Shine from within with yoga and mindfulness meditation


Good Vibes: Bad weather, a lot to do, traffic jams on the motorway – and still in a good mood? How to make your body and mind shine and spread positive energy with yoga, mindfulness, and meditation despite adverse circumstances!


No way out of the hamster wheel?

Do you know that, too? Actually, we want to devote ourselves to life’s essential, beautiful things, but everyday life takes up too much space. Sure, we notice it – but we don’t know where we can stop the hamster wheel. Instead, we speak and act quickly and frantically to squeeze even more things into the short amount of time. 


We move from A to B at high speed to meet our schedule. And just when we feel like we’re gaining the upper hand and want to take a deep breath, it happens: a nuisance! 


You miss the green phase because of another driver, the last piece of cake is bought from under your nose, or a colleague says something that accompanies you throughout the day. And all the frustration sits with you on the couch in the evening. 


You are exhausted and in a bad mood, and you wonder why this always happens to you.


Shine from within with meditation


The Power of Negative Beliefs

In fact, most things in life don’t just happen to us. We attract them. Because everything in the universe is energy and has corresponding “vibrations”. 

So do your feelings, just on different frequencies: Boredom, worry, anger, hate, and fear tend to have lower vibration frequencies. Love, gratitude, joy, passion, and happiness vibrate at higher frequencies.


Our socialization teaches us thought structures and beliefs that affect our vibrational energy. Suppose we are always confronted with the negative in our family of origin. In that case, we also deal with the negative a lot inwardly – and thus increase these vibrations by offering them resonance. 


And then we attract not only events, which are rather negative, but also people. The result: a system that reinforces and maintains itself.

Marcus Aurelius proverb

Our behavior and our experiences show where we are in life. Fortunately, we have control over which vibrations we give resonance to. We don’t have to receive and absorb the vibrations of our bad-tempered counterparts. 


Because we can both positively influence our vibrations and consciously choose which people we surround ourselves with, which places we visit, which words we use, etc.


Mindfulness meditation = Vibration at a high frequency

To keep feeling happier, more peaceful, and connected, you can actively practice raising your vibrational frequency. Practices like mindfulnessyoga, and mindfulness meditation are particularly effective because they are associated with good feelings and healthy habits.


Mindfulness meditation: Be aware of your thoughts and feelings – even the negative ones. Don’t rate them. Self-awareness is the first step to improvement, they say. And that’s also true: You can only consciously promote (positive) or let go (negative) what you consciously perceive. Injuries can heal, and the path to happiness is paved. 


Yoga helps to get in touch with yourself. This makes centering possible. With a flowing, rhythmic asana practice, you first manage to focus on your breathing. 


This brings peace and balance and helps you not absorb the hustle and bustle of everyday life but shape your life actively and authentically. 


Standing postures challenge your balance – including your inner balance – and bring grounding and stability. This prepares you for stormy times. 


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You open your heart, free your breath, and learn trust and devotion with backbends. This is the best prerequisite for being more sensitive and careful with yourself and your environment. 


Regular yoga practice creates awareness for you and your being and prepares you ideally for meditation. This makes it easier to calm the mind. Mindfulness meditation strengthens the part of the brain responsible for abstract thinking and creativity. If you like meditation, what about becoming a certified meditation teacher? Online classes are open now, you can learn more by clicking this link.


If you have no experience, read my article about how to make a six-figure as meditation teacher from your home or wherever you are using only your laptop.


Happy hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin are also released.

When you meditate, you interrupt the flow of thoughts, so you also have a break from the same negative thoughts that you constantly put down on yourself and the world around you. 


This is how you change processes in the brain and take an active role in realigning your energies. 


Note: It is important to practice yoga and meditation regularly, preferably daily, to keep your vibrations positive. It’s like everything in life: the more you practice, the easier and more automatic it becomes. 


Find something that makes you happy:  In addition to your yoga practice, it can also help to practice something every day that makes you happy: dancing, singing, walking, even if it’s only five minutes.


Joy and happiness are the feelings that vibrate the highest, and since our inner world also influences the outside, if you want to change what you experience, then change your frequency! 


As with a radio, we change reception for a new station by tuning to a different frequency.


enlightenment meditation


With good vibes to enlightenment

If you strengthen your antennae for the positive in this way, negative thoughts and doubts will no longer find resonance, and situations or people that used to make you jump out of your skin can no longer upset you so easily. So it’s worth sticking with!


And if you still can’t motivate yourself and want to whine in a bad mood all day: Realize that in every moment of your life, you are the sum of your thoughts and feelings, your dreams and hopes, but also your fears and longings.


Dare to break out of your usual thought patterns. By increasing your positive energy, you can get in touch with your true self. 


After all, that is the real goal of getting a little closer to the spiritual practice called yoga, which has been tried and tested for centuries.



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