Why is Keravita Pro the best care solution for your beautiful skin, hair, and nails


Our nails are strong – but also small divas at the same time. They need attention to avoid becoming brittle and unsightly.


Keravita PRO is the best supplement for your hands, hair, and skin – well-shaped nails make a good impression in all situations. They should be shiny and have a rosy shimmer, so they look particularly healthy and natural. But winter is bothering them. Nails consist of dead, hardened skin cells, the horn, or keratin. They contain next to no fat and cannot regulate their moisture balance themselves. Warm air inside and cold air outside – this not only dries out the skin but also the nails. They become brittle faster and can then bind even less water. They break more easily, tear, and can become blunt.


Pay attention to your fingernails.


  1.  Apply cream to your hands more frequently in winter and always massage some cream into the edges of the nails.
  2.  Never leave the house without gloves in the cold.
  3.  When choosing gloves, rely on natural materials such as wool or leather or breathable high-tech materials.

Nylon fibers remove additional moisture from the skin and nails – this could result in split ends.


In the cold season with little sun, the speed of growth of the nails also slows down. The nail plate then has to withstand the daily stresses longer than in summer. Increasing age also has a retarding influence on nail growth.

Tip:  Even if it looks less elegant – those who file their nails short have fewer problems with split ends and nail breakage. A nail-hardening clear coat can also give the nails a little reinforcement.


Nails, Hair and Skin need nutrients

Deficiency symptoms caused by an unbalanced diet can also be felt in the nails. For example, in brittle nails, there is usually a deficit of sulfur, one of the elementary components of our nail plate. It holds the individual horny layers of the nail plate together and improves their elasticity. Good natural sources of sulfur include nuts and eggs, broccoli, avocados, onions, and garlic.

Silicon, for example, from silica, is also a central component of the nail plate. It has a strengthening effect. Top sources of silica are fresh nettle juice, potatoes with their peel (the silica is in the peel), oat flakes, brown rice, millet, and, above all, brown millet. The pure and 100% natural source that can effectively help you support your nails, hair, and your general health and even enhance your mood – try Keravita PRO 😉 


Keravita PRO for nails and hair


Five quick hand care tips

1.  If possible, apply some moisturizing hand care to your hands after each hand wash to keep the skin barrier intact. Creams with aloe vera, shea butter, and jojoba oil are good.

2.  Once a week, bathe your hands in a hand bath of warm water with a dash of cream and a tablespoon of jojoba oil. This is good for the skin and nails.

3.  Protect your hands when handling detergents and cleaning agents by wearing gloves. Then they don’t dry out so easily.

4.  Treat yourself to a hand mask every two weeks: massage your hands thickly with nourishing hand cream, put on cotton gloves, and leave on overnight.

5.  Do hand gymnastics every day: play the piano in the air, knead a softball.



Nail care made easy.

With the right care, we can support the nails’ suppleness and prevent nail splits and breakage. The perfect manicure for healthy, supple natural nails is very easy.


Step 1:   Remove old nail polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetone is very aggressive and can make the nails brittle.

Step 2:   Soak your fingertips for ten minutes in lukewarm water with a dash of olive oil. This softens the cuticle and, at the same time, improves its suppleness thanks to the oil.

Step 3:   Gently push back the soaked cuticle with a rosewood stick. Never cut – an injured cuticle offers bacteria and germs a perfect entry point.

Step 4:  After the nail bath, let the nails dry well before shaping them. But do not cut it. Anyone who is already struggling with cracked and brittle nails only exacerbates the problem. Because scissors put a lot of pressure on the entire nail, tiny cracks can arise that make the nails even more brittle. It is better to shape your nails with a file – preferably made of glass or sandpaper.


Important:  Do not move the file back and forth at random, but always file the nails in one direction. So-called mineral files should help to seal the nail edge and thus effectively prevent split ends.


