Become a Certified Meditation Teacher and make a successful career


How to make money as a certified meditation teacher or group coach? Make Multiple Income Streams.


My name is Rachel. I’m a meditation, yoga, and fitness coach, and founder of 8th Wonder. Today, I like to explain how to make money as a meditation teacher or coach. I’ll also be sharing ways that you can make successful income streams from many different platforms.


I’m just going to go through the different ways to create abundance for yourself and share a little more about meditation coaching.


This is an amazing way to receive abundance, have freedom and flexibility to be anywhere to live anywhere, and to have this wonderful purpose of sharing calm with other people.


I know when I first started.

I didn’t even know what meditation coaching was. I was teaching yoga, and I was an executive coach.


I was practicing meditation on my own, and it wasn’t until I discovered meditation coaching that I was really able to make that a viable, passionate, exciting career for myself.


It just felt so much an energetic alignment to who I am and the way I love to Live, so it was beyond working with people and on their bodies in yoga. I’m going deeper and then the same with executive coaching.


I enjoyed coaching as well, but it was just that permission to go deeper with working with people on their personal and spiritual paths, which interests me to share a little more about what a meditation coach does. Is that it’s really as it sounds?


certified meditation teacher


Meditation and Coaching

It’s a combination of meditation and coaching. So you are teaching meditation, you’re facilitating meditation, you’re showing people how to develop their own daily practice as a meditation teacher, and you’re tuning into the individual or the group so that you can find the best tools to help them develop a sustainable practice.


And then you also engage in that coaching process, which is listening, asking those powerful questions holding your clients accountable for their action steps.


This is a really important part of coaching, and it’s meditative coaching. Learning how to stay in a state of meditation so that you are in a centered, neutral place yourself as a coach.


You’re allowing that space of awareness to open for the people that you’re working with.


Without getting pulled into their story or having your energy drained you’re just really experiencing that power of staying, grounded and centered in yourself and noticing your bodily sensations and your thoughts and your own feelings as you’re working with somebody else.


So it’s a process of raising consciousness together, and you can do this one-on-one, and you can also do it in groups.


Through this process, you help people clarify what they want to create and help them discover their true intentions, and clarify what their life goals are.


That’s how I developed my online meditation business, and it’s wonderful.


Try this meditation


Having an internet connection is all you need + zoom, and set this up.

I won’t go into all the details. Yet, let’s get through the bigger parts. Meditation is one of the fastest-growing health industries right now, it’s at a billion dollars over a billion dollars, and it’s growing. And it’s growing around the world, and it’s growing very quickly. In North America, the meditation market is expected to be 2 billion by the end of 2022.


So it’s a huge market. I believe that meditation is the future of coaching.


Group Meditation

Meditation Teacher – Putting two concepts together

You are helping people raise their self-awareness and develop a daily practice. Those calm and centering tools are vital to living your best life to living your highest potential. I believe that meditation will be an integral part of coaching now.


Going forward into the future, you’re teaching people how to release stress and anxiety, overwhelm all these states of being that are very disempowering where you lose your energy. You’re helping them develop their focus and energy by raising their self-awareness through meditation, coaching, and helping them develop emotional awareness and intelligence, as well as body awareness, which is important to stay grounded and connected.


Just grounding your energy to the earth is such a powerful tool, and you’re also teaching them.


How to be calm and centered, so these are lifelong skills that you can give to people that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. It’s such a gift to offer, and it’s something where people can develop themselves when they’re with you. Still, they have a very strong practice that they can connect you every day.


According to, the high level is almost 187 000 Dollars a year for a meditation teacher, so that’s somebody who’s putting a lot of energy into being a full-time meditation teacher or coach. Then the low end is sixteen thousand dollars a year. So you can research this also through google often when people are teaching meditation.


They are just teaching it on the side.


They might be doing a few classes a week now as it stands in the market. Today, people aren’t aware of having this as a vocation. So if you’re interested in this and you’re getting in front of this market trend.


I think it’s a wise thing to do because more and more people will be interested in it. More people want to live their passion and purpose and create their lifestyles and schedule. So I think that this will become a much more popular job and, of course, depression.


Anxiety stress is at an all-time high, so it continues to increase, and artificial intelligence robots. You know all these things can only take you so far in your development.


