Daily Greens Juices In The Test: Green Smoothies For Weight Loss

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“Rachel, what do you think of vegetable powders? Green smoothies and Daily Greens juices? Did you do a green smoothies test or would you do that?” asks a reader.


Now the green powder has reached us too. People talk about it and drink it. Many conjure up that it works miracles.


What’s on the hype?


I am skeptical for two reasons. First:


There are no superfoods with a “addressees “- label in my world.


Second, such products are usually advertised in a way that prevents me from buying: “Fast! Order now! As long as stocks last!”


Of course, companies have to advertise their product, but above all, they should keep their advertising promises. So how good is the green powder really?


The Daily Greens or Organifi weight loss juice prices are less than $2 per day – as much as a cappuccino. With that, you know what you get. Is the investment also worthwhile for Daily Greens or Organifi?


The “Greens Superfoods “product category is much younger than, for example, protein powder. I noticed how confusing the offer there is already. 


Superfood or hype? 5 Facts in 7 minutes

The reading time for this article is 7 minutes. Find out what’s really behind it:


Topic Overview

  • What is a “Greens Superfood?
  • What distinguishes greens from multivitamin tablets?
  • Do greens make sense if you eat a lot of vegetables anyway?
  • What are the advantages and risks?
  • Daily Greens and Organifi in a comparison test


I read about Organifi for the first time in 2015. Tim Ferriss recommends it for daily use and says: “I want to perform optimally every day. Organifi supports my basic care when I am on the go and cannot do it any other way through whole foods during the day.”


I like Tim’s books. They make you want something new. 


Okay, let’s close this gap now.


What is a "Greens Superfood?

1,  What is a Daily “Greens Superfood?

“Superfood” sounds like a superhero. However, you shouldn’t let that blind you.


Superfood is a pure marketing – term.


Manufacturers call their products “Superfoods” to highlight plant food’s alleged health benefits.


Superfood is, therefore, neither a scientific vocabulary nor used in research. The term is controversial because it says little about the quality of the end product.


Unlike in other nations, food in the US and EU may only be sold as “Superfood” if there is scientific evidence of its effectiveness.


Greens are plant-based foods that are dried and processed into powder, tablets, or capsules.


They usually contain ingredients such as wheat grass, alfalfa, spirulina, and vegetables. Often fruits, probiotic microorganisms, vitamins, and minerals contain.


Manufacturers advertise greens products as an easy way to increase the micronutrient density of the diet in the form of vegetables.


According to the manufacturers, the high number of nutrients contained in the powder can support the daily nutrient supply even if you are already eating a lot of vegetables.


Many products also contain healthy fats, dietary fiber, and proteins in a ratio corresponding to raw materials.


Organifi and Daily Greens powders are marketed as an exceptionally high-quality product that particularly appeals to athletes because it is intended to cover the increased micronutrient requirements of an athlete. The price is higher than that of its alternatives.


Key facts – Greens Superfood

“Greens” powders are natural food supplements made from herbal ingredients that are produced by drying.

The term “superfood” is a pure marketing label intended to indicate alleged health benefits.


What is the difference between Daily Greens and multivitamin tablets

2,  What is the difference between Daily Greens and multivitamin tablets?


Multivitamin is an essential food supplement with vitamins and minerals. Not every product contains all of these micronutrients. For example, iron is often not buried.


Multivitamins: Tablets usually contain almost all essential micronutrients in different doses.


Multivitamin preparations are made differently than Greens products. This also differentiates in their composition.


While multivitamin tablets usually contain chemically synthesized isolates, greens are a concentrated form of whole foods. 


The example of vitamin C illustrates the difference:


  •       Synthetic vitamins: The micronutrients contained in multivitamin preparations are produced under laboratory conditions. Vitamin C is only, in its pure form, as ascorbic acid.
  •       Natural vitamins: A plant like broccoli or cabbage produces vitamins based on the chaotic principle. Your metabolism produces the vitamins from other micronutrients and consumes them again. Therefore, vitamin C is never only available in its pure form for a complex natural product but also in its pre -, Between – and degradation levels. The natural product also contains herbal enzymes for the production of vitamins, which improve tolerance, extend the duration of action and probably also improve absorption in the body.


While some synthetically produced vitamins are identical to their natural counterparts, others, like Vitamin E, differ in their structure.


Obviously, vitamins from natural sources are among the best ways to provide your body with nutrients.


In theory, vitamins from full value – products are absorbed in the body like natural foods.


Key facts – Natural vs. synthetic vitamins

Natural foods are the best way to provide your body with nutrients.


Do greens make sense if you eat a lot of vegetables anyway

3,  Do greens make sense if you eat a lot of vegetables anyway?

If you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, you live healthier – our grandmother already knew that.


So there is a lot to be said for more fruit and vegetables to eat.


