How Charlotte Lost 30 Pounds With Tea Burn



One of the thousands of Tea Burn stories from women and men testing Tea Burn in their weight loss journey.


This is Charlotte’s journey and motivation to Never Give Up!


What do you do when being bullied about your weight during your teenage years?

Can’t practice your favorite sport and don’t fit into the clothes of your choice?



Tea Burn Charlottes journey


Well, 29-year-old Charlotte knew that discipline was the only way out if she needed to lose weight and get back in shape to get her life back. Her inspirational story of losing 30 pounds is a must-read when you need a motivational boost!



The gym teacher refused to train me because I was overweight!!

While there are many breaking points when it comes to being overweight, one particular incident actually pushed me to lose weight and change my life.

I really wanted to learn basketball and couldn’t play it because of my weight.


However, the physical education teacher refused to train me because I was overweight. He told me I would have a bad influence on his team. That was the tipping point when I decided to start my weight loss journey, and I’ve never really looked back from that day!



Charlotte journey meal plan


Here was my diet plan after that incident.


  • Breakfast : Protein shake + 4 eggs + 1 serving of spinach + nuts
  • Lunch: Quinoa or brown rice + green vegetables + green salad
  • Dinner: 5 egg whites + 1 whole egg + cooked chickpeas or tofu or salad
  • Pre-workout meal: 1 cup of black coffee with MCT Oil Post-workout
  • Meal: 2 scoops of whey protein isolate + nuts



This diet plan helped me lose my excess weight but not permanently because sometimes I didn’t keep this diet routine and gradually gained weight. Then I got scared and thought, what should I do now.



“Incredible,” I slipped before I could greet her.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Mila is that really you?!”


A long time later I went to my best friend’s birthday party. I was surprised to see my friend’s sister because she was fat like me when I was there.

I barely recognized her, she was almost twice my size, and now she was nearly three times slimmer. “Incredible,” I slipped before I could greet her. “I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Mila is that really you?!”


“A little slimmer, right?” she said, smiling as she grabbed some brownies. “And you even eat cake?! How do you get that down again? How on earth!!! I exercise, try all diets, saunas, and everything.


I’ve tried everything!

I once lost 3 pounds for a week or two and then gained 7 pounds again! “I almost started crying.”

I can still remember that moment clearly because people were already staring at me.


Charlotte, what, diet, sauna, have you gone insane? I have an idea. come over to me. “I’ll tell you and show you everything, and then I’ll give you something to try. “


I haven’t been on a diet, fasted, or exercised. I continued my life as before and didn’t have to give up anything.


Her body became as slim as that of a young girl. And oddly enough, the weight loss left no mark on her skin.


I was surprised when I learned how easily she got there and how easy and safe it was for anyone to lose weight. Your weight loss recipe just left me speechless!


It was so frustrating to take on everything without success and see that there was someone who had just lost weight. It’s a shame, but I pushed that feeling aside because I knew what to do at the time.


Now listen and hear what Mila said to me! Charlotte’s Tea Burn story


The best weight loss product is the world’s first and only natural proprietary, patent-pending formula that can increase both the speed and efficiency of metabolism…


Motivation with Tea Burn


Once in the body, it instantly boosts your health, energy, and well-being at the same time… It electrifies your metabolism, torching off fat from your problem areas, and incredibly increases all-day energy while reducing hunger.


You can use it with your favorite tea. Tea Burn is instantly dissolvable and tasteless. After drinking your breakfast tea with Tea Burn, you will feel and know what it’s like to have both parts of your metabolism working in harmony for you instead of against you…


This feeling is instant and burning hotter than ever before…


And to cap it all off – it works regardless of what kind of Tea you like.



When we arrived, Mila offered me a cup of tea.

It was an ordinary tea with no milk, no sugar. But I was surprised by how energetic I felt after a few sips. The tea was hod.


“That’s the secret of my slim figure, a Tea Burn,” Mila said. She showed me the pack of tea powder. You simply dissolve it in hot or cold tea.


“This can not be true! Is it really that simple?” I mumbled.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you. If you like challenges, make your life even more complicated. You wanted to know how I lost my weight, and I showed you everything. Now it’s up to you. I’m not a seller.


I don’t care if you buy it yourself or not.

I didn’t expect that those 1.5 hours would change my whole life.


I needed to lose weight! Charlotte’s Tea Burn story


 I lost 30 kilos (66 Pounds) in a couple of weeks and the rest gradually over the years.


We exchanged phone numbers, and I left. I spent 1.5 hours in Mila. At that moment, I didn’t realize that those 1.5 hours would change my whole life.


I rushed home with determination. I booted up the computer and placed my order for Tea Burn on the website Mila gave me. Three days later, the package arrived, and I was on my way!


I stood on the scale. 95 kilos (209 Pounds). From that day on, I drank a cup of my morning tea every day.



The next day, I got back on the 95.1 kg (209,5 Pounds) scale.


100 grams more! Saying I was angry is not an expression. I was panicking.



“Charlotte, come down. Your weight will only decrease after 4-5 days. Just keep drinking your Tea Burn and forget about the scale for the next 5 days and then you’ll see what happens,” Mila said.



So I went on. I didn’t change my diet, just drank a cup of tea every morning. I really wanted to know what would happen next. I still couldn’t believe that I would lose weight anytime soon without changing my diet or lifestyle.



On the 6th day, I stepped back on the scale, shaking with fear. I got on the scale and closed my eyes. I was scared to look at the ad, but I couldn’t believe it when I opened my eyes. 



Tea Burn results after two weeks


The scale showed 88 kilos (194 Pounds!).

Imagine suddenly being many pounds lighter. Imagine how good you will feel then. Then you will understand how I felt at that moment.


Of course, I’ve noticed that my clothes have become wider. But little did I know that I had lost 15 kg (33 Pounds) in less than 2 weeks. I couldn’t believe my eyes!



I felt like I had wings like a butterfly. I lost another 15 kilos in 10 days, even though I didn’t skip a meal, just drank my Tea Burn.



There was so much going on in my life that I stopped thinking about my weight. Despite all the meals and thanks to Tea Burn, I lost 15 pounds this time on vacation. 



It wasn’t 2 pounds a day, but to be honest, I ate more than usual when we were on vacation.


After that, I didn’t even try to lose weight. I continued to drink Tea Burn every other day. Sometimes on my weekends I play basketball and have fun like before.



Now I weigh 65 kilos and 300 grams (143 pounds),

and my weight has remained the same since I stopped drinking Tea Burn a month ago. I lost 30 kilos and 100 grams (66 pounds).



Never Give up tea burn journey


Lessons from weight loss with Tea Burn


When trying to lose weight, you must understand that it is a journey, not a destination. This simply means that you must make constant and conscious efforts to stay healthy and fit throughout your life.


I am now doing the same thing Mila did for me when I met her for all those who always wanted to be happy, beautiful, attractive, and highly desirable. I’ll show you where to find the Tea Burn website from the manufacturer.



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