5 Tips For Stress-Free Home Office Lifestyle


„Home Office”. This term will probably forever be directly associated with Corona. Whether it’s work, school, or university – most of us have had to get used to doing it at home in the last few months, willy-nilly.


Exceptions are, of course, those who continued to go to work every day – especially those in systemically important professions – to make their contribution to society in these crazy times.


Everyone who, like me, has done their work from home in the last few months (or, in my case, at university) knows the problem: tasks, projects, deadlines…


Home Office morning wake up


Sometimes it gets too much, and you’re about to go crazy? 


In any case, I have experienced moments like this quite often this semester. It feels like an essay, or a project has to be handed in every week, and when I think I’ve done everything and can take a deep breath, the next professor comes around the corner with a new task. Look familiar?


Then, by all means, read on! Whether professors, teachers, bosses, or colleagues – no matter who stresses you.


With these 5 tips, you can easily get through the week in your home office.


organization in home office


#1 – Home office organization is everything. 

Ironically, this tip comes from me, of all people – I’m chaos personified, after all. But when it comes to my studies, I’m surprisingly organized. At the beginning of the semester, I got myself a calendar in which I entered all the tasks and deadlines for the entire 16 weeks, sorted by subject. I also bought a college notebook divided into different “departments.”


These are in different colors marked. I have assigned a color to each issue (there are 4 for me this year) and written my notes in the appropriate section of the college pad. That way, I don’t get confused, and I know exactly where to find the notes on which subject.


I can work so much better and more structured because I don’t have to fight my way through a loose-leaf collection (like I did at school… shame on me). In addition, the documents look much better.


#2 – To-Do Lists = Satisfaction Level 1000

You know that deeply satisfying feeling when you can cross items off your to-do list at the end of the day? No? Then it’s high time to start listing! I promise you, and it feels insanely good. To me, to-do lists are like visual evidence of success.


When I look at a to-do list on which all items are crossed out and have a tick behind them, an absolute feeling of happiness spreads through me. Finally done everything, now I’ve earned the end of the day!


To do list planning


As far as my university is concerned, I have sworn by to-do lists since this semester. As I already told you in point 1, each subject is assigned a color. I draw bullet points in the respective colors on my calendar and list the upcoming tasks for the associated subject’s upcoming weekly (or sometimes daily) tasks.


The calendar has small boxes at the back in which you can tick when the respective point has been completed. When I’ve completed a task, I cross out the entire item, paint a bold green tick over it with my highlighter (so that the finished item really stands out) and put another smaller tick in the box at the back. It just screams, “DONE, DONE, DONE!” 


Such a great feeling – try it out!


#3 – Allow yourself small breaks

This is a tip that primarily goes to me. Because I am, and always have been, super bad at taking breaks. Even at school, I would often spend the 5 minutes between classes (or even the 45 minutes between morning and afternoon classes) doing my homework because I just wanted to get it out of my head.


Sure, I had free time after school, but I spent too often sleeping. No wonder! If you don’t take breaks, you will eventually be exhausted and no longer able to perform. I’ve noticed this repeatedly in the past few months in my home office: I have to give myself a break from time to time.


Once I’m sitting on my homework, I often work on it for hours until my concentration is at 0. Sometimes I don’t even get up in the evening to turn on the light for a moment, and then at some point, I realize that I’ve been sitting in the dark for hours – often only when my mother comes home and turns the light switch.


home office small breaks


There’s usually not even time for a pee break when I’m really focused. I always want to have everything done so that I can relax afterward. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you should work just like me to be able to take breaks – without a guilty conscience.


It doesn’t have to be hours. Drinking coffee or eating something comfortably for 10 minutes without hanging in front of the PC can work wonders. Some people swear by yoga to relax in between. This should help you calm down, forget all your stress, and then go back to work with a clear head.


I found the most helpful meditation program for home and office here. I am using it myself almost every day because time is lately not my best friend and it calms me down and helps refresh my mind in no time 😉


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#4 – Fresh air, stretching, and drink, drink, drink.

