Simple ways how to stay healthy in “modern time”


A healthy, varied diet was and has always been important and essential for our body. But on days like these, it becomes almost crucial for survival.

robust immune system has a positive effect on our lives, protects us from a few ailments, and ensures that our body can better defend itself against viruses and other harmful substances.


A diet that consists of fresh ingredients and a lot of variety is the key to a healthy immune system and a healthier life.


Support your Healthy lifestyle


Eat yourself healthy: Real Food and Food First

The best way to help your immune system and body fight off viruses and infections is with a diet made of vitamins and healthy nutrients. Because unfortunately, there is still no magic pill or special dietary supplement that protects us from viruses and other dangers (that would probably already be sold out). Only a healthy lifestyle, with sufficient exercise and a balanced diet, can protect you from diseases. That applies not only to viruses and the like but also to all other conditions in your body. Real food and food first are more important than ever today.


Real food stands for food made from natural ingredients, without additives and chemical compositions.

Food First means “eat first” and is synonymous with the importance of a nutrient-rich diet that you have to consume in a targeted manner.


Every body is complex. Our organs, muscles, brain, and immune system need different amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals to function optimally and protect us against infections and diseases. When developing our low-carb recipes, Real Food and Food First’s approaches always come first for us. It is essential to get as much power as possible from our food and that every day to stay fit and healthy.


Low Carb Meal Planner


Take a critical look at your diet.

You might be wondering now what if you can’t manage to get healthy meals every day? Then you should start rethinking your diet and changing your attitude towards food!

A vital sentence that we want to give you on the way on the subject of nutrition:



“Food is a means of life. Instead of living to eat, we should consciously eat well in order to live.”



If you look at people’s eating habits today, you often find that nutrition has become secondary. We consciously say “has become” because that was not always the case. Just ask your grandparents: Food used to have a completely different status than it does today. Of course, you can also use supplements in today’s “fast-paced world”, but our recommendation is obvious: you should only use dietary supplements when you have consumed

 all the important nutrients and vitamins with your food. These should support you in your diet and compensate for deficits but not replace your vital nutrition.


Unfortunately, the topic of healthy eating has not yet really caught on with many of us. The shelves in the supermarkets defy pre-prepared meals in whatever form. Many people buy a tomato here because they also take a cucumber and an apple or a banana. But is that enough to eat healthily? Of course not.


Eat enough vitamins with fresh fruits and vegetables


Healthy Tip: Eat enough vitamins with fresh fruits and vegetables.


People who start researching low-carb foods often read: Don’t eat fruits and vegetables because they contain too many carbohydrates and too much sugar.


First, everything that has been said about fruit and vegetables and sugar is not wrong. But when it comes to carbohydrates, you should always differentiate between simple and complex carbohydrates. It is true that the sugar content, which is primarily found in certain types of fruit, is not healthy in large quantities. But it is better and more nutritious than white, nutrient-free granulated sugar added to a meal, as are other sweeteners.


The advantage of fruit and vegetables is evident in these times. Studies have long confirmed that vitamins provide lasting support for the immune systemVitamin D and vitamin C, in particular, play a significant role here. These can significantly protect us from infections. Did you know that a kiwi will cover your vitamin C content for a whole day?


Our tip: Make sure that your shopping cart is complete at the front of the supermarket. There is usually a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables here. And yes, you can make delicious things out of it too. Many people always don’t believe it 😉 So take it! Buy as colorful as possible, because you have many different nutrients and a lot of variety!


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How many fruits and vegetables should there be in a day?

The thumb rule is two hands (palms full) to eat fruit and three hands (palms full) to eat vegetables. So you consume 5 servings of fresh food. And remember: vegetables are the better fruit. Vary your vegetables and fruits daily.


Don't forget to drink water


Don’t forget to drink

An adequate fluid intake is essential for our body. This primarily means water, preferably still water. Only if you drink enough can all of your organs in the body be supplied with the necessary fluids. In addition, the water flushes your body properly, and degraded substances are flushed out of your body faster. How much you should drink at least per day can be found here:  The low carb pyramid


Healthy through adequate sleep

Everyone has probably heard the saying: “Sleep well.” And in the truest sense of the word, that is exactly the truth. Now, of course, you shouldn’t sleep all day, but always enough at night. We recommend at least 7 hours of sleep per night.


Healthy through adequate sleep


Studies have shown that if you only sleep 5 hours (or less), you are 4 x more likely to catch a cold than if you sleep 7 hours. Anyone who sleeps at least 7 hours lowers the risk of infection by up to 100%!  Tip: Sleeping difficulties? Learn why to adopt micro naps.


It is also proven that you sleep better if you avoid 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime to watch television and screens (smartphones). Also, avoid exercising immediately before going to bed.


Healthy sleep routine: Dams your light at home. Have a cup of tea (no fruit or black tea), read a book, or meditate before bed.


Avoid alcohol

In addition to the severe general health risks, alcohol also disrupts our immune system. The body is weakened by excessive alcohol consumption and loses its ability to defend itself against infections. Viruses can therefore spread faster in our body and weaken it.


Sufficient exercise


Sufficient exercise

It is currently tricky but not impossible – due to various quarantine regulations, the subject of exercise is unfortunately no longer easy to implement everywhere. But we can also move indoors for 20-30 minutes a day

. If you can, you should go for a walk, jog, bike, or other leisure activity outside for at least 30-60 minutes. Use the technology: Today, there are many apps or fitness videos online, home sports, and much more.


Pay attention to your hygiene and protect yourself and others

Even children are told again and again: “Wash your hands.” Most of them have therefore heard this sentence several times a day for many years. So long, until it has become a habit – one would think and hope.


Pay attention to your hygiene


So many people have forgotten the importance of hygiene. For example, we take public transport or go shopping and touch a lot everywhere. This is precisely where viruses and other harmful substances seem to be waiting for us. My favorite example of this is always the tap from the petrol pump or the shopping cart. What is waiting for us here is a pure nightmare. Very few think about washing their hands in between. Unfortunately, it is often not possible either and touch their faces or eat something on the go. The viruses or bacteria are already in our bodies.


To stay healthy, good hygiene is very important. Firstly, it protects us, but also other people, from viruses and bacteria. It is recommended that you wash your hands with soap for at least 30-60 seconds. It would help if you lathered the palms of the hands, the back of the hands, and the spaces between the fingers, then wash them off and dry them well.


Here is a little guide:

  1. Getting hands wet
  2. Rub hands with soap and wash (at least 30 seconds)
  3. Rinse hands properly
  4. Dry hands


When should you wash your hands?

  • Before the meal
  • After eating
  • After using the bath
  • After every use of the toilet (preferably also before every use of the toilet)
  • After sneezing
  • After blowing your nose
  • Especially often with a cold
  • Before you touch your face
  • When you come home



We are often looking for an easy way or even a shortcut. But it is precisely these days that we realize that this abbreviation does not exist. Nowadays it is more important than ever to eat healthily and get enough exercise. Having a healthy lifestyle is the best solution and, at the same time, the best precaution. Cooks healthy and varied recipes with fresh food. Avoid sugar as much as possible, avoid unnecessary stress, do some sport every day (20-30 minutes is enough), and don’t forget always to wash your hands.


8-week plan with great recipes


Eat healthy: Our 8-week plan with great recipes.


In line with the topic of healthy eating, we recommend the new 8-week plan with over 70 healthy recipes for more vitality and well-being. A Plan for Eating Healthy, Feeling Better, and Losing Weight. You can find more information here: 8-week plan to eat healthily.


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