Pamela Reif home workout my results and conclusion.



During the quarantine period, many of us found new hobbies and developed routines. It feels like 90% of the population suddenly started doing sport regularly. Home workout videos on Youtube and live sessions on Instagram became particularly popular. Right at the front: Pamela Reif.


The German influencer has become a fitness icon with her sweaty power workouts in recent years. During the Corona crisis, the whole thing got another big push, and it feels like everyone has done sports at least once to one of their videos.


I’ve also been at the start for about two months.


I try to do a Pamela Reif home workout for 30 minutes 5 times a week. If I lack the energy (or motivation), sometimes it will only be 3-4 times. But that’s still a huge increase in my pre-corona sports life.


I went to the gym, but mostly only twice a week. Because I kept getting questions about my new sports routine and the Pamela Reif home workout, today I have a little “experience report.”


What do the Pamela Reif workouts really bring?


The workout plans

Pamela uploads four new workout plans to Instagram every week: Beginner Friendly,  30min per day45min per day, and  Fat Burn / 45min. You can find her in her story for 24 hours and then in the highlights.


Pamela Reif Workout Plans


As you can see, there is something for every fitness level. Personally, I do the 30min and then add my own exercises + a stretching session.


Breakdown & fun factor

Every day has a different focus. The division is usually made into abslegs/bootyupper body/arms, and cardio. A lot of people do this splitting in the gym, but I’ve always done full-body training. That’s why it was initially a change for me.


But now I think it’s a really good thing. Regardless of the focus, I do a short ab workout with my own exercises every day because abdominal muscle training is super important.


To the fun of the whole thing: I admit – I have never really enjoyed the sport. Even at school, it was my hateful subject, and I always tortured myself to the gym. For me, the best thing about training has always been the after-workout feeling.


So no, no miracle happened with Pamela’s workouts.


Sport is still not my favorite activity, and it doesn’t make it into the top 5 (or 10 or 20…).


With one exception: I love the dance workouts – I actually enjoy them! 


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But the most important thing is: Thanks to Pam, I approach sports in a completely different way.


Since I’ve been doing it so often now, the workout has become a routine for me – and I love routines. In the morning, after getting up, I get ready, then the sport comes straight away. Then the shower and then everything else that comes up.


Because I do the sport immediately in the morning, I hardly have time to be unmotivated and procrastinate.


I go for it and feel great for the rest of the day.


My favorites

While I don’t have the most fun doing it, there are some videos that I enjoy making relatively. My favorite workouts are the 2in1 Flat Belly & Round Booty Workout

 and the Knee friendly Booty Workout.


Pamela Reif Workout


For me, Abs and Booty are the most important, and I can really feel the respective points in these two videos.



Degree of difficulty / implementation

I have to say that the workouts are really, really exhausting. At the very beginning, I found it super difficult to persevere, and when Pamela took a break in a 20min video after 10min, I was already at least two behind me.


Over time it got better and better, and now I actually only take a break when Pam is doing it. Sure, especially with new videos, there are still one or the other exercise where I have to stop for a moment, but that is also getting better and better.


Still, I keep asking myself: How the hell does she do this for hours every day, and how can she look like a model from Sports Illustrated with every hard exercise? 


The woman is craaazy but has my greatest admiration.


Especially with the cardio workouts, you work up a sweat. But even with videos that only play on the mat below, sweat often drips. But it is definitely bearable.


Pamela has put the workouts together so that you can persevere if you push yourself a little (or really hard).


From personal experience, I can tell you: Do not give up, it is easy! However, note the ‘he‘ because the videos are never easy – no matter how often you repeat them.


But I like and need that too. When my sport is not exhausting, I feel like I haven’t done anything.


After Pam’s workouts, I lie on my exercise mat bathed in sweat but happy every time.


Pamela Reif Home Workout my results
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I am proud and happy to be able to tell you: The workouts really bring something.


I have already told you about the implementation progress: You get stronger, and you can do the exercises better and better.


But for me personally, the best thing is the visible physical change: I love to look in the mirror and see the results.


My abdominal muscles have always been relatively strong, but I see them a lot more through the workouts than before, and also, with my booty progress, I am super happy.


Unfortunately, I have not taken any photos of my pre-Pamela body and can therefore not provide you with any transformation pictures as a direct comparison.


I am therefore easily angry with myself because I really enjoy looking at photos like this on other people. But well, there is nothing you can do about that.


Pamela Reif workout conclusion



Clearly: The Pamela Reif home workout is worth every single drop of sweat. Overall, I’m just fitter and better trained, and even though I’m not doing the Fat Burn / Cardio workout plan, I still notice that my condition has improved a bit.


I am super happy with my progress and can only recommend regular training with Pamela.  You can join anytime, no matter what week or day it is.


You can find all of her videos on YouTube – there, she also regularly does live workouts.


The only point that annoys me:  Since their videos are monetized (in itself absolutely fine), advertisements are placed in between.


Unfortunately, it sometimes comes in the middle of an exercise, so you have to hold out 10-20 seconds longer than expected. I’m not sure Pam can control and change that.


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It would definitely be better if the commercials came between and not during the exercises.


Apart from that, the home workouts are mega and make even the biggest sports grouch fit.


The main goal is to maintain your workout routine every day and don’t give up!.


Have you ever tried a Pamela Reif home workout or maybe even do it regularly?



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