Boost your metabolism and get rid of belly fat while keeping your figure


Boost your metabolism: some can eat what they want without gaining weight. Others feel their waistband pinch at the sight of a piece of cake.


The metabolism is to blame, which can either be the key to top athletic performance or the source of stubborn obesity.


However, if we create the necessary conditions with our lifestyle and the right diet to stimulate our metabolism, the pounds drop.


The metabolism – Good metabolism, poor metabolism, boosting, stimulating, driving. The word metabolism is often used – and is often used incorrectly.


Because: metabolism is not the same as digestion.


It is correct: Metabolism – also called metabolism – is based on all vital processes in the body. Metabolism is roughly understood as all biochemical processes that take place within the cells.


In other words: The components of the supplied nutrients are metabolized in the cells – that is, broken down, converted, and built into new products.


Thus, the body continually takes care of itself by using supplied nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements or by drawing on reserves.


All of this is necessary for the multitude of vital processes and functions of our body to run properly.


Hormones and enzymes are also essential for metabolism.


The metabolic process is largely controlled by the hormonal and nervous systems. But environmental factors also influence metabolism, such as temperature.


The most important metabolic organ is the liver.


Boost your metabolism and get rid of belly fat


Digestion is not the same as stimulating the metabolism

In order for the body to be able to perform all of its tasks, it needs energy. This energy is provided by the macronutrients carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that we ingest with our food.


In a sense, digestion is the prerequisite for metabolism.


The nutrients are broken down into their components in the stomach and intestines.


Carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars, proteins into amino acids, fats into fatty acids, and glycerides.


The intestine can only absorb nutrients in their broken-down form. In other words: they are split up so small that the intestine can absorb them and transfer them into the blood.


The fat is made extra transportable for the blood.


Blood circulation is, so to speak, the medium of distribution. It is the road that transports nutrients to all cells in the body.


When we talk about “metabolizing food,” we mean the process that happens in the cells after digestion and transport via the bloodstream.


Central to the metabolism: carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals

Boost your metabolism: some can eat what they want

There are different types of metabolism, for example, named after the substances that are processed:

  • Carbohydrate metabolism: During digestion, the complex carbohydrates from food were broken down into simple sugars (for example, glucose, and fructose). The sugar molecules reach the cells via the blood, where the actual metabolic process takes place.

The body can obtain energy from simple sugars. If there is just enough energy available, the simple sugars are put together and stored in the liver and muscles to form new starch molecules (multiple sugars).


  • Protein metabolism (amino acid metabolism): The digestion of proteins produces amino acids. These reach the cells via the bloodstream. There they serve on the one hand to generate energy; on the other hand, the body needs them to build muscle cells, hormones, and enzymes.


  • Fat metabolism: Fat is used to generate energy in the cells and is also the most important energy store. After all, fat is needed, among other things, for the formation of hormones and messenger substances. What the body does not require, the fat cells store for “bad times.”


  • Mineral metabolism: Here, for example, calcium and phosphorus are provided to build up the bones. Calcium ions are also essential for muscle work.


Tips and tricks to boost your metabolism

The engine of the human body – that is, the metabolism that can keep us alive every day.


The speed of the metabolism is different for each person, and of course, that also has consequences.


A slow metabolism also means that you consume more calories.


You get fat.


On the other hand, a fast metabolism lets the calories burn off very quickly, and no body fat is accumulated.


This process itself is of a chemical nature, and the speed is determined by what is known as the metabolic rate – the number of calories burned at a certain time.


By the way, this is also known as calorie consumption. How to boost your metabolism? Continue reading.


The speed of metabolism can be individually influenced by very different factors:


  • Age of a person
  • Mass in muscles
  • Height
  • The temperature of the environment
  • Physical activities
  • Hormonal conditions


Successfully losing weight does not only mean consuming fewer calories. It also means optimally accelerating your metabolism. And that works quite well with biohacking methods.


boosting your energy

And they would be:


  • Move

Exercise is the best solution for everything because it takes a lot of calories.