It would be best if you had another human being to develop that consciousness space and to help you heal and grow some close comps to look at because meditation teaching has not had a long-standing career path.


So far, we don’t have you know all the numbers and data for that because it’s still new close comps to look at yoga teaching and coaching. So yoga teacher makes anywhere for teaching a class for about 30 to 50 an hour, often for a one hour class, and then prep for private lessons.


You can charge anywhere from 100 to 300. I just put a general range of thirty dollars to two hundred dollars. So yoga teaching requires frequently, you know, showing up in person you can teach virtually. I would say that it’s a little less effective teaching virtually, and then with yoga teaching, you have to set up, so there’s set up time, often with being at a studio.


If you’re a life coach, maybe you’re charging about 125 an hour. So these are just some general comps to look at and be aware of as you explore charging your prices as a meditation, coach, or teacher, and just what to expect.


meditating river

I want to cover with you some different income streams. 

You can be very creative in developing your income streams when you start as a meditation coach or teacher, you can have one-on-one sessions, so one-on-one sessions you can host virtually. You can also do it in person. Generally, you could charge anywhere from 75 to 200 an hour for a reasonable market rate.


Again, if you specialize in business or executive coaching, you can charge a premium of 300 to 600 an hour. You can also have smaller sessions and work for 30 minutes. At a time or 20 minutes with people where you’re leading them through meditation and then offering them some meditation coaching guidance as well, I love working virtually through zoom. I think it’s great.


You can also offer group coaching sessions, so you can offer this virtually through zoom, where you’re coaching a group of people at once, and we, through our programs, teach people how to engage in this process.


How do you facilitate group coaching? What kind of content would you serve in that group coaching experience? You can also do this in in-person groups as well. You can launch your own meditation courses and challenges online or in person, which is a wonderful way to have.


People engage with you at a low cost to get a sense of your work and what you have to offer. So you can do three days, seven days, and 21 days meditation challenges online.


Harmonise your mind


Create your own meditation programs

It’s good to have a shorter sequence. As you know, three days or five days or a one-day workshop, because when you’re online, people have a shorter attention span. They don’t want to be online for hours at a time. So it helps to have something: shorter and easy to access.


When you launch these for free or at a low cost, it gives people an opportunity to engage with you at very low risk, and that’s a good way to build your email list. You can also create digital meditation products.


It can include audio products streamed with video or start a new YouTube meditation channel. You can also create ebooks, so these are some other ways that you can develop passive income streams through your website, which is creating these digital products.


I also create courses through learning management systems, develop your courses, and have a course page, and that’s also a great way to make passive income on your website. Offer private meditation lessons and, with these lessons, teach people one on one how to meditate. Generally, charging perhaps a dollar an hour.


So if it’s 20 minutes, it’s 20 dollars. If it’s thirty minutes is thirty dollars. That’s a great way to have people engage with you in a low-cost and low-risk way to see if they like working with you.


Suppose they’re receiving real benefits from learning meditation with you. I have to tell you it’s the best way to work with people. It inspires them to meditate every day. So you can develop these private meditation lessons, and you can create them into packages.


meditation healing

For example, you could have a four-week series or a six-week series, or an eight-week series and give people a package deal so that they stay consistent in their learning experience with you. That’s what helps them develop their practice.


You can offer classes sessions and workshops and, most especially in the business world, the corporate world is the biggest spender and, I would say, consumers of meditation corporations have a huge budget.


They often budget for things like this at the end of the year. They’re very much finding scientific, backed evidence that this is helping the well-being of their employees.


Healthy employees make productive employees because they’re not calling in sick, there’s less absenteeism, and lower health care costs associated with all the stress, related illness, and dis-ease that people feel so.


Corporate businesses are interested in investing in wellness and have a huge budget. They will pay a lot of money, from ten thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars.


For a one-day workshop, this is a wonderful way to make extra income, and we also show people how to enter the business market through our liberate training.


You can also offer retreats and training, so these are more high-end ways that you can start to make income retreats. You could make a virtual retreat, do retreat and nature, or make private retreats and have people book with you privately to spend a half-day with you and training.


