Leptin – The ultimate weight loss hormone



The hormone leptin is widely known when it comes to weight loss. Losing weight with Leptin is not a new trend, and many users are completely unaware of the importance of the hormone. As part of a leptin diet, many users have had positive experiences. Nevertheless, some principles apply in advance:


  • The leptin diet does not work for very high and persistent obesity
  • the diet must be changed in any case
  • with a constantly high intake of fat, the effect remains pointless


Hormone leptin – that’s what it’s all about

This hormone is made in the body’s own fat cells. In addition to regulating fat metabolism, Leptin also plays a key role in curbing appetite. Thanks to Leptin, the fat cells send the following message to the brain: We have enough energy reserves!


As a result, diet and a healthy dose of exercise are important in a leptin diet. The hormone is found in many dishes that will be shown later. A kind of chemical appetite suppressant is based on hormones, which is exactly what makes this hormone leptin.


Leptin needs an incentive to suppress the feeling of hunger. This can be perfect nutrition or stress in the form of sport and exercise. As soon as energy has to be released quickly, Leptin provides a boost and release of, for example, carbohydrates. However, if the body has “no tasks” and is only fed calorie bombs, this diet is of no use. So it’s the mix that makes the difference.


hormone leptin for weight loss


Leptin diet – this is how it works.

As already mentioned, Leptin signals the body to manage an immediate supply of energy. Because Leptin is a hormone in fat cells, there are now completely new possibilities. However, it must be clearly emphasized that the leptin diet only works for slim people and those who are slightly overweight. Being very overweight already has an effect of getting used to it.


An “incentive” is needed to allow the hormone leptin to work effectively. Signals are, for example, sport, exercise, and certain foods. Furthermore, there must not be any great excess weight. Anyone who only wants to work off one stomach and is otherwise relatively normal in proportion has a good chance of achieving the best results.


A healthy mixture of sport, exercise, and the observance of some important foods also melt the well-known “beer belly.” With the right attitude and some rules of conduct, real miracles can be achieved. By the way, there was an interesting study regarding the hormone leptin on rodents:


Try on rodents how a leptin supply can work.

  1. Rodent number 1 completed a fitness program
  2. Rodent number 2 received a constant intake of Leptin
  3. Rodent number 3 was given Leptin and a fitness program at the same time


The results were extraordinary and extremely interesting.


  1. Test animal 1 kept the weight constant.
  2. Test animal 2 even gained weight.
  3. Test animal 3 lost weight.


You can even occasionally sin and consume calorie bombs as part of a leptin diet. With sufficient food intake and extensive exercise and exercise, you will lose weight quickly and effectively.


To get back to the point: benefit from the hormone leptin through your food intake and, at the same time, exercise regularly. This method is very effective and, above all, natural and healthy for your body.


weight loss leptin


Where Leptin will hardly be of any use!

If you don’t feel like exercising and eating and regularly eat fast food and calorie bombs, you can take as much Leptin as you want. But it won’t do any good. Leptin needs an incentive to optimize and even switch off the feeling of hunger. Only those who feel full can resist temptation.


  • Moderate exercise is an absolute must.
  • Foods rich in Leptin make sense.
  • Food supplements with Leptin are useful.
  • obesity and chronic malnutrition are less beneficial.


How leptin works (effects) in the body

The hormone leptin was only discovered in 1994 and examined very extensively in a study in 2013. This endogenous substance is one of the “trendsetters” and creates completely new possibilities. There used to be a lot of appetite suppressants in artificial and chemical forms. In the last few years, researchers discovered that users can easily regulate the body itself: thanks to the hormone leptin.


Leptin is secreted by the fat cells, and the brain signals the hormone to work.


  • User is hungry.
  • User is fed up.


With a high percentage of body fat, the percentage of Leptin in the blood is also higher. Leptin suppresses the feeling of hunger when an incentive is created. The hormone also regulates the metabolism of fats. The problem is known as follows: when users lose weight or start a diet, the leptin level in the body drops rapidly.


  • The less Leptin in the body, the higher the feeling of hunger.


What other properties does Leptin have as a messenger substance in the body?


  1. Regulation of fat burning.
  2. Creation of a feeling of satiety.
  3. Metabolism stabilization.
  4. Burning fat for energy.


In principle, people who want to lose weight and are interested in the leptin diet have to influence the leptin level. It is best when leptin levels are kept constant through injections, food intake, or other factors. Here you will lose weight without your brain signaling a lack of calories.


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Food for burning fat and an incentive for Leptin

  • fish
  • nuts
  • coffee
  • Green tea
  • avocado
  • cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • broccoli
  • Eggs
  • sauerkraut
  • vinegar


In this sense, these foods do not contain the hormone leptin but stimulate it in a natural way. This is where fat burning can really begin!


Fish for the Leptin Diet

  • Salmon, sardines, mackerel, and anchovies


Seafood and fish are known to be very healthy foods. Few calories and a lot of iodine support the body optimally for internal processes in the context of fat regulation and digestion. Also, these foods contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which also play an important role.


These have the positive property of inhibiting inflammation. Leptin also gets its money’s worth here because a feeling of satiety quickly arises with less food intake. Alternatively, it also makes sense to artificially absorb these valuable fatty acids (salmon oil capsules, etc.). In any case, fish and seafood are always a good choice and boost the hormone leptin.


