Morning workout: Lose weight quickly with this 12-minute morning workout



Would you like to lose weight and finally do something for your fitness, but hardly find the time for it in everyday life? Then do your workout in the morning with this effective morning workout.


We have selected weight loss exercises and combined them into a full-body workout that will boost your metabolism and burn some calories. The workout is perfect for toning the body and losing weight. It doesn’t take long and can therefore be easily incorporated into your morning routine.


The morning workout is really worth it. If you train in the morning, you start the day fit and full of energy and don’t have to think about it later because you’ve already done something good for your body. So get out of bed and onto the exercise mat!


Information on exercises and training plan

The training plan will only work if you do the exercises correctly. Therefore, check your exercise in the mirror or film yourself.



If you want to work out right after you get up, it’s even more important that you warm up a little before you work out. To wake up, you should first stretch yourself properly and do some stretching. It’s best to drink a glass of water before training.


To warm up the muscles, you should do a little warm-up before your morning workout.

For example, it could look like this:

1 minute jump rope, 30 seconds break, 1 minute jump rope

2 minutes jumping jacks

1 minute run on the spot, 1 minute high knees


You need that for training

All you need for training is a fitness mat, some space to train, and of course motivation. It would also be practical to have a bottle of water next to your training area so that you can have a drink in between.


This is how you get the best results

The workout, if done daily or several times a week, can produce great results. If you want to achieve optimal success, you should also do enough exercise in everyday life and pay attention to a low-calorie, healthy diet.


Morning Workout #1 – Lunge steps with knee raise


Lunge steps with knee raise


This exercise really gets your metabolism going, and it also promotes coordination and balance. The thigh muscles and your glutes are particularly stressed.


How to do the exercise:


Stand up straight with your stomach taut.

Now step back from a standing position with your right leg and bend your front knee until it is at a right angle.

The right knee almost touches the floor. Keep your stomach and buttocks tight.

The upper body is always upright, the back straight.

Hold this position briefly and then come back up into the standing position. Instead of putting your right leg down, pull your right knee up.

From this position, you then start the next lunge step. Repeat the exercise with this side several times, then switch to the other leg.


Morning Workout #2 – Up and down plank

Up and down plank


The Up and Down Planks are an excellent full-body exercise. Arms and shoulders in particular, but also the abdominal muscles, are stressed and tightened.


How to do the exercise:

Get into the push-up position. The hands are under the shoulders, the arms are straight. The abdominal and buttock muscles are well tensed. Be careful not to sag or hunch your back.

From this position, put your right arm down and come down on your forearm.

Now put down your left arm in the same way. You are now in the plank position. Keep this short with a lot of body tension.

Now push yourself back to the starting position with your right and then your left arm.

Halfway through the exercise time, change the order and come down first with the left arm and then with the right so that you use both arms equally.


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Morning Workout #3 – Jump squats

Morning workout Jump squats


The jumped squats get your heart rate up and are a great exercise for the thighs. But the buttocks and calf muscles also have to work hard.

How to do the exercise:

Stand up straight with your legs shoulder-width apart and the tips of your toes pointing slightly outwards.
Tense your stomach and buttocks and do a squat. To do this, slide your hips back and down and bend your knees at the same time. The back remains straight throughout.
Lower your buttocks as low as you can with your back straight.
From this position, you then jump up powerfully and explosively. Keep yourself straight when jumping, you can put your arms at the sides of your head, move them up or stretch them straight down.
Land gently on the balls of your feet and get back into your squat fluently. From there you jump off again. Repeat this several times. Make sure to always do the exercise under tension and in a controlled manner.
If you are already out of breath and can no longer perform the exercise under tension, it is better to take a short break.


Morning Workout #4 – Shoulder taps


workout Shoulder taps


Shoulder taps are a great exercise against waving arms. You also need to maintain constant body tension, which makes the exercise challenging and effective.

How to do the exercise:

Get into the push-up position as described for the Up and Down Planks.
Tense your stomach and bottom firmly. Now shift the weight a little more onto your left arm. Raise your right arm and place the palm of your hand on your left shoulder.
Bring your arm back to the floor and go back to the starting position. Now raise your left arm and place your hand on your right shoulder.
Repeat the exercise with both sides alternately.


Morning Workout #5 – Burpees


Burpees in morning workout


Burpees are an exercise that uses an extremely large number of muscle groups. This makes them very effective and perfect for losing weight and toning the body.

How to do the exercise:

Stand up straight and shoulder-width apart. Tense your abs. From this position, crouch down and place your hands on the floor in front of you.
Now you go over the push-up position by jumping your legs backward. If you can, do a push-up, if not, hold the position briefly. Make sure that your body is in a straight line and that you don’t sag.
Now jump back into the crouch and jump up out of the crouch powerfully, stretching out your arms.
Cushion the jump well on landing and land as gently as possible. As soon as you are on the ground with both feet, you can do the exercise again. Repeat them quickly, but always with full-body tension.
Always make sure to do the exercise cleanly. It is better to take a short break when you are already exhausted and then do the exercise again correctly and with body tension.


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Morning Workout #6 – Superman


Morning Workout 6 - Superman


The back muscles are often neglected in training. This exercise effectively trains the back and also works the gluteal muscles. Perfect for a beautifully defined back and a firm bottom.


How to do the exercise:

Lie flat on your prone position on your mat. You stretch your arms and legs forwards or backwards.
Now slowly raise your arms and legs in a controlled manner at the same time. The buttocks are well tensed.
Hold the position for a moment, then lower your arms and legs back down.
Repeat the exercise several times.
Make sure that you always do the exercise slowly and fluently and never quickly. If you want to add a little variation to your training, you can also lift your arms and legs diagonally at the same time.


Morning Workout #6 – Butterfly sit-ups


Butterfly sit-ups

The last exercise works the abdominal muscles intensely. Especially your upper, but also the lower abdominal muscles are used in the butterfly sit-ups.


How to do the exercise:

Lie on your back on your mat. Bend your legs so that the soles of your feet are touching. Pull your feet a little towards your buttocks and bring your knees outwards. You should feel a slight stretch on the inside of your thigh.
You stretch your arms backwards.
Now tense your stomach tightly and lift your upper body, touching the ground in front of your feet with your hands.
Then come back down slowly and in a controlled manner to the starting position.
Repeat the exercise several times.
Make sure that you really do the movement with the strength of your abdominal muscles and do not work with too much momentum.


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Morning workout training plan


The training plan consists of the exercises described above. You do this for a certain number of seconds.
One exercise cycle of the entire exercise is one set for this morning’s workout. The training has a total of 3 sets and therefore lasts 12 minutes.

You can of course adapt the workout depending on your level of performance. Beginners may want to reduce the length of time an exercise is performed a little. On the other hand, advanced learners can even increase it.


After warming up, do this set of exercises three times:

  1. Lunge steps with knee raise: 30 seconds
  2. Up and Down Plank: 30 seconds
  3. Jump squats: 30 seconds
  4. Shoulder taps: 30 seconds
  5. Burpees: 30 seconds
  6. Superman: 30 seconds
  7. Butterfly Sit-Ups: 30 seconds
    Pause: 30 seconds

My Personal Conclusion and Recommendations

A crisp morning workout gives you an incredibly good start to the day. You start the day full of energy and the rest of the time you have your head free for other things because you have already ticked off the sport.

It’s also easy to incorporate a morning exercise routine. This helps you to train regularly, which is sure to have a very positive effect on your figure.
Have fun trying out the morning workout! If you are looking for a direct video guide, try Pamela Reif workout series with complete workout plans via clicking this link here.


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