Step 5:  Finally, bring the nails to a shine with a polishing file. This not only makes them shine wonderfully but also removes small bumps that can also promote cracked nails – and saves the clear coat.


If you often struggle with split ends, you can also apply a clear strengthening coat. Let the paint dry well. Only then apply lotion to your hands. Massage some cream into the edges of the nail as well.


Nail changes - and what they mean


Nail changes – and what they mean

  • White spots on the nails: They are mostly harmless, resulting from a small nail injury from an improper manicure. Usually, it grows out on its own.
  • Black spot under the nail: this is usually harmless. If the discoloration persists for more than four weeks, you should see a non-medical practitioner or a dermatologist. In very rare cases, it is a tumor.
  • Yellowish or brown thickened nails: These are typical of advanced fungal nail disease. But also, psoriasis on the nails manifests itself in this way. Show it to your naturopath or a dermatologist.
  • Redness and/or purulent nail edges: These are possible signs of an inflammation of the nail bed. You shouldn’t tinker with it yourself but rather ask your naturopath for advice.
  • Spoon nails: Inwardly shaped fingernails indicate iron deficiency.


8 foods for beautiful skin, hair, and nails


In addition to the Keravita PRO, diet also has a major influence on skin, hair, and nails: These eight regional foods ensure a beautiful complexion, healthy hair, and nails.


Keravita PRO for beautiful nails and hair


Food for beautiful skin: carrots

Everyone knows carrots – the fact that they are also good for the eyes is nothing new. But did you know that they are good for your skin and hair? Starting with vitamin A – Carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene. This vitamin is important for the function and structure of the skin. It protects the skin from DNA damage that can occur, for example, from the sun.


Deficiency of Vitamin A can lead to hair loss, dry skin, dry hair, and nails. Besides, vitamin A ensures the incorporation of iron, which is also important for the skin.

Men need about 1.0 milligrams a day, and women an average of 0.8 milligrams of vitamin A – this amount is already in one large carrot. Another plus point for the food for beautiful skin: carrots grow regionally in Germany from March to December.


Walnuts: biotin, vitamin E and omega-3

Walnuts are not only yum yum, but they are also really healthy: They contain biotin, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Biotin is also called vitamin H and not without reason: It is important for the skin, hair, and nails structure. A biotin deficiency can lead to skin disorders, hair loss, brittle nails, and poor wound healing. The body needs around 30 to 60 micrograms a day. 100 grams of walnuts contain around 20 micrograms, which does not cover the entire daily requirement, but it also includes the content of other foods that you eat each day.


Walnuts natural supplement for nails


Also, walnuts can score with other important nutrients: Vitamin E protects the body cells through its antioxidant effect. If we don’t get enough vitamin E, the skin can become dry, blotchy, and wrinkled. Depending on gender and age, the body needs between five and 13 milligrams per day. 100 grams of walnuts contain around 6 milligrams. Walnuts are very high in fat. They contain the essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are also said to affect the skin positively.


Water: Vital for your skin

The human body consists to a large extent of water – in adulthood, 50 to 60 percent, with increasing age the proportion drops to 45 percent. It explains why the skin becomes drier with age. In the body, water ensures the transport of nutrients to the cells and maintains the turgor – the state of tension in the skin.


30 Day Challenge 2


A feeling of thirst is already an expression of a negative water balance. So when you’re thirsty, it’s high time you got a drink. Instead of soft drinks, coffee, or juice, water is the best choice. The good thing about water? You already have it in your house, and with the right filter, you can drink it without hesitation.

If you are unsure whether your tap water is really safe, you can test it yourself. You can order water tests online for little money.


Pumpkin seeds: zinc and iron

Pumpkin seeds contain zinc. A trace element is important for the immune system and the formation of connective tissue. Zinc is also involved in protein synthesis – without zinc, no skin cells and no hair are formed. It has a great impact on wound healing. The consequences of a deficiency can be torn corners of the mouth, poor wound healing, hair loss, and brittle nails. One hundred grams of pumpkin seeds contain seven milligrams of zinc – this corresponds to the recommended daily amount for women and ten milligrams for men.


