50 best affirmations for weight loss and the perfect body



How to use “The Law Of Attraction” to get lean and get a perfect body.


Do you think that losing weight and living a healthy life is difficult?


Have you tried to lose weight several times but never succeeded?


Do you train yourself a wolf, subjugate yourself to diets, and nothing helps?


Every overweight person wants to lose extra pounds and get their body into perfect shape, but most people fail, and it only remains with countless attempts.


If you have tried it many times and failed again and again, then do not despair and try again: by reading this article carefully and carefully following the advice.


I’ll explain why you’ve failed so far and how you only need to change a few habits to be successful in weight loss in any case.


You will get success and your perfect body through “The 50 best affirmations for losing weight and the perfect body” (see below).


If 50 affirmations are too many for you, I also offer you the “Map to a Happier, Healthier and Longer Life Tailored Specifically Just for You!you can read and watch the video here.


Perhaps you also want to take the “detour” via a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and less unhealthy food intake.


If you want to live healthier, you automatically lose weight because adding these two life extenders to your body: Less unhealthy food and more exercise. For this, I have prepared “35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

“, which you can, of course, read here.


I’m sure that you’ve heard of affirmations, i.e., beliefs, somewhere. Maybe you have already used it. But if you have never got behind the mechanism hidden behind the interplay of body and mind, then I would like to explain it to you at this point.


weight loss affirmations



The Biggest Myth About Weight Loss: Being fat only comes from eating the wrong thing.


Most people believe that the only way to lose their excess weight or fat is by following one diet or another or just cutting down on their meals.


After many unsuccessful attempts, including the yo-yo effect, they are disillusioned and indulge in their obesity. And if there were any positive results, they were short-lived.


Yes, your eating habits have the greatest influence on whether you put on or lose weight. But what is actually the reason for bad eating habits? They are the result of a bad emotional state!


Those who are emotionally weak or under stress, sad, insecure, or fearful are particularly at risk. Many people gain weight in the relationship even after a breakup or betrayal. Stress and bullying in the workplace is also a contributing factor to obesity.


With stress and depression, the desire for sugar and fatty foods is particularly great. As a result of negative feelings, they are usually unable to make rational decisions about their eating habits. You rush everything that is fat and unhealthy with inner restlessness in order to obtain external satisfaction for your inner grief.


Because of this, people fail in their efforts to lose weight. They put on diets, go to the swimming pool, jog, or do yoga – but they do not change their internal habits.


Most of them are members of the gym, but they are rarely seen there. However, healthy eating habits and regular exercise are essential requirements for a lean and healthy body. Your consciousness tells you that you are a member of a fitness studio and that you are “actually” eating a healthy diet, but your scale belies you.


Then, there are the fitness gurus who will tell you what you already know – but nobody tells you what you should know.


Everyone tells you that you are fat because of your unhealthy diet or because you don’t go to the gym. But they don’t tell you anything new. Everyone knows the same thing, and everyone wants to change their weight, but they don’t really make it, and certainly not permanently.


Some really try and try hard, but still, fail. Neither of them is telling the truth, and it is: “I can’t do it! I always shit when I want to lose weight! ”


50 best affirmations for weight loss


Do you want to know why, despite your best intentions, you keep shitting off weight loss?


It is your REAL WILL and your differently polarized subconscious that leaves you lacking real motivation, and only your consciousness half-heartedly says, “Yes, I really want to lose weight!“….


But just saying “YES” and “I will definitely make it!” It is simply not enough to lose weight effectively and sustainably.


But nothing is lost yet because there is a way for you to program your subconscious in such a way that you throw your negative feelings and beliefs overboard and replace them with the right and healthy emotions.


One of the “Seven Hermetic Laws” is called “The Law of Attraction – Message From The Universe” and means that you can create things with your thoughts! Ultimately, our whole present and the modern world is a product of thoughts. Ever since the “Stone Age” people discovered fire and invented the wheel, so many thoughts have turned into new inventions that our world today is what it is.


Your fat comes from just such thoughts, even if you neither want to admit it nor really believe it.


Even a doctor can never heal if your thoughts are focused on illness. If you don’t really believe in your recovery, you will never get well with illness. If you don’t think you’re well, you will never get well.


So again: “Believe is the first step, and DO the next!”



Avoid Premature Death


Weight loss affirmations for a perfect body shape.


In order for your body to get a perfect shape, you need to use affirmations. Affirmations are autosuggestions or positive sentences that you have to repeat over and over again. You now have to change what bad beliefs you have accumulated in many years in the next few weeks (at least 30 days).


What are a few weeks against a lifelong, absolutely positive body feeling?


Every successful person on this planet uses affirmations. Or do you think anyone would be really successful if they persuaded themselves for years that they were a loser? Affirmations work for weight loss for healthy living, and they work for money, happiness, trust, business success – just about anything in life.


The only thing you have to do to help is moving your butt and DO it. You are now getting affirmations for weight loss so that you only program your subconscious for it. As soon as you have programmed your mind to lose weight, your environment begins to adapt to your inner beliefs.


