Suppressing Hunger: Here you will find valuable tips on how to suppress your hunger.


If you want to lose a few pounds, you are guaranteed to know this feeling when the appetite seems to be unbearable. But if you have already met your daily calorie target, you have to find a solution to get rid of the feeling of hunger.


The bacon has to go, and the hunger has to be suppressed somehow. What options are there to lose weight quickly and suppress the feeling of hunger?


Drink plenty of water

Drink 2-3 liters of water (alternative unsweetened tea) daily, and the stomach is full. This also reduces the feeling of hunger, and you get through the day much better. Many fluids in the form of water also have the positive effect that the metabolism and the excretion of metabolic by-products via the kidneys function better.


With plenty of fluids, you can definitely suppress your hunger and get closer to your goal.


How to Get Rid of Hunger Effectively
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Avoid sugar

Try to avoid fast carbs. Many ready meals, various types of fruit with a high proportion of fructose, and especially sweets contain numerous carbohydrates in the form of pure sugar. Here you get a quick boost of energy, but these carbohydrates are used up quite quickly.


The blood sugar level rises rapidly and is back in the basement just as quickly.


After that, the body demands carbohydrates again in order to get the blood sugar level to a certain level. Now you will quickly find yourself in the predicament of having to suppress hunger. It is better to switch to “slowly” digestible carbohydrates.


Whole grain bread and vegetables like avocado, etc. keep your blood sugar level constant and slow down the processing of carbohydrates.


To chew bubble gum

Often it is also boredom when the little hunger comes. So that you have something in your mouth that you can chew on, a piece of chewing gum usually helps (without sugar, of course). So they can also suppress hunger. At least a bit. But that’s better than nothing.


Distribute meals properly

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for many people to leave home early without breakfast. There is often little time left for lunch, and in the evening, the stomach is really fed up. Better to reverse the principle.


Get used to eating a full breakfast. If necessary, prepare your sandwiches the day before.


It can be a wholemeal roll with real butter and cheese or sausage. Add some fruit, and you have an excellent start to the day with carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The body needs all of these products.


Even if you eat two wholemeal bread rolls with butter and a few slices of cheese/sausage + banana for breakfast, you hardly consume more than 800 calories, and you have reserves until late afternoon.


This allows you to suppress hunger because your body is supplied with enough energy at the start of the day. This way, you avoid uncontrolled food attacks in the evening.


Slow diet

Many make the mistake of starting a diet too drastically. The abrupt abandonment of all food and the considerable reduction in calories inevitably lead to a permanent feeling of hunger. The rule of thumb for healthy weight loss is one kilogram per week.


That means in plain language: eat about 500-800 calories less per day than you actually need. Get your body used to the diet, especially at the beginning, so that you can better suppress your feeling of hunger.


Suppressing Hunger the easy way
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Eat slowly and enjoy

Take your time to eat your groceries. Chew slowly and enjoy every bite. Your stomach will be happy because the food is more comfortable to process. In addition, the feeling of satiety occurs more quickly.


If you just gulp down haphazardly, the feeling of fullness will come pretty late, and then you will have ingested too many calories in a short amount of time for nothing. Eat slowly and wisely.

Then you don’t even have to suppress your hunger, because a pleasant feeling of satiety is achieved.


Avoid stress

Factors for uncontrolled feasting include:

  • Stress at work
  • Deadline pressure
  • Financial problems
  • Relationship problems
  • General pressure to perform

Some situations can hardly be avoided. Nevertheless, such aspects are often reasons for the wrong diet. Try to avoid stress whenever possible. With a balanced lifestyle, you usually do not come into conflict with suppressing hunger.


Conclusion on suppressing hunger

Suppressing hunger is inevitably one of the main problems in a diet. The above tips can help to persevere and lose weight quickly. Stay tuned and follow through with your program. If you follow our advice, you will soon reach your desired weight and get a good deal closer to your dream figure.


Good luck with losing weight!