Pamela Reif home workout my before and after results and conclusion. Ab Workout added + Updated 05/2023!

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During the quarantine period, many of us found new hobbies and developed routines. It feels like 90% of the population suddenly started doing sports regularly. Home workout videos on Youtube and live sessions on Instagram became particularly popular. Right at the front: Pamela Reif.


Pamela’s Basic Data:

  • Height: 5 ft 4¼ in
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Born: 1996
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Nationality: German


The German fitness influencer has become a fitness icon with her sweaty power workouts and bodyweight exercises in recent years. During the Corona crisis, the whole thing got another big push, and it feels like everyone has done sports at least once in one of their videos.


I added a new update 06/2022! You can find it below 😉


Pamela Reif before I started

This is me before I started with Pamela’s home exercise. I added some exercises to her training routine, as you see, I am athletic already, but I wanted to lose the excess fat I had.


Below, in my conclusion, you can see the difference after 30 days! After 30 days, to tell you the truth, I added some more exercises and did some mixed training with YouTuber Bradley Brown as well.


You can see my fat got away really fast and I gained really a lot of power!


I’ve also been at the start for about two months.

I try to do a Pamela Reif home workout for 30 minutes 5 times a week. If I lack the energy (or motivation), sometimes it will only be 3-4 times. But that’s still a huge increase in my pre-corona sports life.


I went to the gym, but mostly only twice a week. Because I kept getting questions about my new sports routine and the Pamela Reif home workout, today I have a little “experience report.”


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What do the Pamela Reif workouts really bring?


The workout plans

Pamela uploads four new workout plans to Instagram every week: Beginner Friendly,  30min per day45min per day, and  Fat Burn / 45min. You can find her in her story for 24 hours and then in the highlights.


Pamela Reif Workout Plans


As you can see, there is something for every fitness level. Personally, I do the 30min and then add my own exercises + a stretching session.



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Breakdown & fun factor

Every day has a different focus. The division is usually made into abslegs/bootyupper body/arms, and cardio. A lot of people do this splitting in the gym, but I’ve always done full-body training. That’s why it was initially a change for me.


But now I think it’s a really good thing. Regardless of the focus, I do a short ab workout with my own exercises every day because abdominal muscle training is super important.


To the fun of the whole thing: I admit – I have never really enjoyed the sport. Even at school, it was my hateful subject, and I always tortured myself to the gym. For me, the best thing about training has always been the after-workout feeling.


But a miracle happened with Pamela’s workouts.


Sports were not my favorite activity, and it doesn’t make it into the top 5 (or 10 or 20…).


With one exception: I love the dance workouts – I actually enjoy them! 


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But the most important thing is: Thanks to Pam, now, I approach sports in a completely different way.


Since I’ve been doing it so often now, the workout has become a routine for me – and I love routines. In the morning, after getting up, I get ready, then the sport comes straight away.


Then the shower and then everything else that comes up.


Because I do the sport immediately in the morning, I hardly have time to be unmotivated and procrastinate.


I go for it and feel great for the rest of the day.


My favourites

While I don’t have the most fun doing it, there are some videos that I enjoy making relatively. My favorite workouts are the 2in1 Flat Belly & Round Booty Workout and the Knee friendly Booty Workout.


Pamela Reif Workout


For me, Abs and Booty are the most important, and I can really feel the respective points in these two videos.


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Degree of difficulty / implementation

I have to say that the workouts are really, really exhausting. At the very beginning, I found it super difficult to persevere, and when Pamela took a break in a 20min video after 10min, I was already at least two behind me.


Over time it got better and better, and now I actually only take a break when Pam is doing it. Sure, especially with new videos, there are still one or the other exercise where I have to stop for a moment, but that is also getting better and better.


Still, I keep asking myself: How the hell does she do this for hours every day, and how can she look like a model from Sports Illustrated with every hard exercise? 


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The woman is craaazy but has my greatest admiration.

Especially with the cardio workouts, you work up a sweat. But even with videos that only play on the mat below, sweat often drips. But it is definitely bearable.


Pamela has put the workouts together so that you can persevere if you push yourself a little (or really hard).


From personal experience, I can tell you: Do not give up, it is easy! However, note the ‘he‘ because the videos are never easy – no matter how often you repeat them.


