Perfect food after training: This is how your workout becomes a success!


What should you eat after training? Here is the perfect food after training.


Which foods are ideal for muscle building and regeneration after training – and prepared quickly and easily?


Most people fall into one of three nutritional traps:


  • Mediocre nutrition; does not eat anything special before or after training.
  • Eats junk throughout the day and thinks he can make up for it with a post-workout protein shake.
  • Attempts to go on an extremely low-fat or low-carb diet because he thinks it’s healthy and ends up overeating out of boredom and frustration.


What to eat after training

If you eat a balanced diet, you may choose foods according to the paleo principle – i.e., genetically correct like stone age man.


Then, instead of factory food, many natural foods containing protein may end up on your plate, and you pay attention to your protein intake.


Congratulation! You eat way better than most people.


After a tough session, you give your body everything it needs for regeneration – and thus for your training success.


Protein to repair and build muscle, carbs, and fat to replenish energy stores.


The perfect post-workout meal

Your muscles are particularly receptive to nutrients immediately after a training session.


Therefore, you should ideally consume a high-quality whey protein powder and fast-acting carbohydrates immediately after training.


Admittedly, my first choice after the workout is unusual.


I use:



Let’s go through the ingredients one by one.


#1 What to Eat After a Workout – Whey Protein

Whey protein mixed in water is digested faster than whole milk proteins, which contain a mixture of whey and casein.


It’s high in BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), the proteins most important for muscle building.


Protein powder is a dime a dozen – which ones are suitable?


I am very picky when it came to my diet and researched extensively until I found a high-quality protein supplement for me.


You can find my purchase recommendations in this article.


I use all the products mentioned there regularly and over a long period of time and can recommend them with conviction.


 #2 What to Eat After Training – Raisins

Raisins are an alkaline food, meaning they buffer acids.


Since acid is formed in your muscles and other tissues due to the metabolic activities during training, you need something alkaline to restore the acid-base balance.


The more acidic your body is, the harder it is to build muscle.


In addition, raisins are easy to digest and can quickly replenish the used glycogen in your stores.


This is especially important if you have another training session on the same day.


In preparation for the marathon, I often did a strength unit in the morning and a longer cardio training unit in the evening.


Then you must allow your body to regenerate and replenish the glycogen stores in the meantime.


Raisins make all the difference for me.


You should pay attention to one thing: only use organic raisins. Traditional raisins are made from grapes, which have one of the highest pesticides of any fruit you can find.


#3 What to eat after a workout – Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine accelerates regeneration and is linked to providing strength and building muscle mass.


I prefer creatine monohydrate as a capsule because it is easy to dose.

Creatine Monohydrate


Eat perfectly after training: quantity and timing

Based on your body weight, you can find out the perfect amount for you:


  •       45-70 kg body weight:1/4 cup raisins + 20 g whey protein + 3 g creatine
  •       70-90 kg body weight:1/3 cup raisins + 30 g whey protein + 4 g creatine
  •       over 90 kg body weight:1/2 cup raisins + 40 g whey protein + 5 g creatine


If you take the shake within 1-2 hours after your workout, your muscles will have a significantly higher absorption capacity for the required nutrients than at a later time.


Perfect food after training – Conclusion

What to eat after exercise? Three things are enough: whey protein, raisins, and creatine. That’s it.


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