CrossFit Workout: The world’s toughest workout?


Read on to discover the world’s toughest workout secret. The other day at CrossFit workout.


Rookie: “Hey, where are the workout machines?


Coach: “WE are the machines.”


CrossFit’s revolutionary fitness trend is innovative, intensive, effective – and yet old school: CrossFit is a new mixture of weight lifting, gymnastics, and endurance training.


There are few other sports where you can work out with friends in short, sweaty, intense intervals – until your muscles burn.


To transform your body and give it the tangible definition of an ancient Greek statue, you must also give it what it needs to transform: protein. 


Before we hit the gas pedal, first answer the all-important question for me:


How many clean squats and pull-ups can you do. If I give you 150 seconds?


Do you want an honest answer? CrossFit gives them to you.


Why CrossFit workout is so polular

Why CrossFit workout is so popular?

I could tell you right now that CrossFit is not a sport – it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle where your health and fitness are your top priority. 


I could talk about team spirit, a workout among friends that makes you better as an individual. I could talk about happiness, passion, sweat, and tears of joy and still don’t manage to convey the appeal of this fitness trend in this video.


“Let me tell you about CrossFit.”

CrossFit exudes an original and multifaceted charm that no other sport combines:


  •       Anytime, anywhere: You can train all year round, anywhere in the world. All you need for CrossFit training is your own body.
  •       Fitness foundation: CrossFit makes you better at all other sports, whether it’s strength, endurance, or coordination.
  •       Clear your head: Try to think about your everyday problems after a hard workout. impossible.
  •       Team spirit: Do you like to push your limits for yourself and at the same time in a group? 


Do you like to work for the feeling after a hard but hearty workout? 


Then you will love CrossFit.


CrossFit leads to tangible definition, no question. More on that later! First, let’s talk about the tangible definition of CrossFit itself.


What is the definition of CrossFit? CrossFit defines you.

What is the definition of CrossFit? CrossFit defines you.

CrossFit training is a strength-based daughter of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It was created in 1995 from an idea by US high school teacher Greg Glassman, and in 2000 he defined the international CrossFit standard. 


This allowed the workout wave to build up in the States and has successfully rolled over Scandinavia.


CrossFit still enjoys exotic status. But the trend is also becoming increasingly popular around the world – there is now a CrossFit gym – called “CrossFit Box” – in every major city, and the number of followers is growing inexorably.


GPP = squats ≠ leg press


CrossFit’s goal is called “General Physical Preparedness,” or GPP for short. Translated, this means physical preparation for any kind of challenge. 


The focus is on the function of your muscles, so defined upper arms are more of a welcome “side effect” of the CrossFit drug.


For this reason, CrossFit training does not take place on weight machines, but relies on complex, coordinatively demanding exercises that address as many muscle groups as possible at the same time: squats instead of leg presses.


Ultra-short + high-intensity = CrossFit training


A CrossFit workout is typically ultra-short with a maximum of 20 minutes and therefore highly intensive. Perfect for the busy project manager, the dedicated entrepreneur, or anyone who values ​​highly effective training.


CrossFit training yesterday ≠ today ≠ tomorrow


Just like your favorite restaurant may have a changing daily menu, we can look in vain for fixed training plans at CrossFit. Instead, a “workout of the day” (WOD) is prepared from various exercises every day.


Sprinting, rowing, skipping, climbing, weightlifting, and carrying obscure objects can all be part of the WOD. Barbells, dumbbells, gymnastic rings, pull-up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, and many, many bodyweight exercises are used.


CrossFit = CrossFit?


The training concept has been standardized to get what CrossFit promises everywhere: every CrossFit box and every CrossFit coach must be certified according to US standards.


Friendly competition is an integral part of the CrossFit concept. Since 2007, “CrossFit Games” have been held every summer, in which athletes from all continents participate.


You’ll see right away that boredom is a foreign word in CrossFit – now we’re getting down to business: the workouts.


there are no limits to creativity

Your CrossFit workout

You can put together your WOD from all CrossFit exercises – there are no limits to creativity.


There are also some popular ways to get ready-made workout ideas:


Box CrossFit Workout

If you think of “boxing” now, you are on the wrong track. The boxing workout is the WOD of your CrossFit box and is compiled daily. 


Since you train here in a group, the coaches design the program depending on the team’s strength. You can find the WOD on your CrossFit Box website.


Mainsite CrossFit Workout

Do you like a challenge and already have some CrossFit experience? Then the workout published every day on the official CrossFit website could be just the right thing for you. Predicate: Nothing for rookies.


Girls CrossFit Workout

The girls’ workout isn’t just for ladies. There are 21 CrossFit workouts in total, all of which have women’s names. 


If you put one of these standardized training plans on the daily menu from time to time, you can measure your training progress very well.


Would you like an example? Allow me, Cindy, and Angie.



The aim is for you to complete as many rounds of the following exercises as possible in 20 minutes:


  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 squats


Tactics are required: if you start too quickly, you will run out of breath in the end.



The focus here is on reps (and counting correctly): do 100 of each exercise, then move on to the next.


  • 100 pull-ups
  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 squats


Solid CrossFitters take 15-20 minutes.


3.  MARY

Attention, the lady is for advanced learners. You have 20 minutes. How many laps can you do?


  • 5 handstand push-ups
  • 10 single-leg squats
  • 15 pull-ups


You can find more exercises on the CrossFit FAQ page under “WOD.”


This is how you find your CrossFit box.

There are now already thousands of CrossFit boxes in English-speaking countries, around 1.5 thousand in Europa, and hundreds in South America. You can find the location closest to you on


Get fit, even if it kills you?

“Get fit, even if it kills you?” – 3 golden CrossFit workout rules

CrossFit is short, intense, requires coordination, and is performed under time pressure. Injuries seem to be inevitable, and therefore the sport is criticized by some experts (cf. New York Times, 2005).


The first principle is, therefore, “Safety First”: Just as a sport climber first learns the correct belay technique, CrossFit beginners should first concentrate on the correct execution of the exercises before they put on weights and push their limits.


CrossFitters follow three rules that every professional coach puts first and that you should follow too – especially if you train “outside-the-box,” i.e., not in a CrossFit gym.


  1.    Mechanics(technique):  First, learn the clean technique to perform any strength exercise safely and in a controlled manner at any time.
  2.    Consistency:  Use so little weight that you can control the exercise and maintain it for many repetitions.
  3.    Intensity:  Do not increase the intensity until (1) technique (2) is consistent.


For example, rookies first replace the barbell with a broomstick and practice until the technique is perfect for 15-20 repetitions. 


Then they train with a barbell (Olympic standard: 20 kg) before adding weight plates.