But I like and need that too. When my sport is not exhausting, I feel like I haven’t done anything.


After Pam’s workouts, I lie on my exercise mat bathed in sweat but happy every time.


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Pamela Reif Home Workout Results – Check it below! After the first 30 days…

I am proud and happy to be able to tell you: The workouts really bring something.


I have already told you about the implementation progress: You get stronger, and you can do the exercises better and better.


But for me personally, the best thing is the visible physical change: I love to look in the mirror and see the results.


My abdominal muscles have always been relatively strong, but I see them a lot more through the workouts than before, and also, with my booty progress, I am super happy.


Unfortunately, I have not taken any photos of my pre-Pamela body and can therefore not provide you with any transformation pictures as a direct comparison.


I am therefore easily angry with myself because I really enjoy looking at photos like this on other people. But well, there is nothing you can do about that.


Pamela Reif workout conclusion


Pamela Reif Results – Final Thought

Clearly: The Pamela Reif home workout is worth every single drop of sweat. Overall, I’m just fitter and better trained, and even though I’m not doing the Fat Burn / Cardio workout plan, I still notice that my condition has improved a bit.


I am super happy with my progress and can only recommend regular training with Pamela.  You can join anytime, no matter what week or day it is.


You can find all of her videos on YouTube – there, she also regularly does live workouts.


The only point that annoys me is: Since their videos are monetized (in itself absolutely fine), advertisements are placed in between.


Unfortunately, it sometimes comes in the middle of an exercise, so you have to hold out 10-20 seconds longer than expected. I’m not sure Pam can control and change that.


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It would definitely be better if the commercials came between and not during the exercises.


Apart from that, the home workouts are mega and make even the biggest sports grouch fit.


The main goal is to maintain your workout routine every day and don’t give up!


Have you ever tried a Pamela Reif home workout or maybe even do it regularly?


As I am feminine looking, I added to every training session this set of exercises to reduce my “buttocks” – I am nicely describing my big a** :), but most women have the same problem.


Those 5 saddlebags and breeches exercises helped me not only to burn some more calories but also strengthened my body and believe it or not, I am wearing my old jeans without the expectation to rip them off every time I squat.


You can read my favorite 5 effective exercises against the problem area here.


Pamela Reif home training after 30 days



Pamela Reif Home Workout Results in My Last Update 06/2022


Regardless of how insane 2021 was, it had some redeeming qualities. We all tried to make the most of this crisis year by developing new skills and developing new habits. I developed a workout routine.


I told you about the Pamela Reif Home workout results, which I discovered during the first lockdown, back in May. Because you guys loved that post so much, I’ll give you a quick update today. I have a little energy tip for you at the end of the post.


Pamela Reif Workouts review

First and foremost, the most pressing question: Am I still on it?


Yes, the answer is YES.


Pamela Reif’s workouts are still something I do a few times a week.


However, after the first lockdown, my routine changed slightly, and I also extended my workout.


Here’s an update for you: What my training looks like right now, as well as the changes I’ve noticed in my body.


My Pamela Reif workout routine

I wouldn’t even call it that. During the lockdown, I was always at home and thus had time to strictly adhere to Pamela Reif’s weekly plans and exercise 5 times per week.


That changed when I started my side job in June, and public life returned to “normal” for a while.


At the time, I worked out three to four times per week.


I also stuck to it during my summer vacation in Santorini, which I am very proud of. It is now three times a week in the United States.


The rest of the week, however, I keep myself fit by going for long walks and staying active in general.


For my workouts, I no longer strictly adhere to Pamela’s weekly plans, but instead, I select videos from her plans and combine them as I see fit.


I also added amazing home workouts from Bailey Brown to my daily training routine.


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Extension Pamela Reif versus Bailey Brown

A few months ago, I discovered another Fitness-Youtuber: Australia’s lovely Bailey Brown. She frequently uploads workout videos to her YouTube channel.


The majority of them are 5 to 10 minutes long and extremely effective. My muscles burn more during Bailey’s short videos than during Pamela’s 20-minute workouts – but not by much.


Bailey walks you through her videos, explains each exercise, and is always encouraging. I’m impressed by how calm she speaks while torturing her muscles.


She also looks great while doing it, and the setting (an Australian beach) is always dreamy.


I wholeheartedly recommend Bailey’s videos in addition to Pamela’s workouts – I’m overjoyed!


