The “Invisible Scripts” for Your Life (and Fitness). Change your destiny!


“Don’t talk to me; let me train in peace.” That was more than clear. Of course, I didn’t say it, but hey, I’m wearing headphones. So we start writing our invisible scripts.


If you wear headphones in the gym, you might as well wear a motto shirt with the inscription “Let me train in peace.” Is it even clearer…?


Other people act according to a different script: Yesterday, I got involved in a conversation despite the headphones. Ruthless?


He: “What are you training today?”


Me: “Legs, I’m doing deep squats right now .”


The guy comes here regularly, about my age. We know each other by sight. 


He’s been doing strength training for a while — a lot of muscle mass, but also a lot of fat.


We talk about the best muscle-building exercises than nutrition. “I’m very careful about what I eat,” he admits. 


“Little fat, because you know, fat makes you fat!”


I wonder if I should clear up this fatal error. Perhaps this dietary fallacy is just the tip of the iceberg? 


Maybe he’s wasting his willpower on many things he thinks will help him – but which are counterproductive? 


I interrupt my thoughts.


My time is short, and I opt for the small talk variant. Smile, nod, and continue my workout.


What are "invisible scripts"?


What are “invisible scripts”?

In moments like this, it becomes clear to me again and again how many subconscious assumptions determine our lives. 


I call them “invisible scripts.”


As I cycle home on my bike, I think about the headphones. It’s clear to me what I’m signaling. 


My interlocutor was not aware of this supposedly “universal law.” 


He was acting on his invisible script without even being aware of it.


Invisible scripts are sometimes so ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t even realize how much they control our attitudes and behavior.


Such subconscious directions can become a serious obstacle to success if they lead us in the wrong direction and prevent us from doing the right thing.


make - or block - your success


How invisible scripts make – or block – your success.

Which invisible scripts determine your life? Would you be able to recognize them at all?


For example. “The easiest way to lose weight is to exercise more.” (Not true, but we often hear it so often that it becomes an invisible script.)


After all, they’re called “invisible scripts” for a reason. They can let you fall into traps you can’t escape with positive thinking alone. 


These scripts are often so subtle that they pass your mind completely undetected. 


And in doing so, they affect how you think, what you say, and what you do. 


That’s what makes them so “dangerous.”


Maybe you can imagine that each of your invisible scripts can write your life story – especially regarding your looks, body, and fitness. 


Over time, some negative scripts become traps and real obstacles to success.


If you’ve been reading along for a while, you’ve probably immediately recognized the following two scripts as wrong:



The bioenergy manifestation


Which 3 invisible scripts determine your life?

Do you see the hidden scripts that determine your life?


Here are a few more examples:


  • “If my training partner doesn’t have time, I can’t do any sport either.”
  • “I’ve trained hard, so I deserve this bar of chocolate.”
  • “I don’t go running when it’s raining; otherwise, I’ll catch a cold (and my hair isn’t sitting…).”
  • “If I eat too healthy, my partner gets a guilty conscience.”
  • “It’s difficult to eat healthily when you travel.”
  • “I don’t have enough time to cook/exercise/sleep enough/….”


Which 3 invisible scripts influence you? Did you already find out?.


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