The more movement there is in everyday life, the faster the metabolism runs.


This can then also be a simple walk or getting up after a long break from sitting. In the long term, this will play a significant role.


Now, if you are overweight – whether you are light or heavy – increasing your metabolism can add a lot to your daily calorie consumption.


Achieving this is not easy, especially during the day when you have a job that is only done while sitting.


The necessary movement is then missing.


But don’t worry, there are acceptable solutions for this case, such as running regularly, always taking the stairs, or chewing healthy chewing gum.


Regularly moving your limbs can also boost your metabolism.


A desk standing up has been shown to burn around 16% more calories.


A tip – even when simply sitting – without performing any movements – you consume more calories than when you lie down.


So exercise is not only extremely healthy but also helps in every way to lose weight and increase the speed of your metabolism.


It doesn’t even have to be a strenuous sport, just a very light activity. In the long term, this almost works small miracles.


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  • Boost your metabolism with strength training


What helps in light approaches cannot do any more intensive damage.


Strength training is just as good at speeding up your metabolism.


As an additional plus point, it also brings with it the development of muscles.


Very few people know that muscle mass is directly related to metabolism.


But that’s not the case with fat. Muscles burn a certain number of calories even when at rest.


Several studies have already been carried out on this topic, which have shown that even light strength training.


10 minutes a day, three times a week – could increase the turnover of calories in the resting phase by 7.4%.


It is best to combine this training with a calorie-reducing diet because both complement each other perfectly.


While you often lose muscle on such a diet, strength training works in the opposite direction.


So the metabolism will definitely not slow down again, and you will lose a lot of pounds.


  • Boost your metabolism with a high-protein diet


Everyone knows that eating a high protein diet is essential if you want to build muscle mass. So the metabolism is also boosted. Of course, proteins also bring other nutritional benefits.


Basically, all foods have this effect – they accelerate the metabolism in the short term after consumption.


Foods high in protein – and not fat or carbohydrates – also speed things up.


The metabolism is increased by an incredible 20-30 percent.


Of course, this greatly promotes the process of losing weight and prevents you from gaining weight again later.


You should eat such foods in the morning because the first hours after getting up they show their best effect.


  • Don’t go hungry while boosting your metabolism


Many think hunger is a good sign that you lose weight faster and also healthy.


But that is definitely wrong because eating too little can have fatal consequences in the long term. Eating a little less, on the other hand, is not that bad.


If you suffer from hunger, then the supply of calories is restricted, and thus the speed of the metabolism is also reduced.


This is also called starvation mode – a saving attitude of the body, which is supposed to ward off potential death due to insufficient nutrition.


If you consume less than 1000 calories a day, this mode can even continue until after a diet. An alternative that appears to circumvent this effect is intermittent fasting.


Re-Tuning Your Brain


  • Boost your metabolism with caffeine


That can’t be good – but it can be good for the metabolism. Drinking water is probably the best and healthiest decision for the body, but low-calorie coffee or green tea can also boost your metabolism.


Studies show that people who regularly consume caffeinated drinks have a metabolism that works up to 11% faster than a normal one.


Unfortunately, the more bodyweight you have and the older you are, the lower this positive effect will be.


But you shouldn’t use sugar. It’s best to drink your coffee black and – even if it doesn’t taste that good when it’s cold.


Unfortunately, it is not easy to influence this metabolic rate, but a few tips and tricks – like the ones mentioned above – help quite well.


More and more calories are burned faster and faster.


In order to successfully get rid of belly fat or to lose its size, one should not rely on metabolism alone.


A healthy diet and regular exercise also play their part.


Boost your metabolism and get rid of belly fat

Some people eat so much and still don’t gain weight. On the contrary – they also lose weight. These people are then blessed with the natural happiness of healthy metabolism – a real gift.


But don’t worry – everyone can do it themselves.


It’s not that difficult to lose weight with a stimulated metabolism. It doesn’t even take much for that.