Pumpkin seeds


Another important nutrient found in pumpkin seeds is iron: Iron’s main job is to transport oxygen in the blood. As part of the blood pigment hemoglobin, iron brings oxygen to every cell. Insufficient iron absorption leads to pale skin, skin diseases, hair loss, brittle nails, cracked corners of the mouth, and dry skin are also possible. 

TIP: Pumpkin seeds are among the front runners in iron-containing foods, with 12.5 milligrams of iron per 100 grams.



Food for beautiful hair, skin and nails: black currants

Blackcurrants are especially rich in vitamin C. Vitamin is not only important for the immune system. Thanks to its antioxidant effect, it protects the cells against aging processes. For example, it is important for the build-up of collagen, which is a component of skin, hair, and nails. Vitamin C is also important for the optimal absorption of iron. A lack of vitamin C can lead to poor wound healing and bleeding of the skin.


With a content of 177 milligrams, black currants are real vitamin C bombs after rose hips and sea buckthorn. Just 100 grams of black currants can cover the daily requirement. However, they are best eaten raw, as vitamin C is very sensitive to heat. The blackberries also contain iron and potassium – potassium is important for the tissue tension of the body cells and the water balance. Unfortunately, the food for beautiful hair is only in season in summer.


black currants and lentils


Lentils: protein supplier for skin, hair, and nails

Lentils are a good source of protein. Did you know that protein is the key element in every one of our cell? It ensures the structure and maintenance of skin, hair, and nails – nothing works without protein. If there is a deficiency, the connective tissue slackens, and wounds heal poorly.


Dried lentils contain around 24 grams of protein, cooked it is still around nine grams. The body can particularly absorb the protein if you combine lentils with other protein sources – for example, lentil Bolognese with whole wheat pasta. Lentils also contain biotin, vitamin E, iron, zinc, and magnesium. 


Spinach: vitamins A, C, and biotin 

Most of us heard that spinach is healthy rightly so because it contains many minerals, vitamins, and protein.



Even if it is often claimed that spinach contains a lot of iron, it does not come close to the content of pumpkin seeds at three to four milligrams per 100 grams. But spinach contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and biotin and is, therefore, healthy and regional food for beautiful skin, hair, and nails.


Oatmeal: nutrient bomb for breakfast

Oatmeal is rich in zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, and biotin, and they are also a good source of protein. A Bowl of oatmeal for breakfast will provide your skin, hair, and nails with plenty of nutrients in the morning. You can combine porridge for breakfast very well with pumpkin seeds and walnuts – this is how the effects add up. In summer, you can also refine it with black currants.

Mixed with green smoothies will boost your energy much faster. Here are the top 5 reasons why more and more women are using green smoothies to lose weight, boost energy and look years younger!


Oatmeal smoothies


Food for beautiful skin, hair, and nails

A healthy and varied diet with lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grain products, legumes, nuts, seeds, and kernels is good for the body. Daily stress also has a strong influence on the body, so sufficient sleep, relaxation, exercise, and mindfulness in everyday life are important components for beauty. Environmental factors such as pollutants also influence: Therefore, it is better to use organic quality food, as it contains fewer pollutants.

However, one should be careful with food supplements because an overdose of some nutrients can negatively affect health: For example, an overdose of vitamin A can cause headaches, skin changes, jaundice, and liver failure. The best supplement for nails and hair on the market is Keravita PRO.

You can watch also the video presentation here.


Keravita Pro nails and hair


Did you know…

  • …that our fingernails grow three to four times as fast as our toenails?
  • …that our nails grow up to 25 percent faster than they did 70 years ago thanks to better nutrition?
  • …that the nails of the middle finger grow fastest?
  • …that our fingernails grow 28 meters in the course of our lives?
  • …that hair and fingernails are made of the same material, namely keratin?