Another tip that I should heed more myself. As we “lately” stay indoors anyway and then, we also spend hours at my computer thanks to the home office.


With insufficient oxygen supply, low fluid balance, and lack of exercise, headaches, and tension are inevitable. To counteract this as best as possible, it is important to air the room from time to time.


Or stand by the window and take a few deep breaths in and out. Or uses one of the breaks suggested in the previous tip to go for a walk. This way, you can clear your head and, at the same time, supply your body with oxygen. 


A lack of oxygen leads to poor concentration and tiredness

Two things that we absolutely cannot use at work.


Also important: drink a lotOf course, water or tea is best, but it can also be a juice or a cola (hello caffeine!). I almost always go for the former because I feel the best hydrated with plain water. The rest of my daily hydration comes from coffee, which has become a kind of elixir of life for me. You can complete this water test to find out more about your hydrating habits.


Now you have already increased your oxygen saturation and are sufficiently hydrated – perfect if it weren’t for those stupid tensions! I keep noticing how my muscles harden when I sit in front of the computer for too long. The neck and back suffer as a result. This is mainly due to incorrect posture. Especially at home, where nobody is watching us, we often adopt a hunchbacked stance. We then crouch in front of the computer rather than sitting.


Office breaks and stretching


Try to pay attention to it and every time you catch yourself doing it, straighten up and sit up straight. I’m doing this right this second, and frighteningly, the right healthy posture feels super awkward and wrong compared to the hump. Of course, it’s more comfortable – after all, it doesn’t require any concentration or self-discipline because it has become my normal posture.


This is not good! Everyone who recognizes themselves should try to take a straight posture right now and pay attention to it in the future – our bodies will thank us for it. I am using YouTube videos from Pamela Reif to bring my body in shape 😉 You can check my results and review in this article.


Until we get used to it, we will certainly be tense from time to time.


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This is where stretching helps. 

Just like when you wake up in the morning, stretching is also good in the middle of the day.


After sitting in front of the computer for a long time, just let go of the mouse, stretch your arms in the air and push them towards the ceiling as far as you can. Then to the side to stretch your shoulders and very far forward to relieve your back.


Believe me: A little stretching session is really good in between. You can check my article about a short, 15 minutes home workout to boost your energy and bring your home office concentration back.



#5 – Enough is enough

At some point, that’s enough. That’s the motto for so many things in life and applies perfectly to the home office. Become comfortable with the idea that you can’t do everything in one day. Of course, it would be great to be through with everything on Monday evening and to be able to take the rest of the week off.


But that’s not possible in most cases. Either there is too much to do, or something new is added every day anyway. So we have to work through the tasks every day – and that’s a good thing.


Because if you try to pack tasks for a week in 24 hours, you will surely go crazy at some point.


Getting comfortable in the office


My tips are intended to protect you from this – so take this to heart and stop when you have completed your daily goals. Yes, sometimes it goes faster than expected, and then, of course, it’s absolutely fine to tackle one of the tasks for the next few days.


But at some point, it’s enough, and enough is enough. After a busy day, allow yourself some rest, make yourself something delicious to eat, and snuggle up on the couch, in bed, or end the evening with your loved ones. Maybe you know that feeling at the end of the day of not having done enough.


I’ve had this many times, but (and that brings us back to tip 2) my beloved to-do lists help me get rid of this feeling. When I look at it and see that most of it is ticked off, I feel productive and proud of myself.


This is exactly what we should aim for:


At the end of the day, being proud of ourselves for doing our best.



Those were my 5 tips against going crazy in the home office


It doesn’t matter whether you work from home, have school or university: take them to heart. If you noticed when reading individual tips: “Hey, I have the same problem,” then try to work on exactly that.


The last three tips, in particular, are some that I should follow more often myself. So let’s try together to make the best of the situation, not go crazy, and get out of the home office as relaxed as possible. We’ll come out at some point – after all, it’s Pfitzer’s turn ( *no advertising, I think we all follow the news ).


But, if you like to relax and you are a bit familiar with meditation, you should definitely try the Ennora programs. Simply listen through your headphones and relax.


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