Mixing diet plans to supercharge your weight loss? Yes!


Either lose weight fast the hard way or lose weight with pleasure. We will tell you which diet could be suitable for you, how to mix them, and how to start plus all resources to achieve your weight loss goal much faster and with ease.


After all, the goal is clearly defined:  Lose weight quickly and let the pounds tumble. This will bring you a good deal closer to your dream figure and achieve your desired weight. Keeping an overview in the diet jungle is not easy.


Which diet suits meWe try to answer this question, and we give you a guide through the tangle of different diets. Dieting means losing weight and shedding unwanted pounds if you follow the right diet.


There are many curious diets on the market, which raise health questions and concerns. To avoid mistakes and get closer to the dream figure, we will answer the question: Which diet suits me, and how can I lose weight quickly?


Supercharging diet for weight loss



The trick is to mix multiple diets in one! Yes, the best way to lose weight quickly is by using a combat diet strategy. Mixing all 5 diets with short and intense exercise, we exposed one of the best short 20 minutes exercises with Pamela Riefs in this article, you are able to achieve much better results in a much shorter time period.


As we start with some diet, our bodies adjust themself in a couple of days and start to manage energies against our goals. With tour combat strategy, as your body starts to save energy and we stop seeing results, we recommend you to change your diet plan to the next level.


Changing diets means changing our body’s response. The body is not able to adjust to our meal plans and the energy we lose by exercise. The ideal and most effective cycle is 2 to 3 weeks between each diet plan. If you already have some diet experience, and you did not observe the promised effect, so this mixing diet strategy undoubtedly satisfies you. For those who want to see results even faster, with our recommended natural supplements, you can reach your dream figure before you end the entire 5 diets cycle.


Diet mixing plan for weight loss


Difference between Radical and Slow diet!


Which diet is right for me  – RADICAL DIET

If you want to go particularly fast and lose weight quickly, a radical diet is an option for you. According to experience reports, many people swear by a diet in which they only consume a maximum of 1000 calories per day. In 2 weeks, the pounds will certainly fall here. Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day and taking only apples as a base for your stomach is called a radical diet.


However, doctors advise against such diets. If you’re busy with your job, you won’t be able to perform at your best. Postpone a radical diet to your vacation. Another way to lose weight fast is to go vegan. Just give up animal products completely for a certain period. Fatty meat, high-calorie dairy products, and other “fatty foods” are automatically eliminated as a result.


Which diet suits me? If you are one of those who like to eat a lot of meat, a vegan diet certainly cannot hurt. The formula diet, with the help of special drinks, is also a radical diet. Here you feed yourself exclusively on drinks, which are specially mixed together. According to current studies, it makes no difference whether you lose weight particularly quickly or prefer a slow diet.


The small but subtle difference lies in the feasibility. Professionally busy people with tasks will only be able to go on a radical diet during the holiday season. The body simply does not perform at its best because of nutrients. Only do a radical diet for a limited period of time.


A doctor’s visit is mandatory beforehand. A radical diet is an alternative for people who like the hard way and want to lose weight quickly.



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Which diet is right for me – SLOWLY LOSE WEIGHT WITH PLEASURE

Diets are often associated with frustration. You want to lose weight fast and try a diet. Then you have reached your dream figure and cannot maintain the weight. A change in diet after or during the diet can prove to be very useful here. To minimize the unwanted JOJO effect, a slow diet makes sense.


The body simply has more time to adapt, and you don’t have to do without it completely.


Let’s Go start Mixing Radical Diet with Pleasure!


Smoothie diet master plan
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Here are the top 5 diets for rapid weight loss




To the question “which diet suits me?” the cabbage soup diet often comes up far ahead. Spilled over from America, the cabbage soup diet is becoming a more popular diet. This form of dieting has existed for more than 30 years.


Cabbage soup is the basis, and you can eat as much of it as you like. Bread and bananas as side dishes are taboo. You can expect a weight loss of  10 pounds (5 kilograms) in one week. The cabbage soup diet should also not be carried out for more than a week. An unpleasant side effect of cabbage: flatulence.



A Glyx diet is a form of low-carb eating. It is based on the blood sugar level, the glycemic index. In reality, this diet means that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains make up their menu. Fish, eggs, poultry, and dairy products are allowed as side dishes.


Wheat flour, potatoes, pasta, and sweets are taboo. You can carry out this diet without hesitation over a longer period of time. The permitted foods are full of fiber and fill you up quickly. Success is a little long in coming, but you can lose weight permanently with the Glyx diet.


the best time to start with diet is now!



With the low-fat diet, the name says it all. Only extremely low-fat foods are eaten. Which diet suits me? Here you have an alternative, and low fat is all the rage. The menu is balanced, and you don’t have to go without much. Steaming, baking, and roasting in foil are recommended.


Use all possibilities to get the fat out of the products or to minimize them. Then you can also eat meat. You can carry out this diet without any problems, even if you work and need strength. Low-fat foods play a major role here. You can lose weight permanently, and at the same time, you start a change in diet. If you like some help, Download and access your recipes here!



Which diet suits me? The Mediterranean diet sounds sunny, and it is. Fruit, vegetables, salad, and fish keep your circulatory system going, and you will soon be able to lose weight. Even visits to localities are no problem. Antipasti, fish, and salad should be on the table. Seafood is known for many healthy nutrients.


Mediterranean Diet


You live like you’re on vacation with the Mediterranean diet, and you can also lose weight quickly here. However, you must be in control. Many treats from the southern region are high in calories. Optimize your diet for fish, fruit, vegetables, and antipasti. As an addition (do not heat), Linseed oil rounds off the salad perfectly. Try this quiz to find out more if this program is right for you.



The Hollywood Diet is a celebrity diet. There are many types and forms here. Carbohydrates are reduced, and many expensive foods are added to the menu. Lobster, white meat, shrimp and exotic fruits guarantee a dream figure. Potatoes, salt, and fat are undesirable.


Proteins instead of carbohydrates this is the “secret” of the Hollywood diet. Due to the drastic reduction in carbohydrates, there is a high risk of having to fight the JOJO effect. This diet is almost a radical diet and should be discussed with your doctor beforehand. I wrote about this diet program in more detail in this article.


Hollywood fast diet plan


Mixing our 5 best diet plans to accelerate your weight loss goal – Conclusion

Which diet suits me? It is anything but easy to find the optimal diet. Numerous versions and types make the search difficult. A change in diet and exercise are the best mix to help you lose weight quickly. In order to hold your weight loss goal vital, the best way is to connect with friends or find some online forum with like-minded people. One of the best home-based programs with an active online group is Carly Donovan’s woman weight loss group! 


Originally our success stories didn’t do any formal exercise during their weight loss journey. I knew firsthand that most women didn’t have the time or energy to exercise.


Plus most workouts cater to a man’s higher testosterone level, which affects your unique female hormonal system negatively completely ruining your results.
It wasn’t until my team and I created a method designed to complement the female metabolism that we started using Movement Sequencing workouts to fast-track results.




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