The DGE recommends five servings of fruit and vegetables a day (approx. 600 – 700 g). Those who do a lot of sport consume more calories and have a higher need for macro – and micronutrients.


You also need a calorie deficit to lose weight.


So if you want to lose weight and do sports, you need more nutrients, but you have less scope for calorie intake.


I think it is a good idea to eat half of the food consumed daily in the form of vegetables and fruit. For most people, this is more than 10 portions a day (more: the 4 – pound – rule).


If you eat 10 servings of fresh vegetables every day, you are on the safe side.


Perhaps a little more manageable than the “10 portions “is the principle that vegetables should make up about half of your daily diet.




Some people don’t always do it.


A lot of them. 88% of Americans eat less than 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.


Some of them don’t want to or can’t. Vitamin deficiency is unfortunately not the exception today, but the rule. A Greens product can help you with everyone’s vital micronutrients are supplied to close any nutrient gaps.


One of my clients is a vivid example. He is a soldier and has worked several times in Afghanistan. Training is not an issue for him. 


The army is setting up a modern gym. But a balanced diet that optimally supplies him with nutrients is not always possible. 


In this case, a good greens powder can help to compensate for deficits.


Key facts: Do greens make sense if you eat a lot of vegetables anyway?

No food supplement can replace whole, natural foods. Athletic Greens & Co. are an easy way to compensate for deficits.


Advantages and risks of greens

4,  Advantages and risks of greens

How credible do the manufacturers make the advertising promises?


For some years now, the Health Claims Regulation of the EU and the FDA in the USA has prohibited food supplement manufacturers from advertising health benefits that have not been scientifically proven.


The requirements of this law are very strict in international comparison, and any violations are legally punished.


You should be attentive to everything that is either not said or only hinted at, for example, by a dynamic commercial or a fresh graphic.


Are nutrients lost during production?

Individual micronutrients are lost during drying, usually some vitamins. Minerals and polyphenols remain relatively stable. The less heat is used in the process, the better.


Even if some nutrients are missing, a slightly lower amount of micronutrients is better than nothing. The label reveals how many nutrients a powder still contains after processing.


Do you take risks when you take a greens powder?

Do you take risks when you take a greens powder?

Like multivitamin tablets, products such as athletic greens and consortia also fall under food law. In contrast to drugs for which significantly stricter requirements exist, they must be registered as “safe”– but this is not explicitly tested.


The four greatest risks that arise from this apply to all foods. For supplements that are usually much more concentrated, however, they are particularly important:


  1.     Toxins: Every food – and food supplement has a risk that it is contaminated with toxins.
  2.     Declaration error: You will never be 100% sure that the declared ingredients are contained, and the nutritional values are correct.
  3.     Overdose: The dose makes the poison. This is especially true for some vitamins and minerals, that become dangerous in high doses. You risk poisoning if you consume large amounts of athletic greens or other nutrient-rich food supplements at once.
  4.     Interactions: Certain ingredients –, for example, licorice – can also lead to undesirable interactions with medication.


To minimize these risks, you should all pay attention to the manufacturing quality of food supplements and follow the dosing recommendations. If you are using a medication, have your doctor check the ingredients.


If a food supplement meets the strict quality standards that apply to medication, this is often declared on the packaging. If you don’t find anything, it’s worth looking at the manufacturer’s website. 


The gold standard is the “Good Manufacturing Practice “( GMP ), which is regulated by law:


  •       GMP– Good Manufacturing Practice ( EU – Standard )
  •       cGMP– Current Good Manufacturing Practice (US – FDA – Standard)


If the specification GMP or cGMP is completely missing, you should consider a purchase very carefully.


Key Facts – Advantages and Risks of Daily Greens or Organifi.

Manufacturers may only apply those properties of their products for which there is clear scientific evidence.


Each Green powder is formulated differently.


Since the legislator does not prescribe explicit quality tests for food supplements, you should study the ingredients and make sure that the manufacturer voluntarily produces according to GMP – standards.


Organifi and Daily greens in the test

5,  Organifi and Daily greens in the test

How do you recognize a good greens powder?

Greens supplements are not only available as powders, but also as tablets and capsules. Pills have one disadvantage: you have to take several at a time, often several times a day.


I prefer powder because it makes things easier: you take it once a day and can put it in water or a shake to dissolve.


Here are some criteria that you use to separate the wheat from the chaff:


  •       Price and quality: The ingredients of the individual products vary and influence the price. For example, algae such as chlorella and spirulina cost the manufacturer more than wheatgrass. Organic products are more expensive to grow. There should be no additives – or fillers.
  •       Variety of ingredients: Real food, fruit, and vegetables are the real superfoods – especially if you eat not only one variety but many different foods. So it is a good idea if you find this diversity in a Green powder. If there are many ingredients, this is a good sign.
  •       Micronutrient density: The ingredients also change the proportion of vitamins and minerals per serving. A look at the ingredients – labels reveals considerable differences. The official 100% – recommendations are not to be regarded as an optimal value depending on the micronutrient – which can be significantly higher. 
  •       Taste: The right product tastes good. If you can’t stand the taste, you won’t use it.