Bradley Brown YouTube channel


Enjoyment & Split with Pamela Reif and Bradley Brown workout results

Pamela has exact plans. Pamela divides the days into body parts. I no longer split that strictly because I no longer follow her plans.


On one day, I do abs, legs, and booty, and the next day, I do HIIT/Cardio and some abs again.


This allows my booty and legs to unwind a little. If I take a one (or more) day break between workouts, I only do abs, legs, booty, and saddlebags. I occasionally include a light arm workout.


In terms of enjoyment, I’m still not a big sports fan. The workout itself is not enjoyable for me.


Some videos I prefer over others, such as the dance workouts or the 10-minute ab workouts (you can find them below), but to call them “enjoyable” would be an exaggeration.


What I really enjoy is the post-workout feeling.


This was stated in the first part of my post and remains true.


The sensation of having completed a Pamela Reif or Bailey Brown workout is the BEST.


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Pamela Reif and Bailey Brown Before and After Results and Changes in my Body

After approximately 11 months of consistent exercise, I can tell you that my body has changed dramatically. I’ve always admired my abs (hello, six-pack!) and have never enjoyed grabbing my butt as much as I do now.


My thighs are super defined, especially since I added two great thigh workouts from Bailey Brown to my training plan. I’m overjoyed with the results!


Of course, nutrition is important here as well, and I must admit that I do my best to eat healthily.


Last year in Europa, I really took control of my nutrition, but it’s a little more difficult for me here in the United States.


But this is just a transition period, and I’m already working on resuming my “eating routine.”


However, since we’re talking about workouts, they have definitely given me visible results and have positively changed my body (and, more importantly, my body image).


One more surprising result.


My friend told me about a new supplement I should try with my workout routine to see much faster results.


After a week received my supplement – Exipure, I was skeptical, as usual, but this time, only after a couple of hours, I must tell you, my body started to get really boosted.


I am usually tired after my daily training routine but not anymore.


I got much more energy before and after my training and my weight got rapidly down and I think, it was the turning point as I literally saw my six-pack growing in front of my mirror!


Try it, it has something in it.


All-natural ingredients, best reviews and I can’t find any negatives.


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This is the most recent update to the Pamela Reif Home Workouts (and now also Bailey Brown)

I’m grateful despite the fact that I insult these women in their videos. They helped me change my body for the better – it’s stronger and more defined now.


The most important change, however, is that my body image has improved.


I enjoy looking in the mirror, frequently grabbing my own booty, and generally feeling good and confident in my own skin.


That fact alone is worth every drop of perspiration.


Talking about Pamela’s workout energy

As I previously stated, the workouts are extremely exhausting and require a significant amount of energy. I quickly feel powerless, especially if I haven’t eaten much.


This is especially true for HIIT and cardio workouts.


An old acquaintance can assist here: My mother used to give me Energy supplements before exams when I was in high school. The little dextrose squares, you know.


I’ve been using them to help me concentrate, but dextrose is more than just a source of energy for the brain. It can also help our bodies when we exercise.


So, if you do HIIT and cardio workouts like me, Exipure is the perfect pre-workout supplement for increased endurance and melting fat much, much faster.


As much as I used to have short workout plans, now I am happier with the Pamela Reif and Bradley Brown 30-day workout plan period.


All those short-term changes promises are not working exactly for me as I like to eat normally without any super diets.


But you can find some of my diets I tried and found a super secret about it that works really well in my article here.


And of course, if you like this type of booster. I would recommend you this super rating Keto personal plan.


I ordered this program back in 2021 and I was really surprised by how detailed and deep it was.


But Keto – Low carb – is for real enthusiasts or somebody who know what is his or her dream.


I must confess, I had to cheat.


But the first 2 weeks were surprisingly effective in the matter of weight loss. You can check it here – Costume Keto diet program.


Full Power with Pamela Reif – FAQs


1. Who is Pamela Reif?

BASICLIST: Pamela Reif, trainer, influencer

EXTENDEDLIST: Pamela Reif’s, Pamela Reif’s


Pamela Reif is a fitness trainer and influencer who has gained a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She is known for her effective workout routines and healthy lifestyle tips.


