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Which of the following is MOST true?
In the lower half, I hold most of my extra weight (buttocks, hips, and thighs)
I have more of an apple shape; my mid-section and my tummy area are my areas of concern
My extra weight is distributed evenly across my whole body
I've got more of an hour-glass figure but still could lose a few extra pounds
Which “weight-gain” story rings most true?
I am a little overweight and I have been dealing with weight loss all my life
Until recently I did not have any trouble managing my weight
After beginning either birth control and/or treatment for depression / anxiety, I found more weight-gain
After giving birth to my first child, my capacity to lose weight changed
Which answer best describes your general mood and energy on a daily basis:
I'm generally happy and have good daytime energy
I am more drained than I used to be in the last 5-10 years
I'm Fine, but I just feel off and not like myself
I have good (happy and energetic) days mixed with bad days (weariness, mild depression)
For help with mood and motivation, I use over-the-counter supplements and/or medications
What form of weight-loss has been most successful for you in the past?
Low-carb diets help me lose weight as fast as possible
A prescription drug or over-the-counter supplement performed very well
The most aided was calorie counting or point counting
For me, the easiest approach is to follow an exercise or cardio plan
What is the biggest challenge you face while trying to lose weight?
In the beginning, I would quickly lose weight, but then almost every time I reach a plateau
When losing weight, I feel extreme cravings and/or mood-swings
I typically feel exhausted while dieting, and sometimes experience headaches and/or poor sleep
I lose weight really slowly even when I initiate a new workout plan or diet
Which statement best describes your preferred source of information and guidance for weight loss?
I agree that doctors should be the authority for diet and exercise and that other medications are perfect for weight loss in the long term
The mainstream media (bloggers, YouTube gurus, Television doctors, etc.) appear to have the most up-to-date and useful weight loss information
I would prefer a trusted authority specializing in female-specific, permanent weight-loss and longevity to take advice
The most successful and healthy way to lose weight is to try out a little of something from different sources
I would like to take recommendations from those using the most up-to-date approaches with an extensive track record of performance
What age range are you:
18-29 years old
30-40 years old
41-59 years old
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  • Where weight is stored, is a direct reflection of how certain fat loss hormones perform. Tomatoes, for example, induce pancreatic inflammation for 67% of women who force fat accumulation in their mid-section.
  • When and how the weight was gained is a vital factor in how to lose it.
  • Your general feeling and attitude demonstrates how well your 3 core weight loss hormones work for you.
  • The “correct” or most effective way you lose weight can help us develop your custom instructions.
  • The most frequent challenge you face during weight loss will allow us to formulate your recommendations.
  • As women, if we trust or can agree with our source, we are known to have a 72-85 per cent better chance of achieving long-term weight loss.
  • There are growing concepts of diet and exercise that women need to avoid, depending on the age. Low-calorie diets, for example, are ideal for 18-25 year-old women, but can have long-term health effects when used in our 30’s and 40’s.
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