2021 Affirmations to change your life.



If you are convinced that “you are what you think,” then your life really corresponds to your own thoughts. But just thinking that the desired result has already occurred is not enough to achieve your desired result. Put your thoughts into words and then put them into action. However, choose your words carefully according to the benefits for you and with positive and pleasant properties.



With affirmations, you cleanse your thoughts and replace negative with positive feelings. In this connection, the word “affirmation” arose, which combines beliefs and feelings. At the end of this process, you firmly believe that nothing is impossible for you.



The word “affirmation” comes from the Latin “affirmare,” which means something like “prepare” or “strengthen.” So be ready and strong for a good future.


In fact, affirmations strengthen those of our powers that we need to achieve a stated goal. When we put our goals and intentions into words, we empower ourselves with the deepest sense of certainty that the result has already occurred.



Affirmations are the proven method to rearrange brain structures and to rewire brain waves.


Affirmations for better life


Similar to exercising in sports, affirmations create increased levels of happiness hormones. They are responsible for the fact that our brain accelerates its activities properly by means of “positive neurons.”



When I moved my office from one room to another within my house, I went to the former office for several days, realized that my office is no longer there and then (consciously) went into the new office. After several days, I no longer have to consciously “think” about going to another room.



It took several days for my habits to change so much that I went to the right office without thinking.



As a result of your “thought language,” which usually has negative connotations, affirmations play THE main role in breaking the unfortunate cycle of negative thoughts and negative words to negative actions.


affirmations that will change your life


The quality of the words you think is crucial for shaping your future. After everything I have observed, experienced, and read myself, I am firmly convinced that we are so strongly connected to the universe that it absorbs our words and creates the desired result.


With every word spoken out loud, we send a sound wave into the universe. And even if the human ear can only pick up a certain spectrum of sound waves, the universe “hears” everything that we pick up in sound waves in our ear and send into our brain (so-called silent Subliminals). You can use this method during your meditation.


As a result, the thought out loud becomes a real object. Since no energy is lost in our universe, every object consists of previous invisible and immaterial thought energy.


No matter what words you say, they always work – either for us or against us. You have a choice that they work for YOU. If you keep saying, “I can’t do this or that!” Then the universe will fulfill your “wishes” and let you really not be able to do something.


So the universal power is directed against you.


However, if you tell the universal force, “Yes, I can!” Instead, it will equip you with the skills to do exactly the right thing to achieve the desired result or goal.


It will equip you with the tools you need for your project and procure the raw and auxiliary materials that make up the new product and bring you together with the people who will help you manufacture the product or carry out your service.


Speak the following affirmations loud and clear, with no fear or any anger in your voice.


35 affirmations that will change your life


The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. With the following 35 affirmations, you bring your full potential onto the slopes, and they will change your life:


1.) I am the architect and designer of my own life. I build its foundation and choose the lived content.


2.) Today I am full of energy and drunk with joy.


3.) My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is pure


4.) I am above my negative thoughts and poor performance


5.) I have endless talents that I will start using today


6.) I forgive everyone who has ever harmed me and part with them in a peaceful farewell


7.) I have compassion for all people who have ever harmed me and replace anger at them with love


8.) The universal life energy accompanies and guides each of my steps and leads me to everything that I have to know and do


9.) My relationship is getting stronger, deeper, and more stable every day


10.) I have all the qualities to be very successful


11.) My business or my work is growing, flourishing, and thriving.


12.) Creative energy floods me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas


13.) I choose the option to be happy and base my happiness on my own achievements and the blessings I have given


14.) The ability to meet my challenges is limitless, and my potential for success is infinite


15.) I do a great job and am paid appropriately for my work, efforts, and ideas. Every day I get closer to my perfect job.


16.) I am brave and stand up for myself


17.) My thoughts are filled with good, happy, and positive thoughts, and my life is filled with prosperity


18.) I declare that I am giving up old habits and replacing them with new, positive ones


19.) Many people look to me and recognize my worth: I am recognized!


20.) I have been blessed with great families and wonderful friends


21.) I am aware of my own worth, and my self-confidence increases


22.) Everything that happens now is for my highest self-fulfillment


23.) My strength is inexhaustible


24.) My current life is difficult and only lasts a short period


25.) My future is an ideal projection of what I imagine


26.) My striving and my endeavors are supported by the universe, and my dreams come true before my eyes


27.) I have the perfect partner in my life


28.) I exude beauty, charm, and grace.


29.) I conquer every disease and get healthier day by day


30.) All obstacles on my way are removed, and my way up is paved with success


31.) Today I wake up with strength in my heart and clarity in my thoughts


32.) My fears of tomorrow simply melt away.


33.) I am at peace with everything that has happened, is happening, and is about to happen.


34.) My nature is divine, and I am a spiritual being


35.) My life starts right now.


You can use each of these beliefs alone, or you can put together a combination of them. In any case, you should create a deep connection with the universe, say everything with conviction, in your own voice, so that it will happen in the real world.


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