In American, there is a great sentence: “What you focus on, grows!” Which means something like: Wherever you direct, your subconscious thoughts will grow. You will be completely focused on healthy food and real fat loss.


You will only see slim people and want to do the same, and you will only see healthy yet tasty food and become slim with it. Because then you really want it.


In a moment, you will find affirmations for weight loss that will change your subconscious in the desired way. As soon as your subconscious is programmed to be slim, you will no longer be able to hold on, so you will be focused on healthy nutrition and regular exercise.


You will experience magical moments that you never even suspected you would ever experience again.


Weight Loss Goal By Simply Changing Your Diet
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Weight Loss Using the “Law of Attraction”


The Best 50 Affirmations For Weight Loss And The Perfect Body:

  1. I love myself and accept myself for who I am.
  2. I am at peace with my body, heart, and soul.
  3. I feel healthier and stronger every day.
  4. I am learning to love myself and my body.
  5. It is good for me to be myself.
  6. Today I focus on the good and valuable things that are unfolding in my life.
  7. My body feeling is getting better every day.
  8. Healing occurs in my body and head.
  9. I choose relaxed and conscious inhalation and exhalation.
  10. My health is improving, as is my life.
  11. I am surrounded by a positive atmosphere that heals everything in me.
  12. Everything I eat heals and nourishes me.
  13. Making small changes in my life is easy.
  14. Healing happens with every little step I take.
  15. I choose advancement over perfection.
  16. I let my intuition guide me. I know exactly what I can eat and how I have to live my life.
  17. I am naturally connected with other like-minded people. I surround myself with people who do me good.
  18. I let go of my past. It is safe for me to let it pass.
  19. I feel that everything is changing in my favor.
  20. I feel healthy, focused on success, and determined to be on the right track.
  21. Many new and exciting things are opening up to me in my life.
  22. I can heal my body. I am healing him right now. My body is healed.
  23. I can do it. I do it now. My healing is happening now.
  24. I am guided by a higher power. Some say God; others say it is the universal life energy that guides me. In any case, she guides me and does me good.
  25. I am energetic and strong.
  26. I see the best in everyone, and everything sees the best in me.
  27. I believe in my ability to love myself for who I am truly.
  28. I accept the shape of my body and recognize its beauty.
  29. I am the creator of my future and the master of my spirit.
  30. I let go of anything that interferes with my positive behavior around food.
  31. I allow myself to choose and make decisions for a better life.
  32. I drop any blame I have on others regarding food.
  33. I love my body in exactly the form in which it was given to me.
  34. I drop all relationships that hinder my further development.
  35. I believe in myself and accept my size in every way.
  36. I allow myself to feel good and to be at peace with myself.
  37. I accept myself for who I am.
  38. I give my heart a new, better quality.
  39. I put hope and certainty in my future.
  40. I am grateful for my body, which is good for me and allows me to do everything I want.
  41. I do healthy amounts of exercise and exercise regularly.
  42. My body gets all the nutrients it needs.
  43. My cravings for high-fat foods are dissolving.
  44. I have a strong urge for health-promoting and nutritious foods.
  45. I feel good.
  46. I reach my ideal weight and keep it permanently.
  47. I am strong and healthy.
  48. I am at peace with myself, my life, and the people around me.
  49. My body, mind, and soul are a gift from the universe to me.
  50. My body is a cathedral to me that I love and that I take care of every single day of my life.


What do you say now? Aren’t these great beliefs for a slim, healthy, and beautiful body?


Some of these affirmations are good for weight loss, others are good for a strong body, and still, others give you spiritual and emotional strength. As a whole, they are a powerful and well-rounded instrument to give you your dream body. But they are also good for creating a happy and contented life for you.


Be at peace with yourself, create positive emotions, and forgive because you can decide whether you want to remain a prisoner of your past or a pioneer of your future.


The affirmations only work if you repeat them several times a day over a longer period of time (at least 30 days). They work best in the morning immediately after waking up and before going to bed. Then your consciousness is still or not really awake to activate the inner “defense blockade.” It is these blockages that prevent affirmation from working properly.


You will notice a noticeable change in yourself after around 14 days. Your subconscious focuses on your beliefs and now activates the “equalization program.” It will bring the results of your inner beliefs in line with reality – and you now know reality from the 50 affirmations.


counting calories the right way


It will be easy for you to start exercising and change your diet, and you will notice the first positive results.


But you will not be given a day of affirmations. You have to persevere and move on consistently so that you can admire your own results and be proud of yourself.


Every change starts in the head. Positive feelings and positive emotions generate the desired success, and they also apply to your weight loss. If you are a prisoner of your past and have been denied your success, give yourself another chance now by reciting these 50 weight loss affirmations daily. A healthy diet will follow, and the first training units will not be long in coming. You’ll be surprised how well this works.


You can be successful if you know how it works. Hundreds of people have done it successfully so far, and you can now be a part of it yourself.


30 Day Challenge 2


Thoughts become results, and your thought process gives you a healthy and beautiful body.


Share your experiences and the challenges you encountered on your journey to a beautiful body.


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