But what is metabolism anyway?


Incidentally, in technical jargon, one speaks of metabolisms, but most people have probably never heard that before. Its job is to sort the food.


Some can be processed further, but others are of no use.


The beneficial ingredients are then converted into a lot of energy – or digested. This is then distributed to the individual parts of the body. All functions are kept running, and the body stays healthy.


It also happens that the metabolism is very closely related to the weight of the body. A slow metabolism often means being overweight – a faster one means that you are often slim.


This is because calories are available more quickly and cannot even create a cushion in the first place.


The younger you are, the faster your natural metabolism is. This is often caused by a large number of muscles because they require significantly more energy.


Positive energy


To summarize, here are the tips that can lead to a faster metabolism and ultimately burn the fat on your belly:


  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat stimulating foods such as broccoli, peas, or avocado
  • Always eat your fill
  • A lot of protein in the food
  • Sufficient exercise and exercise


This is biohacking in its simplest form, and after a while – with a little patience, of course – it will stimulate the metabolism. The pounds will also fall off so quickly.



Biohacking – is a term that reminds many people of a technical innovation that is really complicated to understand and perhaps has nothing to do with the average person.


This assumption is, of course, more than wrong because biohacking affects us all.


But what exactly is that now?


To understand exactly what biohacking actually means, it is best to start with a few selected examples:


  • the use of grape sugar to increase the ability to concentrate
  • the morning coffee
  • a book in the evening before going to bed
  • Music that brings a good mood in sad phases


These examples may, of course, sound familiar to one or the other reader and are probably also part of everyday rituals.


You usually know that yourself.


But it is more than unknown that biohacking is used precisely at such moments.


The reason why biohacking creeps into life unnoticed here is probably due to the definition.


The environment is influenced in order to change one’s own physical state.


And that can be done in a variety of ways, for example through food, music, furniture and many other things.


Then there’s the coffee thing.


The smell, taste, and content of this drink ensure that the circulation awakens and you feel lively and more focused.


Something from the environment that can ultimately affect the body and its capabilities.


Talented biohackers do this every day and even consciously. They intentionally use tools to improve mental and physical performance.


This method is comparable to that of a computer hacker in digital matters.


What you want to influence, you have to learn to understand yourself beforehand.


So if you know your body, you can “hack” it optimally.


Weight loss Phen GOLD


So it is, of course, also possible, through external influences and with full intent, to induce the body to accelerate the metabolism and thus to lose weight – i.e., to lose weight.


A biohacker knows that and also how it works exactly.


Biohacking, as a whole, works through three different areas:


  1. Food Hacking– This is where nutrition is simply integrated into everyday life. For example, you can lose weight.
  2. Body Hacking– The body is switched to focus and energy. This helps to build muscles, for example.
  3. Mind Hacking– The brain gets the most out of its performance. Motivation is also increased.


The following sections are more about the first two pillars of biohacking – food hacking and body hacking.


These can, namely, accelerate the metabolism and thus burn f at on the stomach. One takes off.


Biohacking is not a plan but rather a way of life. However, it does not mean that you have to change your entire life in the long term, but only to get to the bottom of the little things and to change them.


I have a lot of fun with the whole thing, and it also creates a certain passion for it.


A better self – that is the clear goal.


But all of a sudden, it doesn’t work. It takes time and, above all, small steps on the way to becoming a biohacker.


One of these steps can be taken every day. In the end, you will get the best out of yourself.


Methods that are easy to perform – this is precisely what you need to get your body in top shape yourself.


Here are the best steps to gradually become a successful biohacker:


1. Change of kitchen

In the next few days – on the way to the biohacker – some things will no longer be needed, but others still have to be taken care of.


Of course, bread, pasta, sugar, and processed products shouldn’t just be thrown away.


That would be a waste. It is best to leave this food to the needy.


Now it’s off to the supermarket. Every biohacker has a selection of healthy foods that should always be available in the kitchen.


Healthy fats, vegetables, fats, and fresh meat are just a few examples.