Here are the two best green smoothies for weight loss from safe production with excellent results


Organifi green juice


Organifi Super Green – $1.74/day

Micronutrient density:

Organifi micronutrients                







Spinach, broccoli, and kale move aside! Chlorella is healthier and more nutrient dense than ALL 3.


  •       Ingredients/nutrients: See label
  •       GMP compliant: Yes
  •       Flavor in water: Good!
  •       Price per day: approx. $ 1.74 (1 portion)


But truthfully, none of these ingredients compare with the healthiest ingredient inside. 


It grows in the mountains of Tibet, and its powerful anti-aging effects are so worshipped that native cultures have called it “The Tree of Immortality” or the “Never Die Tree.” 


Scientists in the western world call it the Moringa Tree, and just 100 grams of its leaves contain: 


  • 9 times the protein of yogurt.
  • 10 times the vitamin A of carrots.
  • 15 times the potassium of bananas.
  • 17 times the calcium of milk.
  • 12 times the vitamin C of oranges.
  • 25 times the iron of spinach.


Ancient native traditions claim that this tree prevents 300 different diseases.


Every ingredient comes from a natural plant source, and we’ve taken great care to prepare this product to keep it USDA organic, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and completely vegan.


Organifi is well known for rapid green smoothies for weight loss! Please take a look at their website for proofs here. 


It would be best if you took Organifi simple green smoothies daily to supercharge your weight loss.


Daily Greens powder

Daily Greens Powder – $1.40 – 2.80/day

  •       Micronutrient density: Includes 34 organic superfoods and 11 herbs and extracts plus prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and adaptogens.
  •       Ingredients/nutrients: See label
  •       Sugar: No
  •       GMP compliant: Yes
  •       Flavor in water: Well, delicious
  •       Price per day: approx. $1,40 (1 Portion), recommended 2 portion per day.

At first glance, Daily Greens Superfood powder appears comparatively cheap. The variety of ingredients and the proportion of micronutrients is also excellent, same as for the Organifi green powder.


The manufacturer recommends 1 -2 portions per day. The taste of the powder is really good. Daily Greens is a powerful and delicious way to nourish your body.


It’s an organic Green Drink formula that contains no sugar, salt, dairy, soy, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.


Nourishing green drink that helps burn fat, boost energy and support a healthy immune system.


You feel more natural energy, encouraging movement and, ultimately, healthy weight loss, improved sleep, and increased mental focus and concentration.


Daily Greens powder is the perfect supplement for those following a cleanse or detox regimen, even a keto diet. Not only will it ensure you “get your greens,” but it also supports healthy gut bacteria.


Both manufacturers give you a 60 – Days – Peace Guarantee, which I find fairly fair. If you don’t like it, an email to support is enough, and you get your money back.


Daily Greens is giving our readers a special 10% additional coupon code SAVE10. Use this link here to get it.


My personal test and result:

Both products are exceptionally good. The taste of Organifi Green juice for weight loss is more earthy and you need to get used to it. But it makes your appetite go away. Also, after a couple of days, I started to have much cleaner skin.


Daily Greens powder tastes fantastic only with water. Maybe the difference is that Organifi recommends only 1 cup of green juice per day and Daily Greens up to 2 cups per day. In my test, I added both products to my smoothies twice per day to see the results faster.


What was surprisingly positive about both products is the boost of energy.


Also, my sleep was deeper and much better and I woke up every morning really with a lot of energy and power to start my morning workout with a smile!


My personal choice would be really hard, both products are fantastic, but if you are lower in your budget, I would go with Organifi.


As daily greens for weight loss – I can confirm, I started to lose weight with both products almost instantly.


After two months, my body was fantastic fresh, I lost approximately 6 pounds, but I am, and I was in a good shape as a fitness trainer.


You would say, simple green smoothies, but my students, all of them, if they use greens for weight loss boost, are losing weight without any problem. Some of them as many as 40 pounds in 2 months!


Does it make sense to take green smoothies for weight loss?

Daily Greens Conclusion: Does it make sense to take green smoothies for weight loss?

The answer is DEFINITELY!  BUT…


A few green “Superfood” drinks a day, and you no longer need to worry about a balanced diet?


No food supplement can replace whole, natural foods. Organifi or Daily Greens powder is an easy way to support nutrient supply.


If you eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, a greens powder will probably not bring you any further advantages.


But for those who just started some diet plan, it can help you detox and boost your energy. Also, greens help balance your diet much faster. Combined with the personalized Keto diet plan your weight loss goal would be already around the corner.


I am recommending to all my clients to add their greens for weight loss into a smoothie and accelerate the weight loss progress. Here, you can find the best smoothie recipes, specially created for fast weight loss.


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