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Japanese Tonic

9 Out Of 10 People Have Never Heard Of This 2-Minute “Japanese Tonic” Ritual

So, here’s our weird story…

We’re Carl & Miranda. We actually met much later in life, and we quickly discovered that like most we constantly battled to keep the pounds of our entire lives. Especially, once we got into our early 40’s.

So here we were again trying to lose ‘those unwanted pounds’ again… Why? because Miranda had her 30th high school reunion coming up.

I know you can all relate. I mean who doesn’t want to look our best when we’re going to see friends, most of which we haven’t seen for years.

I mean, c’mon. Whether your a man or a woman we all want to look our best at these things… Right?

One thing we both had in common was restless nights of sleep. Once Miranda started going through menopause she’d either be a human furnace or freezing cold…

This led to her in the covers, out of the covers… All night long! As a result ‘No Sleep For Me Either’ 

Another thing we had in common was the the love of wine and food and unfortunately when I say food I mean bad food. I mean who doesn’t love a great burger 

Oh and forget about exercise we just couldn’t get motivated and didn’t have the energy. Even though truth be told I actually had a little more motivation than Miranda. 

During some restless nights, I’d catch Miranda raiding the fridge for a midnight snack, but truth the told, other nights she’d be catching me.

The feeling of desperation turned into frustration as it seemed that everything we tried just wouldn’t work for either of us…

Japanese snacking

Miranda really wanted to go to the reunion, but at the same time she felt like she didn’t due to the extra lbs we’d both put on. You see back in high school I was what you called a ‘Jock’ sport was a huge part of my life back then I could eat what I want do what I want and I always had an athletic build.

The last thing I’d want was for my old classmates thinking I’d let myself go’ so I could completely relate to how Miranda was feeling and she was dreading it!

After continuous convincing on my part, we went. While we were there, we ran into one of Miranda’s old friends, Bridget, whom I must admit looked absolutely stunning.

You see Bridget had been one of those at school that always struggled with her weight. I could see Miranda was really uncomfortable which was understandable. However, she had to know and asked Bridget how she had managed such an amazing transformation because no matter what we did nothing was working. 

sliced pepperoni pizza

Bridget went on to tell us the main thing she learned from this expert was how to make a simple change to her daily routine.

The next day Miranda and I said what the heck.. we began to implement the simple change in our life.

All we could say is WOW! When we started to see the changes… I mean how could this simple ‘Japanese Tonic’ be so powerful?

I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason. By some divine intervention (and a 30th High School Reunion), we were introduced to this expert and this incredibly simple ‘Japanese Tonic’…

Happy Couple

…A 2-minute ritual that began to change our lives.

So after years and years of failed diets and workout routines, once we started to implement this super effortless Japanese tonic, the extra lbs seem to start melting away. 

Another thing that we began to realize was our energy levels literally went through the roof…

In all honesty, I still have to pinch myself at times… I mean HOW could something so simple be so powerful?

It pretty much goes against everything I’ve ever learned about weight loss, aging, metabolism and the human body in general.

In fact we learned that the real underlying cause of all those unwanted pounds, premature aging and disease had nothing to do with it:

🥊 How much we starved or deprived ourselves of our favorite foods

🥊 How long we spent at the gym doing grueling exercises

🥊 How many calories, sugar or carbohydrates we eat

🥊 How our genetics are

So how you’re asking? This guy is going to show you what exactly is the root cause of all these things and how implementing this simple ‘Japanese Tonic’ attacks the problem at the source.

So, Why Learn This Simple 2-Minute ‘Japanese Tonic’?

Ever since this simple ‘Japanese Tonic’ was presented to us, we were able to:

🔋  Finally eat most of what we wanted

🔋  Restore our energy and vitality

🔋  Stop having to do grueling amounts of exercise

🔋  FINALLY! Sleep for a sold 7-8 hrs nightly

🔋  Reduce our inflammation issues

🔋  Control our seemingly unstoppable hunger/cravings

🔋  Control our seemingly unstoppable hunger/cravings

🔋  Eliminate the feeling of hopelessness and constant failure

We were finally able to drop the pounds and keep them off…

Our lives these days have completely changed for the better. Plus, we’re now better equipped to never have to worry about losing control of our health again… Which is huge as we’re now considered ‘middle aged’. We can’t thank this guy enough.

I’m sure now you can see why we’re so passionate about sharing this simple ritual… so more people can start their own amazing transformations!

That being said click the button below or scroll to the top, take the quick survey and see how this super simple ‘Japanese Tonic’ is changing lives!


Carl & Miranda

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