2. Drink water

Specific organs in the body, such as the liver, kidney, and skin, naturally detoxify the body.


This will make you feel much fitter and healthier in the long term. In order for them to function optimally, you should always drink plenty of water.


A normally built adult person needs about 2 liters per day. But more is always better.


3. Just move

Sitting is a real poison for the body and, in the long term, even comparable to intoxicants. This is what the latest findings claim. The healthier you are, the less you sit.


By sitting, you achieve exactly the opposite of your own goal. Your metabolism will slow down, and blood sugar levels will rise, making you gain weight much faster.


The goal of this step is to get up again and again after about half an hour and never sit for longer.


If you are forgetful, you should simply set the alarm clock.


It is, of course, even better to always work standing up in your daily job, for example.


4. Dark atmosphere for sleeping

Every healthy and happy person has a basis – enough sleep. Natural detoxification takes place, and the mind regenerates, as well as the muscles.


Of course, you don’t have to sleep all day either, because you only lose time unnecessarily. It is important to have a quality of sleep and to recover optimally.


This can be achieved by avoiding any source of light while sleeping. The windows must be darkened completely.


5. Sunshine

Real sunlight has many advantages in particular – vitamin D is supplied to the body, dopamine and testosterone are created, and blood flow is significantly improved.


Should you never go into direct light without sun protection?


This is completely wrong and was only invented so that sunscreen cream could sell better. A short time in sunlight is even positive.


Fewer cancer cells form than when using sunscreen or clothing that does not let UV light through.


It is recommended that every person spends around a quarter of an hour in direct sunlight.


The skin and the cells will be very happy about it. Nevertheless, you should make sure not to get sunburn.


6. Colorful food

By the way, vegetables, particularly bright colors, are much healthier because they contain many antioxidants and fiber. They are accommodating for the health of the body.


Such types of vegetables include broccoli, zucchini, bell pepper, or fennel.


7. Fats

Fats aren’t always bad; they can even be very healthy. These are the so-called healthy fats that can be found in wild-caught fish, avocados, or nuts. They bring tons of energy.


8. The daily walk

There should be a walk every day. It doesn’t even have to be long; 20 minutes in the great outdoors is enough to improve your memory and optimize your mind over the long term.


The human body is made to move – a simple walk is enough. The metabolism is improved, and the muscles are relaxed. It also detoxifies, of course.


9. Fasting is not old-fashioned

Fasting is not out. It’s trendy and can even extend the lifespan a bit. You not only lose weight but also reduce your general stress level.


A good method of fasting is intermittent fasting – a method without going hungry.


Fasting around 16 hours a day saves calories. In the remaining 6 hours you can eat what you like.


Of course, it should still be healthy.


The best time to eat is between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.


You can easily manage three meals this way. Lent is then largely covered by sleep.


counting calories the right way


10. Healthy air

Air is also part of a healthy diet. Quality plays a significant role.


Indoor air often contains mold spores or other toxins. In contrast, the air in the great outdoors is much healthier and cleaner.


Therefore, after getting up, you should first go outside and breathe a large amount of fresh air. It is also perfect when work allows you to be outdoors all day.


11. HIIT Training

Very simple – HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) is the change from strenuous exercises to complete recovery.


For example, you can sprint for a minute and then walk normally for another minute.


According to researchers, this method of training is even more effective than traditional strength training.


It also saves you a lot of time. Boost your metabolism very well.


12. Meditate daily

Every day can be started with a meditation for around 5 minutes. After a while, it will definitely make you feel better, and you can also extend the exercise duration.


Meditating regularly has many benefits – it reduces stress and optimizes the mind and body.


How long you meditate is less important. It is essential that you do it regularly and with motivation.


13. Taking a cold shower helps a lot to boost your metabolism

Cold showering is very similar to expensive therapy – only wholly free of charge. Initially, the conquest will be very significant, but the benefits are definitely worth the trembling.


The body heals itself faster, and the burning of fat on the stomach is also promoted. Many well-known scientists swear by the simple cold shower method.


