Lose Belly Fat with Swimming? Fast and Easy way!


Losing belly fat with swimming is a sensible alternative if you like cold and refreshing water. Swimming is not only fun and helps to get rid of belly fat, but it also trains motor skills and gets the circulation going.


Lose belly fat with swimming – good reasons to go this route


Swimming is a sport that uses the whole body to full capacity. Full-body training consumes plenty of calories, and swimming becomes a recommended method for losing weight quickly.


Calories are consumed by exertion and exercise and by the organism itself, which maintains body temperature, should the water temperature be below 26 degrees.


Swimming belly how to lose weight faster
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A good reason to take the plunge into the cold water and lose weight through extensive swimming. Not only will the pounds fall off. Due to the “massage” of the water, the skin also tightens, and tension can be released.


Health is also beneficial if you want to lose weight with swimming.


When swimming, the stamina is significantly increased, and the cardiovascular system gets a lot going. The fat-burning rises rapidly.


Get into the pool and lose weight while swimming!


Obtain the necessary equipment such as a swimming cap, swimming trunks/swimming suit, and swimming goggles. Then the pounds can tumble in the cold water.


Lose Belly Fat With Swimming – But With Help!


Lose Belly Fat with Swimming


As with any other sport, it is advisable to see a doctor in advance. Despite the fact that swimming is a very low-risk sport, significantly overweight candidates and people with poor health should get the OK from a specialist.


In this way, risk factors can be excluded directly.

A swimming lesson is also essential to help you learn the correct technique. This is the only way to lose weight while swimming without overdoing it and then to fall into bed completely exhausted. The cost factor also plays a small role.


The equipment is not incredibly expensive. Swimming caps etc. cost only a few euros. If you want to lose weight in the long term by swimming, a season ticket in the outdoor/indoor pool cannot do any harm.


Try to encourage friends and acquaintances to practice this sport with you. In society, the fun factor increases, and weight loss is encouraged.


And above all: hold on and stay on the ball. Whoever wants to lose weight quickly has to maintain strict discipline. The progress will be felt quickly. Ambitious weight loss candidates can lose weight effectively and strengthen their bodies, especially with swimming.


Lose belly fat with the sport – swimming techniques

In principle, there are three different swimming techniques.

  • Crawl
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke

Swimmer Belly lose Fat with Swimming


Lose belly fat with swimming – the king’s discipline

With this swimming technique, you lie flat on the surface of the water. Your face points towards the pelvic floor. Freestyle swimming is the fastest variation of the swimming technique and burns the most calories.


Swim your laps in the pool at a brisk pace. You get the drive you need through the alternating flapping movement of your feet. Freestyle swimming is an easy sport to learn because it is derived indirectly from paddling (dogs, etc.).


For example, while schoolchildren in the USA learn to swim the Crawl first, the Breaststroke is taught in Europe at the beginning. When it comes to losing weight with the help of swimming, you can burn off most of the calories in a short amount of time while doing freestyle swimming.


The technique is exhausting, and you will quickly make the first progress in losing weight. Practice diligently, and the pounds will fall off.


Also, your stamina is increased considerably.


Lose belly fat by swimming: Freestyle swimming is extraordinarily effective and easy to learn.


Best advice from Ekaterina Avramova!

25 year old Bulgarian born swimmer, double Olympian, Turkish backstroke record holder. Ekaterina (or Katy) began swimming at 6 years old to overcome her fear of water. With an ex swimmer and water polo player for a mother, and a handball player for a father, Katy was destined to take up competitive sport.

losing weight with swimming

The most important tip is STRETCHING! No matter how hard you work in or out of the gym, you always have to find time to stretch after every session!


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Lose your Belly Fat with Swimming
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Breaststroke – especially easy to get started if you want to lose belly fat with swimming

This variant is perfect for beginners. Usually, when you learn to swim, you will be taught this technique first. While lying flat on the water, both arms are brought forward at the same time until the palms of the hands’ touch. Drift your body through the cold water in strong strokes.


The footwork also plays an important role. Parallel to the arm movement, the knees are drawn up to a 90-degree angle and then pushed off again.


In interaction with the arms, the breaststroke swimming technique is similar to the technique from the animal world (frog). Here, too, many-body muscles are trained, and breaststroke swimming is particularly easy to learn.


Beginners will find the ideal start here if they want to lose weight with swimming. Get the tickets for an outdoor/indoor pool (season ticket?) And start your personal weight loss program in the damp and cold water.


Swimming is a very good solution if you want to lose weight quickly.


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Backstroke – as opposed to breaststroke swimming in the losing weight category.

For the Backstroke, imagine simply swimming your Breaststroke while lying on your back. This technique is a little more challenging but easy to learn. The difference is in the footwork.


The arms are moved evenly in time, similar to the breaststroke swim. Here, however, the legs kick up and down like when crawling. Backstroke is basically a combination of Breaststroke and front Crawl, just on the back. There are minor deviations.


Some swimmers do not move their arms in the Backstroke as they do in the Breaststroke but paddle up and down similar to the Crawl. It’s best to find out for yourself which backstroke technique you can handle.


Here, too, as with the other techniques, losing weight with swimming is a sensible and effective solution to lose weight and get the organism going.


Lose Belly Fat With Swimming – Advice


For overweight people and people with a bad general condition, the first way is not to go to the outdoor/indoor pool but to see a trusted doctor. Safety comes first, and health should be checked. As soon as the doctor has given the OK, nothing stands in the way of starting swimming and losing weight.

Get Swimmer Belly Fast

Obtain the necessary swimming equipment. This includes a swimming cap (safety reasons for visibility), swimming trunks/swimsuit, and possibly swimming goggles. This also prevents the eyes from coming into contact with the chlorine, which disinfects the water.


If you are serious about losing weight by swimming, a season ticket is beneficial. This is how you save money. You might even find friends and acquaintances who want to go through with your weight loss program.


Get to know the swimming techniques. You will need some time to learn the techniques. Only with the right technique can you maximize your calorie consumption while losing weight with swimming.


Use all swimming techniques alternately. In this way, you use all the muscles of the body and additionally increase the effect.


Start small first. Do not overdo the sport or pump yourself to the point of complete exhaustion. Except for sore muscles, that doesn’t help much. Gradually increase your pace and the length of the swim distance.


In general, the motto is: only after a training session of more than 45 minutes does fat burning really start. Two to three units a week are sufficient to start with.


Stay on the ball and stick to your weight loss program. Losing belly fat with swimming is a really good, effective, and (unfortunately) little-used alternative to other sports.


Use the cool water and shape your dream figure.


Good luck and lose belly fat with swimming.