Or create your own training once you get enough experience and have that experience in teaching. You can do well with hosting the training, which can be in person or online, and that’s what we specialize in: meditation teacher training and certified meditation coach training.


teacher career

Little snapshot of what you could potentially make as a meditation teacher or coach

Here’s a little snapshot of what you could potentially make as a meditation teacher or coach. And this is just general, and I started with really low expectations here because we show people how they can make their money back from their investment in meditation teacher training.


I know that when I went through my yoga training and my executive coach training, nobody showed me how to do a business or make money and sustain this kind of work in the world. I had to learn that all over again on my own. Even though I had a business background, I worked in finance on wall street, investing in tech companies.


It was still very challenging, so I’m now passionate about helping other people do well in business because I think that’s part of actually being able to share this work in the world.


Our ability to pay rent to sustain ourselves to receive that income and prosperity? If you have one client, you charge fifty dollars per session, and you only work two sessions a month. That’s a hundred dollars a month. You would make 1200 a year now. 


I’m just going to go to the highest level. Let’s say you had just a dozen clients, and that’s 12 hours a week of working, and you charge a mid-business range of 300 an hour. You can make almost 15 000 a month. You’re making well into six figures, just with individual coaching clients.


You can make a hundred and seventy-three thousand dollars a year. 


6-Figure Meditation Teacher

This is just a little snapshot example, and, as I mentioned before, you can build a passive income on your site by selling books, online courses, and individual meditation products. I also love to create personalized meditations for my clients.


Live when we’re on zoom, I’ll just go ahead and hit the record button on my audio recording software so that they have a meditation practice that they can always come back to through their iPhone on an mp3 ways that you can share with them. You can find good meditation content on YouTube or use an app called InsightTimer.


InsightTimer is a wonderful app. It has thousands of meditation teachers on there. Now you can host live meditations through InsightTimer. They have millions of people on their app. You can create your own course and sell it on sites like Udemy, and then, of course, you can share through Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and that’s a great way to create awareness around what you’re offering for your business.


I’d like to share a little bit with you about how you can become a meditation coach or teacher. We offer special meditation teacher training. Where you become a certified meditation teacher and can start your own successful career.


It includes special access to our private YouTube channel with all guided meditation videos you can use in your classes, special private access to our WhatsApp number where you can ask all your questions, materials that you can use to promote your mediation training, and all guides from our members and teachers.


Powerful Online Meditation Teacher training teaches how to Meditate and conduct one on one classes or group training. In this training, you will learn ancient spiritual techniques. You can make a great career in meditation.


I prepared for my readers a special $200 discount, but it is time-sensitive. If you like the idea to become a meditation teacher, and work from home or build your own studio, I would like to welcome you to our group 😉


meditation certificate


You will learn how to work with your clients. How to start hosting your own meditation classes, circles, and it’s a wonderful way just in a few weeks to get started in a brand New awesome career of serving others and having a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction within yourself. It’s quite a healing job role. I love it.


I love the work that I do. I’m happy when I go to bed. I always have work because people seem always to want to learn meditation. It’S an opportunity to become a pioneer in a huge emerging field. That’s still growing.


I mean, think about where yoga was 20-30 years ago. That’s where we are now. We’re just ahead of the floodgates of meditation becoming a huge business.


You can make this additional income 40 to 500 an hour, working in person or remotely. Create your own schedule, have freedom and flexibility, and work with people in a deep and meaningful way that improves their lives and your own life.


So it’s about creating this freedom, flexibility, and abundance. It’s also tapping into your creative energy because there are so many different ways to make income as a meditation, coach, or teacher, and it’s important to have a support system.


One of the things that we offer and find is instrumental to developing this work is having a tribe and a community of people you can come to who you trust and connect with because I believe this is a time of co-realization.


We know the word self-realization, which is the realization of ourselves, but I believe that we are waking each other up.


Training Certificate Course

That is the role of a meditation teacher

We are engaged in this collaborative co-realization process of awakening, and it’s through the group and the power of the tribe that we make a bigger, more positive impact. If that’s something that you’re interested in. Visit our website to learn about what we have to offer.


I hope this was helpful to you. We’d love to hear from you, and again, please feel free to be in touch with us.


Blessings and namaste.