Cellulite and 8% body fat: Are you setting the wrong focus?


How important is cellulite or 8% body fat to you?


I get emails from both men and women who already have great bodies, and they want perfection.


Perfection is boring.


Typically, it is about topics like this:


  •       Women get fit. Then they gravitate towards issues like cellulite, the size of their breasts, etc. The younger ones worry about their “thigh gap.” (Until recently, I didn’t even know what that meant)
  •       Men get slim. Then they want from 10% body fat to 8%. Or from 8% to 6% or maybe even below 5%. From six-pack to eight-pack. From eight-pack to eight-pack with razor-sharp definition.


most beautiful women

The most beautiful women in the world have cellulite.

Tabloid viewers LOVE celebrity photos with cellulite.


In the tabloids, you will find such shots of Beyonce, J-Lo, Rihanna, or Scarlett Johansson.


In the paparazzi photos, they are photographed so unfavorably as some people position themselves in front of the mirror to then (with the microscope) identify possible “problem areas.”


The most beautiful celebrity women in the world have cellulite.


As are all women, at least those over 19.


The female body is soft and curvy, thanks to fat. What distinguishes women from men?


Cellulite is not something that a woman should worry about for a second too much.

cellulite gone small

Cellulite is not ugly. Cellulite is female.


Body fat percentage is to men what cellulite is to women.


The most attractive men in the world

The most attractive men in the world have over 10% body fat.

A lot of men get too attached to their body fat percentage.


Let’s take these three gentlemen here.


Jude Law maintains his body fat percentage year-round. I’m guessing it’s 12%.


He’s slim, looks great in his clothes, and appears fit as a fiddle.


Do you think women would find him more attractive if he compulsively tried to get to 6-8% body fat?




That’s not attractive.


I find it can be fun to get your body below 10% body fat every once in a while, just out of curiosity. But fun – that’s an entirely different feeling.


You can have a body that looks great and comfortable. Not just keep a few weeks or months, but years and decades. 


If you want, that’s it.


What you can ask yourself is not only whether the image of this dream body is realistic but also – whether it is worth striving for. 


Goal – Get rid of cellulite


Mission: 8% body fat.


Cellulite and 8% body fat: Perfection is not attractive

Cellulite and 8% body fat: Perfection is not attractive.

A while ago, I went on an island vacation. Sun, beach and lots of attractive people just enjoying their lives.


The ones who ironically fall out of line are some guys who look like they trained for a fitness competition before arriving here.


It’s funny.


There are maybe 4-5 guys. You can see from afar that they are obsessed with their looks.


Their faces are serious. They pose.


No woman far and wide.


Very few people find perfection attractive.


I’ve decided to help people look good and fit.


But I also hope you will find the right balance and not seek perfection.


You probably already look better than you think.


The route is the goal. You can have fun with it. 


You can enjoy it.


In the following article, I will explain what really helps against cellulite


The fast and easy way.


cellulite gone