout” is googled a few thousand times a month.

A search returns 20 million hits. So there is no lack of information.


Why do so many give up in frustration? How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?


One thing that strikes me is that nearly every dropout misses at least one critical element of the MBSC look-good-in swimsuit formula.


Maybe he’s looking for the world’s best six-pack workout, but he’s not paying attention to nutrition. Because there is no progress, he blames bad genes.


In previous articles, we went into detail. Today I want to do the opposite, zoom out and introduce you to the philosophy behind my concept.


MBSC six-pack formula


The MBSC six-pack formula.


Looking back, this would have been a good first blog post.


The MBSC six-pack formula: why six-pack training often doesn’t help

My goal with 8th Wonder and everything that goes with it is relatively simple: With the blog, coaching, and future offer, I’ll help you look good in a swimsuit – and have a lot of fun along the way.


MBSC weight loss pyramid


Everything you see, hear, or read about me can be understood as part of one of four elements. The four elements result in the MBSC six-pack formula (parallels to real people are purely coincidental):


The MBSC formula


You can “create your body” properly when you know and master all four elementsOnly then are you able to reach your full potential.


Then your dreams can become a reality.



MBSC formula - Mental Training


Mental Training – The 1st Element

Motivation forms the basis for your success. This includes setting goals that inspire you.


You want to learn how to mentally program yourself so that you subconsciously direct your actions towards your goal – like a heat-seeking guided missile.


This is also part of your training. And often the missing element for those lacking focus, fun, passion, and staying power.


That’s why nothing can stop us: we train our bodies and thinking.


Oddly enough, intelligent people tend to ignore this element. It might make sense that more knowledge about proper nutrition and training are the keys to the dream body.


But in doing so, they are trapped in a treacherous psychological trap. As paradoxical as it may seem, the real key is between your ears.


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The MBSC six-pack formula. Physical change begins in the mind.


This is the real secret to why six-pack training mostly doesn’t work. What is commonly sold to you as “six-pack training” is one-dimensional – only considers the physical aspect.


Take a moment and think about the past few months.


If you had an idea of ​​how to exercise and what to eat but didn’t for some reason, then Mental Training is the element that deserves more attention.


More about mental training:



MBSC six-pack formula Balanced diet


Balanced diet – The 2nd element

You are what you eat. I know it sounds commonplace. The second element in the MBSC six-pack formula is all about the right diet plan.

Yet many people who want to look good naked completely underestimate their diet.


Diet makes up 70%, six-pack training only 30% – you often hear statements like this from fitness coaches. In principle, that’s true – even if I add that motivation accounts for the “rest” 100%.


If you don’t get your nutrition under control, you can quickly undo any progress. But if you eat right, the rest is a breeze.


Nutrition is so vitally important that I devote many of my articles to this topic.


More about nutrition:




MBSC six-pack formula Strength training


Proper strength training – The 3rd element

“Proper strength training” means, in most cases, “muscle building training.”

Many overlook the critical importance of strength training. Tragically, many weight-loss projects fail even when the diet is 100% right.




In an energy deficit, your body uses the reserves that it can most likely do without. If you neglect the right strength training – i.e., strength training with heavy weights – you lose not only fat but also valuable muscles.


Muscles consume a lot of energy. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Muscle-building training promotes hormones that make you lean, fit, happy, and confident. Muscles not only help you to get slim but also to keep your dream figure for a lifetime.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started or already have experience in muscle-building training: If you want to look good naked, there’s no way around it. Strength training is the most important training element.


By the way, six-pack training doesn’t mean you have to do thousands of sit-ups – luckily.


More about proper strength training:



MBSC six-pack formula Cardio training


Cardio Training – The 4th Element

Endurance training is your booster if you want to lose fat. It complements the other three elements and forms the top of the pyramid.


A good nutritional program can jump-start your fat loss and make you feel healthier. But diet alone will not get you, fitter. You are allowed to move – whether in everyday life or through targeted endurance training.


In addition, cardio training ensures that you release endorphins, get more stamina, and can become a fat-burning machine. You get these bonuses when you strategically combine cardio with the other two elements —nutrition and strength training.


If you’re looking to lose body fat, cardio has another benefit. You can only lower your energy intake to a certain extent without slipping into an unfavorable hormonal milieu. 


By doing “more” exercise, you can easily create a calorie deficit up to a certain limit without restricting your diet too much.


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When done correctly, cardio will speed up fat loss.


Losing fat is one thing. Staying slim is another. For many people, the second point is just as challenging.


An active lifestyle is the secret of those who stay slim “out of habit” for life. You don’t have to run a marathon to do this – there are many ways to ensure more exercise – without breaking a sweat.


Many roads can lead to Rome: Starting with HIIT training, strategic medium cardio training, relaxed walking, and playing with children or friends.


If you find an opportunity you enjoy and bring more movement into your everyday life, you have won – without it feeling like “work.”

More about cardio training:



Most powerful MBSC six-pack formula


The MBSC six-pack formula – Conclusion

When six-pack training doesn’t work, you’re trying to beat a multi-dimensional problem with a one-dimensional solution. In the belief that they have found a “miracle cure,” many people often overlook at least one of the four critically important elements.


The MBSC six-pack formula combines all the small and large tools you need to create your body “right.” To look good in a swimsuit without overwhelming you with details.


All content can be traced back to one or more elements of the equation:


Powerful MBSC training method