The best way to start is by showering in cold water for about 10 seconds.


This can, of course, be increased over time.


In the end, you should be able to stand under the ice-cold water for a full minute.


Boost your metabolism and keep your figure


14. More mobility

Pain, in particular, is a kind of alarm bell for the body. They are warnings that should definitely be listened to.


You should work on your flexibility – and that’s more than just stretching. Massage also helps stretch the tissue.


There are also special training units – for example, functional training – which can increase mobility.


15. Replace the bread for breakfast

Carbohydrates – like in bread and sweets – are bad and only steal valuable energy.


This means that you can concentrate much less, and the body often becomes inflamed over the long term.


The carbohydrates also bring the well-known lunchtime low.


Fats are much better there. They provide our bodies with valuable energy over a longer period of time.


The body responds to this by burning body fat and excess tissue.


You should, therefore, leave out the bread at breakfast. Healthy fats from avocados or wild salmon are better.


16. Get out of the comfort zone and boost your metabolism

Most people’s comfort zone prevents them from discovering what is really inside them. You cannot face your fears or concerns. It’s so much fun trying new things.


A new type of training, for example, a change in diet or a completely different experience.


Life will then show itself from an exciting and new side.


The goal of every biohacker is to discover this world and, in the end, also to live in it.


These were just a few methods and steps to gradually become a successful biohacker. There are certainly still a lot of ideas.


You can try them out individually once a day or combine them with each other to get the greatest success.


Everything, of course, is based on personal interests and fun.


If you accelerate your metabolism through biohacking and thereby burn fat on your belly, there are, of course, many advantages.


Biohacking in itself is very enriching, as you can get the best out of your body and soul.


If you then lose a few pounds using this method, it is, of course, even more practical.


These are the advantages to be able to boost your metabolism:

  • Eat more– after you have opted for biohacking and your metabolism is much faster, you can eat more without getting fat. People who are naturally lucky enough to know it and are often envied for it. Of course, you can also eat unhealthy foods – for example, fast food – but that does harm in other ways.


  • Relief– A fast metabolism can cope with its tasks in the shortest possible time and then has enough time to calm down again. The body is not stressed so much.


  • Waking moments– if you eat a lot, you often experience this feeling – you feel limp and tired. This is because you digest too slowly, i.e., the speed of your metabolism is far too slow. That feeling will change quickly after working on it using biohacking. One becomes much more lively and can also enjoy the whole day better. The whole thing works best in connection with enough exercise because fresh air gives that extra kick.


  • Inexpensive alternative– Many diets and the plans that go with them cost the user half a fortune, but this method is very easy to implement as no further aids are required. So it’s not only easy on the stomach, but also on your wallet.


  • No yo-yo effect– A yo-yo effect occurs when you return to old behavior patterns after a diet. The pounds that you have lost then quickly come back on your hips. This is less likely to happen to you with the biohacking method because the metabolism is accelerated in the long term, and you often like the tips and tricks for a faster metabolism.


Boost your metabolism: These were just a few examples of the benefits biohacking can bring to speed up metabolism and burn fat on the stomach.


Everyone is sure to find more themselves, even if it’s just a passion for biohacking.


Some people complain about this method only that – because the metabolism works so quickly – too many nutrients slip through and are not optimally absorbed by the body.


However, this has not been scientifically proven.


Biohacking – a method to bring the body to high performance and in a completely natural way.


It is not really known to many people, but almost everyone unconsciously does it every day.


Biohacking can improve your performance, but also your body.


For example, when you speed up your metabolism and lose pounds as a result. In just a few steps, you can become a successful biohacker and achieve all of your goals.


No special tools are required for this – only a little time and a few tips and tricks.


30 Day Challenge 2


You need just as few things to speed up your metabolism. This not only burns more fat on your belly but also has other benefits. Overall, there is nothing to lose in biohacking.


Just boost your metabolism yourself and soon feel much cleaner and healthier.