Swimming calorie consumption, this factor is extremely interesting.



If you want to lose weight quickly and do the swimming sport, you are probably wondering how many calories can be burned while swimming. Let’s take a look at swimming calorie consumption right away!


Losing weight in cold water, swimming is more than a sensible way of doing sport. We explain the exact calorie consumption and which techniques are particularly worthwhile so that you can lose weight quickly with swimming.


We introduce the known calorie consumption of the most important swimming techniques.


All information is based on the following values:

  • Gender female
  • 30 years of age
  • 175 cm / 5.7 height
  • 85 kg / 165 pounds of body weight
  •  1 hour of training time


In this case, we are simply assuming a woman who is overweight. All other information relates to this data. Of course, calorie consumption can vary, but this will give you a good overview of why swimming is incredibly worthwhile as a sport to get rid of belly fat.


Calorie Consumption while swimming


Swimming calorie consumption when swimming breaststroke

In an hour of swimming with the above values, you burn about 735 calories. That is a lot. Breaststroke is easy to learn and do. Besides, the risk of injury tends towards zero. When it comes to swimming calorie consumption, the breaststroke is in one of the top positions.


Get yourself a ticket and let the pounds fall off in the cool water. This sport is not only worthwhile on hot days. All year-round, you can burn many calories by swimming and get a lot closer to your dream figure.


Swimming calorie consumption when swimming back

The backstroke also gives you a sizeable value of around 520 calories per hour. This technique is a little more complicated, but still easy to learn. Lying on your back, you can look at the sky and swim your laps.


The swimming calorie consumption when swimming in the back is considerable. The water resistance reinforces the weight loss effect, and there is almost no risk of injury. Swimming and losing weight, this combination is worthwhile.


Swimming styles


Swimming calorie consumption when crawling (fast 70 meters/minute)

Here you will achieve peak values ​​in the burning of calories. About 810 calories an hour will shed your pounds. You will be out of breath. But it’s definitely worth it. The crawl technique is straightforward to learn.


Get yourself a ticket and take advantage of swimming to lose pounds quickly. Quick crawls are the front runner when it comes to swimming calorie consumption. Injuries are unlikely, and hardly any sport is good for losing weight than swimming.


Swimming calorie consumption when crawling (slowly 50 meters/minute)

The slow crawl is suitable for swimmers who are not quite as fit and prefer to take things a little slower. But even here, you burn about 580 calories an hour. Very overweight people can crawl slowly and slowly increase the pace once they have reached a certain level of fitness.


The swimming calorie consumption with the slow crawl is still considerable. Get into the cold water and lose weight quickly.


Swimming Calorie Consumption


Swimming calorie consumption – the bottom line

If you are looking for a suitable sport to lose a lot of pounds quickly, swimming is a good choice. Calorie consumption while swimming can easily rival other sports. The values ​​are remarkable, and water sports are hardly affected by injuries.


Take advantage of the chance, get yourself a season ticket in the indoor or outdoor pool, and get started.


In the cool water, the pounds will quickly drop, and your whole body will get going. Get fit and make the most of your swimming. When it comes to losing weight, you can hardly avoid this sport. It’s worth it, and almost anyone can get started right away.


A little tip: ask your doctor of confidence and let them give you the OK to swim. Caution is good, control is better.


If you try to achieve a swimmer’s belly and lose belly fat faster, we explained it here.