Green tea and coffee for a leptin diet

Not for everyone, but coffee and green tea boost your metabolism. In addition, the energy consumption is increased for a short time. The ingredient caffeine makes its contribution. You will naturally feel more alert and alert. You will also be able to call up more performance after consuming coffee and green tea for a short time.


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green weight loss coffee


It cannot be denied that coffee stimulates the metabolism and even slightly suppresses the feeling of hunger (effect of Leptin). However, constant consumption creates a habituation effect that gradually slows down the stimulation of metabolism. Nevertheless, it makes sense to consume these foods because blood sugar (energy) is also regulated.


Of course, the hormone leptin also works here, even though coffee and green tea do not contain fats in this sense. Leptin is a hormone in fat cells.


Leptin and Weight Loss – Nuts as an Important Factor

  • Almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews


A small! But a daily serving of nuts increases the leptin level in the body. This, in turn, results in a feeling of satiety quickly. However, users should not overdo it and consume one can of nuts daily. A small handful of this every day has been shown to increase the leptin level and help against feeling hungry.


Fats are abundant in nuts. That much is a fact. So a lot of calories are offered here too. In small amounts, however, completely unproblematic because this is how the hormone leptin can really come into its own. Many vegetable proteins and natural anti-oxidants also make an important contribution to natural health.


Under no circumstances should you do without some nuts as part of a diet, as this can prevent deficiency symptoms. Many nuts are good choices for keeping the body’s leptin levels high. But please, no canned salted peanuts!


Coconut milk and Leptin? Why is it?

This is about quick energy production and especially the setting of a feeling of satiety. Besides, coconut milk contains medium-sized MCT fats (triglycerides), which guarantees an even faster supply of energy. What are the consequences? Quite simply, thanks to the brain, the hormone leptin recognizes all the faster that the connoisseur is actually full. A few sips of coconut milk (natural) works wonders and regulates the feeling of hunger.


Cauliflower for the Leptin Diet

Basically, it is about a supply or constant level of the hormone leptin. After all, a healthy leptin level ensures that users are satisfied faster and consequently eat fewer calories. Many vitamins, fiber, and vital substances fill the stomach despite minimal calories. Leptin can really work here and do its job.


Getting full and consuming as few calories as possible: that is the principle of the Leptin Diet. Leptin also ensures constant regulation of fat metabolism and prevents cravings.


  • Cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts


Eggs as part of a leptin supply

Eggs also help burn fat. This is ensured by acetylcholine and other important active ingredients. Chicken products are a valuable source of protein and indispensable, even when dieting. Also, eggs are one of the important alternatives to the low carb method (low carb: diet with as few carbohydrates as possible). Leptin and a fat-burning promotion are key features of these important foods.


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Sauerkraut for a Leptin Diet?

This food is made from the best lactic acid bacteria that promote your intestinal flora and fat burning. The hormone leptin comes into its own here because herbs quickly create a feeling of satiety. In addition, all sorts of other important nutrients are contained in sauerkraut and kimchi.


  • Lactic acid bacteria
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C to a large extent


Even if sauerkraut may not be one of your favorite dishes, it is definitely worth consuming. Fresh sauerkraut contains hardly any calories, is very healthy, and stimulates Leptin as an appetite suppressant.


  • Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries


… are also useful helpers that also taste delicious. These fruits keep the leptin level at a constant level and curb the feeling of hunger.


The ellagic acid in these fruits is responsible for keeping the leptin level high.


Adding vinegar for the leptin level

Vinegar as part of a diet with the hormone leptin in mind? Sounds a little daring at first, but has its deserved justification.


  • Calories in vinegar are not stored as fat but as muscle glycogen.


As a result, the values ​​of the pancreas improve. In return, and as a result, fat burning can really start. When the hormone leptin level in the fat stores is at a good level, you will quickly get rid of belly fat, and other problem areas will also be tackled.


Furthermore, vinegar (in whatever form) reduces the absorption of insulin with every meal. To boost Leptin’s fat burning and effects by simply refining your salad with vinegar instead of dressing.


This is what a skilled leptin plan looks like

In no case does it make sense to take too few carbohydrates into the body. A feeling of satiety only occurs when the blood sugar level is satisfied. But you can easily fall back on alternatives.


  • Leptin and insulin are very similar and affect blood sugar levels


The combination of:


  1. A healthy diet that is balanced and contains all the nutrients.
  2. A mixture between low carb and “normal” carbohydrates.
  3. Lots of sport and exercise.


If carbohydrates are concerned, then “complicated” carbohydrates. Whole grain bread, for example, is difficult for the body to break down and filter out the nutrients. This requires energy, and at the same time, fat is burned. Leptin can develop here and show its full effect.


The body always requires carbohydrates. However, the quick effect evaporates too quickly, and the blood sugar level drops back down quite quickly.


weight loss diet


Conclusion on the hormone leptin when dieting

Leptin is a hormone in the fat cells and regulates the feeling of satiety to a certain extent. With the above foods, you can contribute to keeping the leptin level constant. Only with a high level of Leptin does the body signal a feeling of satiety.


Basically, people who want to lose weight with the hormone leptin as a helper should do a lot of sport, eat good food and find the right balance between low carb and a normal diet.


Eliminating carbohydrates completely is the wrong way to go. The reduction makes sense, and the leptin principle can be increased by taking into account the foods mentioned above.