How to perfectly combine nutrients? This simple nutritional trick will help you to lose body fat.


How to perfectly combine nutrients? A very simple nutritional trick from the masters. Protein + fat = good? Fat + carbohydrates = bad?


It will help you if you want to lose body fat.


If you only read one sentence in this article, then this one:


When fat and carbs come your way hand-in-hand, get on with it.


That’s it.


Protein and carbohydrates

Perfectly combine nutrients – Protein and carbohydrates is okay

Chop suey is an excellent example of the protein + carb combo.


When I was studying, the Asian man was always the first address for me when I wanted to define my body.


It was not even ten years ago.


Back then, we were pretty paranoid about the fat content of our meals.


Today we know more.


I spent most of my time overseas at the time. On my university’s campus in America, there was a Chinese where a man’s potion cost 2 dollars.


A gift.


Protein and fat

Perfectly combine nutrients – Protein and fat is okay.

Omelets are a tasty way to combine protein + fat.


As long as you don’t eat them on toast or brown bread, you can lose weight with them.


When you eat carbohydrates, your body releases insulin and switches from fat-burning mode to storage mode.


That’s why the following combination is also the best way to store fat quickly.


Carbohydrates and fat

Perfectly combine nutrients – Carbohydrates and fat? Big No!

If you want to lose fat, you want to eat things like pizza as little as possible.


It’s not like you’re throwing all your weight loss plans over the top with a pizza.


Let me put it this way: Groceries like salmon rolls, croissants, pizza, hamburgers, etc., make it take you longer to get to your destination.


It’s just easier if you stick to foods that make it harder for you to store fat.


You can take this Quiz to find out more about your daily food habits.


And these are foods that essentially provide the energy from one of these two combinations:




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