Spring cleaning: 3 Detoxification Asanas. Only 15 minutes in the morning!


In spring, nature renews itself – and your body is also ready for a new start. This short detoxification asana exercise sequence will help your body detox and let go. All 3 detox asanas take only 15 minutes in the morning right before smoothie breakfast.


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Twisting poses are perfect for internal and external spring cleaning: They support the body in detoxifying by “squeezing out” the organs and help you let go of emotions.



3 Detoxification Asanas



The Twist Seat, Ardha Matsyendrasana


detox asanas Twist Seat


  1. Sit on the floor with your spine erect, and your legs stretched out. Then put your bent right leg down so that your right heel is outside your left buttocks.
  2. Now raise the bent left leg and place the full surface of the foot on the outside of the right knee. When the left butt cheek rises, stretch out the right foot again and place it on the mat.
  3. With an inhalation, straighten your upper body again and then carefully twist your upper body to the left.
  4. If possible, hug your left leg with your right arm or press against your thigh with your bent arm (see photo) and place your left hand behind your buttocks. You can only follow the rotation with your head if your neck stays relaxed.
  5. Stay in the exercise for a few breaths and then repeat the exercise on the other side.


The Eagle, Garudasana


Yoga - The Eagle - Garudasana


  1. stand up straight
  2. Ground your right leg and then lift your left leg and wrap it around your right leg. If that doesn’t work, simply bring your left leg over your left in front, or tip your left leg on tiptoe about 12 inches (30 cm) from your right.


Detox asanas the eagle stride


3. Then, in front of your chest, wrap your left arm around your right arm from below and try to press your left palm against your right palm. Your elbows should be at shoulder height, and your shoulders relaxed.

4. If possible, bend your knees and bend your upper body forward. Make yourself a small, compact package.

5. Pause for a few deep breaths, and come out of the pose as mindfully and slowly as you go into it.

6. Shake out your arms and legs and repeat the exercise on the other side.



The Crocodile, Nakrasana


detox asanas - The Crocodile


  1. Lie on your back.
  2. Stretch your arms out to your sides on the floor.
  3. Bend your left leg and pull it toward your stomach. Then raise your hips slightly and bring them a few inches further to the left. Then gently lower your leg to the right side. The left shoulder should remain in contact with the floor.
  4. Cushion them with a pillow if you can’t put your legs down. If the stretch is too intense for you, push your knees further away from your shoulders on the floor.
  5. You can now turn your head to the right if that feels good.
  6. Breathe into the stretch. Enjoy. Let go.
  7. Repeat the exercise on the other side.


Detox Breakfast – Smoothie Recipes


Detox Smoothies



Detoxification Asanas 10 Days Challenge


The minimum time you should detox your body, especially in spring is at least 10 days. If your “shape” is more X-Large, you can read my special article for X-Large yogis here and learn how to use your body shape to your advantage. After my morning yoga training, I strongly recommend to all my students drink smoothies to increase energy in their bodies. Detox smoothie is incredibly healthy. The image above or by clicking this link will guide you to a special personalized quiz with custom recipes only for you.


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