7 tips for more exercise in everyday life


Are you tired of driving to work and then sitting in an office chair for eight hours? Then try our tips for more exercise in everyday life – we guarantee red cheeks, a better mood, healthier joints, and a firm bottom!


Go for a walk instead of eating cake .

Why not meet up with your girlfriends to go for a walk instead of going to the café – that gets you really fit in the long run! Maybe you can even hold some business meetings while walking? Better than emptying the cookie plate in the conference room!


The classic: stairs instead of an elevator

The tip is old but also true: If you generally ignore the elevator and escalator and always climb the stairs, you do something for your fitness every day – and your tight butt! The stepper in the fitness center can pack up…


Telephoning as a fitness exercise

Do you also call for hours every day? In the office, on the couch? Then simply use this time as a workout. 


tips for more exercise


Meanwhile, walk on tiptoe through the office or apartment (caution – don’t fall over!), lift your legs sideways or forwards or crouch and stay there until your thighs burn. 

If you get a headset, you can even swing your arms sideways for minutes – incredibly tiring (and effective)!


New hobbies

Are your favorite leisure activities brunch, going to a café, or going to the movies (with lots of popcorn)? Then it’s time for new hobbies! Try it out and see if you enjoy swimming, bike rides, forest walks, line dancing, mountaineering, paragliding, bowling, etc.!


Use waiting times

We wait at the bus stop, at the checkout, at the post office – and we are annoyed about the lost time.


 In the future, you can use such waiting periods to your advantage. Just get into mountain pose and then work your way through your body: activate your inner thighs, alternately tighten your buttocks, activate Mula Bandha to work your pelvic floor, rhythmically pull your navel towards your spine (for a firm stomach), and push up unobtrusively your palms together for strong pecs (translation for female readers: “tight breasts”)!


Go new ways…or drive!

How about walking or cycling (at least part of) your commute in the future? Buy a colorful umbrella and boldly patterned rain boots, and just put your office shoes in your bag. While other people are stuck in traffic or have their toes stepped on in the bus, you will be able to stroll/cycle relaxed and fit through the area…


free yoga starter kit


Online Yoga!

You don’t make it to exercise regularly because your everyday life is too stressful? We have the solution: just spread out your yoga mat in the corner of your apartment and do 20 minutes of online yoga three times a week in the morning or evening. 


After just a few weeks, you will feel significantly healthier and stronger and have much more energy – I promise!