Strengthen your immune system and double your training progress


You can, of course, strengthen your immune system. Colds, infections, and annoying viruses are not helplessly delivered. You can make your defenses as strong as Fort Knox.


This is what this article is about:


  • What we can learn from baseball – professionals about health
  • Why you shouldn’t take care of the “perfect plan”, but your health
  • 3 Habits that give your immune system superpowers – even if everyone else is sick


we can learn from baseball

What we can learn from baseball – is professionals about health.

Leap in time in 2011. At that time, a research group around the medical specialist Matthew Posner published an interesting study.


It is about the frequency of injuries among professional – baseball players between 2006 and 2008.


The test object is the players of “Major League Baseball”, i.e. all professionals at the federal level.


The researchers’ group the injuries according to body regions: Are the shoulders, elbows, leg flexors, lower backs, hands, or wrists injured? Have there been any further injuries?


Injuries to professionals whose job it is to train at the absolute limit for many years are nothing unusual. This applies to every sport.


What surprises me about the study is something else:


1.1% of the “injuries “are “Diseases”.


Only 1.1 percent! Very little.


After all, professionals are not immune to the typical: Colds, Infections, food poisoning, etc.


Does that mean they rarely get sick?


Obviously, but appearances are deceptive. Because when you take a closer look, you will notice the following: 


Most cases of illness fell through the grid.


Because the researchers only considered players officially registered as “injured”.


And this only happens when a player fails for 15 days at a time due to health.


I don’t know how you are, but I’ve never been so sick that I couldn’t work for 15 days.


Not even as a child.


There are surprisingly few studies on standard – diseases in athletes.


So colds, Flu, food poisoning, stomach intestine – stories and so on.


Perhaps this is because the professionals often have to be on the pitch during the season. 


In any case, I heard about some stories in which athletes had to worship the porcelain god at half-time – or despite flu infection, went to the square.


I hope that these are exceptions rather than rules.


take care of the "perfect plan", but your health

Why you shouldn’t take care of the “perfect plan”, but your health

In any case, we hobby – Athletes can be grateful that we can put our health as number 1.


Anyone who is sick should first of all put energy into getting well again.


It’s best not to get sick at all. 


Because the simple rule is:


Those who are healthy longer do better in training Progress.


The statistics show that, on average, Americans have reported being sick for almost a whole month.


I think that’s pretty heavy.


Especially when you consider what you can do in just a month, Strength training can achieve everything.


Or cardio if you are primarily an endurance athlete. Here is the perfect cardio workout and ultimate step-by-step guide


Because that applies to everyone. Disciplines:


Regularity is the greatest success factor in training.


And the greatest enemy the regularity is – diseases. (Not to mention that Being sick per se is crap)


Therefore – and of course, to keep you regular with practicals To be able to assist – has to stay healthy for me fairly high priority.


The point is, even if your environment snaps and coughs:


You can do something to be healthy and fit stay.


Specifically, there are three factors that you can influence yourself.


3 Things that naturally strengthen your immune system – even if everyone else is sick


naturally strengthen your immune system - sleep quality

1.  Sleep Quality

Let’s experiment: do without something you love for three days. Then you do not sleep for three days.


You probably find that what you love is healthy sleep.


If I catch a cold, then I know why it is.


Sure I could now say: The bad cold viruses are to blame. But if I’m honest, I know:


I am responsible for it myself.


Almost always, the nights before were too short, and I ignored the tiredness with additional espresso – shots.


Here’s an easy way to get your immune system flat: break your night’s sleep a few hours earlier.




Sleep is now a priority for me. Which admittedly was not always the case.


I love feeling well-rested and starting the day with power.


I try to sleep at least 7 hours a night.


Carrying my sleep time helps me with this.


It’s like so often when we track: Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve been getting better at it from year to year:


  • In 2020, it was an average of 7h 8m,
  • 2021 at least 7h 17m and
  • this year, I am (so far) at 7h 38m per night.


Since I prioritize sleep, it has changed a lot for me for the better.


I feel stronger ( and make good progress in training ), I am more balanced, and last but not least, it is easy for me to keep my well-being – body fat percentage – even during the uncomfortable season.


You control what you measure.


This also applies to your sleep.


naturally strengthen your immune system - permanent stress

2.  Permanent stress

“Stress” is probably something different for each of us. I can work 14 hours without feeling stressed.


But give me a fixed “Nine to Five “- working time corset or (in my eyes) senseless appointments, and my cortisol level shoots up.


Long work is not an issue for me as long as I can live out my need for freedom. It is different from other people – they do not need as much freedom but a lot of structure and security.


There is one thing, however unity:


Training is stressful.


If you don’t stress your body during training, it has no reason to get faster, stronger, and better.


That is why regeneration is so important.


To stay healthy, you should give your body time.


Those who go full throttle every day not only overwhelm their immune system. It also slips more easily overtraining.


If you are unsure whether you allow yourself enough time for regeneration, you should do it for a while.


By the way, you can track muscle regeneration.


dietary habits

3.  Dietary habits

You can write entire books about “correct nutrition”.


The same applies to food supplements for a strong immune system.


Here are four dietary habits that help me stay healthy:


  • drinking enough water (3 – 4 liters per day),
  • sufficient calorie intake (70 – 80% of the daily requirement as a minimum),
  • I add healthy fats (DHA / EPA as fish oil capsules, fat fish also works),
  • daily, a lot of vegetables and some fruit (10 portions a day).


I am also a big fan of high-quality fruit – and vegetable concentrates.


I have started my day every morning with a large glass of Organifi Green Juice for many years. It tastes good and contains something of everything.


Today we know that micronutrients do not isolate their health effects but only develop them in interaction. That is the advantage of such concentrates.


All of this is not rocket science, so I recommend you here: Keep it simple. 


Anyway, I’ve been driving well with it for many years.


raise your testosterone levels

Strengthen Immune systemConclusion

Whether you stay healthy is mainly related to the following question:


How well are you able to turn your body against Defend stressors?


When sleeping and the Nutrition is about increasing your stress tolerance. 


Thereby you become more resilient. The third factor is the stress that you want to have a grip on.


To stay healthy, you should have all three factors on your screen.