2. What are the benefits of following Pamela Reif’s workout plan?

BASICLIST: workout, pamela reif, fitness, routine

EXTENDEDLIST: Pamela Reif workout, workout plan, full body


By following Pamela Reif’s workout plan, you can achieve a full-body workout that can help you build strength, endurance and improve your overall fitness.


Her routines are designed to be effective and efficient, and with a routine, you’ll be more consistent with your efforts.


3. Does Pamela Reif have a YouTube workout channel?

BASICLIST: YouTube channel, Pamela Reif

EXTENDEDLIST: youtube workout, workout videos


Yes! Pamela Reif has a YouTube workout channel, where she regularly posts workout videos that you can follow along.


4. How can I get lower abs with Pamela Reif?

BASICLIST: ab, cardio, Pamela Reif ab workout, home workout plan, mat, lower ab

EXTENDEDLIST: 10-minute ab workout, lower back, six-pack workout


Pamela Reif has a specific ab workout that targets the lower abs. You can also incorporate cardio exercises and lower back exercises into your routine to help strengthen and define your midsection. Her 10-minute ab workout is a great way to get started, and you can easily do this at home with a mat.


5. Does Pamela Reif provide meal plans?

BASICLIST: nutrition brand, cookbook, meal plan

EXTENDEDLIST: lose weight

Pamela Reif has her own nutrition


Short Pamela Reif knowledge base:


Q: What is Pamela Reif Home Workout – Full Power with Pamela Reif?

A: Pamela Reif Home Workout – Full Power with Pamela Reif is a beginner-friendly home workout program that is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their fitness level.

The program includes a variety of workouts such as cardio, HIIT, and the 10-minute ab workout that targets your core and helps you get stronger abs.


Q: Who is Pamela Reif?

A: Pamela Reif is a German fitness influencer and personal trainer. She is known for her workout videos on Instagram and YouTube, and she has gained a following of over 9 million fans.

Pamela also has a cookbook and a fitness app, and she regularly shares workout tips and healthy recipes on her social media.


Q: Is the Pamela Reif Home Workout suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the Pamela Reif Home Workout is beginner-friendly and easy to follow. The workouts are designed to help you build strength and increase your fitness level, regardless of your starting point.


If you’re a beginner, it’s important to start with the workouts that are suitable for your fitness level and gradually increase the intensity as you progress.


Q: What kind of workouts are included in the Pamela Reif Home Workout?

A: The program includes a variety of workouts such as cardio, strength training, and HIIT. There is also a 10-minute ab workout that targets your core and helps you get stronger abs.


Pamela also includes some Pilates-inspired exercises that focus on activating specific muscle groups and improving your posture.


Q: Do I need any equipment for the Pamela Reif Home Workout?

A: The program is designed for home workouts, and most of the exercises can be done using just your body weight. However, some workouts may require a mat or a set of dumbbells to increase the resistance.


Pamela also provides modifications for some of the exercises, so you can adjust the intensity based on your fitness level and the equipment you have available.


Q: How long are the workouts in the Pamela Reif Home Workout?

A: The workouts range from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the workout type and intensity. There is also an option to combine multiple workouts for a longer session, or to repeat the same workout if you want to focus on a specific muscle group.


Q: Will the workouts in the Pamela Reif Home Workout help me lose weight?

A: The workouts in the program are designed to help you build strength, increase your fitness level, and improve your overall health.


While regular exercise can help you lose weight, it’s also important to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to see significant results.


Q: How does the 10-minute ab workout in the Pamela Reif Home Workout work?

A: The 10-minute ab workout in the program targets your core muscles and helps you build strength in your abs.


The workout includes a variety of exercises such as crunches, leg raises, and oblique twists, that will challenge your abs and improve the strength and range of motion of your core muscles.


It’s important to keep your lower back flat on the mat and engage your abs throughout the workout to get the most out of it.


Q: What is the Naturally Pam newsletter?

A: The Naturally Pam newsletter is a weekly email newsletter that Pamela sends to her subscribers.


The newsletter includes workout tips, healthy recipes, and motivation to help you stay on track with your fitness journey.


You can subscribe to the newsletter on Pamela’s website to receive the latest updates in your inbox.


Q: Has anyone tried the 10-minute ab workout in the Pamela Reif Home Workout?

A: Yes, many people have tried the 10-minute ab workout in the program and have shared their feedback online.


