Cardio training – Why does endurance training help you lose weight (despite all prophecies of doom)


Can you lose weight with endurance training?


You are probably familiar with statements like these.


“Interval training is 9 times better for burning fat than endurance training.”


“Cardio is a waste of time. It’s all about nutrition.”


“In high-intensity workouts, you burn the most calories post-workout.”


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Each of these statements is misleading!


Cardio has gotten a pretty bad rap over the last few years.


There are only a few who, for example, defend long-distance running as “figure makers.” We stand out from those who brand endurance training as a waste of time.


Endurance sports help you to lose fat – if you use them strategically right.


Endurance training helps you lose weight


Why “classic” endurance training helps you lose weight

Imagine you want to lose weight and…


  • You train very intensively.
  • You’re pretty far down on the calories.
  • 3-5 kilos of fat separate you from your dream body. (6-10 pounds)


What can you do? What is the solution? How do you reach your goal?


  •       More high-intensity training? At a certain point, you overwhelm your body, and you end up overtraining. counterproductive.
  •       Eat even less? At a certain point, it becomes a starvation diet. More than counterproductive.


Endurance sports can then be the crucial key in your fitness toolbox.


Cardio training helps you to get rid of the last fat deposits


How cardio training helps you to get rid of the last fat deposits

Please don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that endurance training should be your number one priority when it comes to losing weight.


Of course, you should already have laid the foundation:


  1. You are in control of your diet.
  2. You train with heavy weights.
  3. After the strength workout, you do HIIT training.


…and if you then come to a plateau and the fat loss doesn’t go any further …


THEN low-intensity cardio is ONE way to get past that plateau.


You can sprinkle it in for 6-8 weeks to eliminate the last stubborn fat deposits.


Yes, it’s true – some people can quickly reduce their body fat percentage without cardio training.


Every human being is wired differently. There are always exceptions; some people just got lucky with their metabolic type.


Classic endurance training vs. HIIT


Classic endurance training vs. HIIT – which is better?

Both methods have their place. The following studies are mostly cited in connection with HIIT, which are intended to prove that HIIT is superior to “relaxed” cardio training.


  •       The 1994 Tremblay study is cited in most articles on HIIT and even in the Wikipedia entry on High-Intensity Interval Training. The authors conclude that HIIT is up to 9 times more effective at fat loss than regular endurance training. On closer inspection, however, this interpretation is misleading. It can also be concluded from the study that the test subjects lost five times as much weight with endurance training as with HIIT.


  •       The 1996 Tabata study is the second body of scientific evidence often cited to show that HIIT is better than cardiovascular exercise. A closer reading of the study reveals that Tabata did not examine the subjects’ fat loss, only their aerobic capacity (VO2 max). 


Interestingly, the comparison group achieved a higher VO2 max than the HIIT group through regular cardio training.


I don’t mean to badmouth HIIT.


On the contrary.


In my opinion, HIIT training is and remains a very effective and, above all, time-saving training method. HIIT has its place in our fitness toolbox.


Just as “classic” endurance training can be very effective. Especially when losing weight.


Weight loss training makes sense


Endurance training ONLY makes sense if you…

This point is important if you want to eliminate the last stubborn body fat.


Please, please, please – train sober!


So either first thing in the morning before breakfast – or after your strength workout.


You can take it easy, even walking on the treadmill or in the fresh air is okay. Take 30-45 minutes for your “strategic” endurance training.


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Digression: Why are the last fat deposits so stubborn?


  • They are more sensitive to insulin. This means that they store fat more easily when there is an excess of energy when there is insulin in the blood.
  • They are less sensitive to adrenaline and “reluctantly” shed the fat.
  • You have poor blood circulation.


Your adrenaline levels spike when you do low-intensity cardio on an empty stomach. Since you haven’t had breakfast, your insulin level remains low simultaneously.


So not only do bodybuilders get to crack the last fat deposits before the competition. You can too.


Fat loss training Conclusion


Endurance sports – Conclusion

I hope I was able to dispel some myths and put the discredited “classic” endurance training back in perspective.


Cardio training is ONE way you can use to lose weight. For me, a 45-minute relaxed cardio workout also has something meditative about it. I either listen to music, or I love listening to audiobooks that interest me.


Also, I often look at the clock after 30-45 minutes – surprised that my training time is already over.


Fitness blogger legend Rusty Moore has developed an excellent endurance training program for fat loss with Visual Impact Cardio. Maybe it’s something for you.


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