Some users have reported feeling soreness in their abs after the workout, while others have seen improvements in the strength of their abs and the activation of their core muscles.


If you’re new to the workout, it’s important to start with the modifications and gradually increase the intensity as you progress.



Pamela Reif Ab Workout (six-pack) Training and Results

I added to my daily training a new Ab training from Pamela’s video collection. I started with the first one: an 8-minute Abs workout and after a few days switched to a much harder version.


You can find it also here. The 6-minute brutal ab workout to get my washboard abs faster.


The second video is more for more advanced exercisers. It is only 6 minutes long, but the belly muscle burn is really intense.


Pamela Reif 8 minute Abs training


Try Pamela Reif’s Intense Full-Body Workout: No Equipment Required


Did you know 8 minutes are enough to train your abs intensively? In her special 8 minutes abs video without equipment, Pamela Reif shows how you can get closer to your six-pack dream in just eight minutes. I’ll definitely be repeating it every day because it is really good workout to strength of your abs. She simply knows her stuff and she brings something for everyone.


Pamela Reif’s tough six-pack workouts have made many abdominal muscles tremble. 


So that her fans don’t get bored during training, the influencer regularly provides sweaty replenishment with new exercise combinations.

Pamela Reif published a special 8-minute abdominal „six-pack session“ on her YouTube channel, which her video guest Christopher found anything but easy. 


“The abs are his weak point. So he suffered a lot during my six-pack routine,” Pam jokes under the video. “Can you make it through the whole workout?”

Here’s how it works: Each exercise (except for the last plank) is performed for 30 seconds. Since no breaks are planned, it means going full throttle for eight minutes.


The crunchy workout can be done without any equipment – so perfect to heat up the abdominal muscles in between. Excuses don’t count!



#1  With legs raised

Of course, Pamela starts her workout with a bang – first with four exercises, all of which will trigger your straight abs:


  • Crunch & Knee Lift
  • Christopher Knife
  • Knife variation
  • Flutter kicks


Since your legs are constantly in the air during execution, these exercises target the lower abdominal muscles – perfect for exposing the six-pack abs. 


#2  Heel touch

After the front abdominal muscles, in particular, have already been put under high tension, this exercise also focuses on the lateral muscle strands. 


Since your upper back is permanently off the ground, your front muscles will continue to be engaged. 


#3  Plank Variations

Exercises that are performed in the plank not only target the abdominal muscles but also address other parts of the body intensively. This is what makes the following three exercises wonderfully effective:


  • Elbow plank
  • Bear Hold & Walk
  • Elbow to elbow


Pay attention to the correct posture during these exercises: do not keep your buttocks too low or too high, and always keep your head in an extension of your back – this is healthier for the spine. 


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#5  Crunch variations

There are two variations of a classic abdominal exercise – the crunches:


  • cross crunch
  • reverse crunch


The combination of these two variations is well chosen – because they address both the lateral and the front abdominal muscles perfectly. 


Tip: Match your breathing to the movement. Exhale as you lift your torso. This makes it easier to feel the tension in the abdominal muscles. 


#6  With legs raised

And so that the sore muscles are not long in coming, the workout continues very intensively towards the end: 


  • Flutter kicks
  • From Hold


Make sure your lower back is flat on the floor throughout as you perform these two exercises. Your abs need to be working all the time. And don’t forget to breathe.


#7  Plank as a finisher

Just one last exercise and you’ve made it! But this plank is tough – because you shouldn’t just hold it for 30 seconds, but for around 2.5 minutes. 


Indeed not an easy last exercise. But with the musical support of Pamela’s workout guest, time flies by. 


For more advanced exercisers – Pamela Reif’s 6-minute brutal ab workout for excellent washboard 6-pack


You can also go with Pamela Reif’s short but brutal 6-minutes Ab workout for more advanced girls. The intense six-pack workout is short but intense. If you like the muscule burning feeling, you can alternate them every other day to get your washboard sixpack faster. 



Don’t forget to read my article about saddlebacks. This exercise gives you another fitness level. Especially if you have the same problems around your bat, the entire training takes around 30 minutes but is intense, and after a couple of days, you will see also results. BDW, as your body stops hurting, you will also enjoy the same beautiful feeling, new energy, power, and sweetness in your daily life. Just don’t overdo it. I wish you an intense day. 




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