In 3 steps to the summer figure – visible results in 4 weeks.

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It’s never too late for the perfect summer figure.


The next visit to the beach is in sight? Are you running late and have let your fitness program slide despite good intentions?


No problem.


The perfect time to get started is… NOW!

In this article, you will find answers to the following questions:


  • Why you should start right now.
  • What does “perfect summer figure” actually mean?
  • In 3 steps to the summer figure – the ultimate guide


And much more. So let’s get started – it’s now or never.


summer figure why you should start NOW


Perfect summer figure: why you should start NOW

The days are getting longer. The bastards are getting quieter. The sun is brighter, more sporting opportunities and exercise is becoming more fun.


If not now, then when?

Many of us like to wear tight-fitting, comfortable clothes in the summer.


It shows who was busy in winter and spring. And who doesn’t – too.

Some people are tempted to skip summer activities altogether because they are uncomfortable in their skin and dissatisfied with their bodies.


Not for you! Firstly, you don’t need it anyway, and SECONDLY:


  • you may have put it off (experts say “procrastinated”).
  • it may be that you haven’t thought enough about yourself and your body.
  • but damn it, then go the extra mile and get started – TODAY!


I’m not telling you it will be easy.


4 weeks to perfect summer figure


But I promise you it’s simple.

If you set a 90-day goal and are willing to work at it EVERY DAY, you can achieve the form you dream of today.


The summer figure master plan contains only 3 elements. These low-hanging fruits will give you visible results in 4 weeks.


Even if you’ve been lazy for the past few months.


 Even when the beach holiday is in sight.


Along the way, you will develop new habits. You’re laying a foundation you can build on in the following months to keep improving your form.


But first, you have to decide.


perfect summer figure in 4 weeks training


What is your perfect summer figure?

Before you put your feet up and rush off to get “fit,” you should first go into yourself and make it clear what you want to achieve.


It would help if you had a goal.


“Summer figure” is not a goal. It’s fog in bags.


Just like fitness is not a goal.


If you start now without a clear idea of ​​precisely what you want to achieve in 90 days, you are doing what many people do when trying to “lose weight” for the tenth time and then give up after a few days.


Success becomes a lottery game if you start running without a clear goal.


Very few people know how to set goals that inspire them daily.


Rather start our new step-by-step fitness program where you learn how to do it. I prepared a special discounted offer for you – I want you to take the initiative and leave your comfort zone.


Endurance sports and sprints


Perfect Summer Figure #1 – Endurance sports and sprints

Right now, outdoor cardio is enjoyable.


Even early in the morning, you can do sports outdoors in daylight.

Running is one of the many ways to burn fat fast—if you know what to look for. 


Because what you want to achieve is that you burn as much fat and as little sugar as possible while running.


You can achieve this in two ways:


  •       30+ minutes of continuous running in the “fasted state”– i.e., when you have low glycogen in your blood from previously eaten foods. You can achieve this by running (cycling, swimming, rowing, …) in the morning before breakfast or doing the endurance unit directly after your strength training.
  •       15 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) right after your strength training. During muscle-building training, your body transports fat from your depots into the blood through triglycerides.


Since strength training is largely anaerobic, some fats are not burned during muscle training. This is exactly what you can achieve with a short HIIT or a longer cardio unit after strength training (see summer figure strategy #2).


If time is a factor for you, then HIIT is your friend.


When I talk about HIIT, I see Usain Bolt giving it his all in my mind.

And that’s the idea of ​​HIIT – you do everything you can to push your metabolism to the limit and trigger the magical afterburn effect.


Before you sprint like a berserker, you should consider one crucially important point.


find the right HIIT intensity


This is how you find the right HIIT intensity.

If you haven’t trained in a while – take it easy! It’s not about the gold medal in the 100-meter sprint.


I recommend the following to my clients:


Anyone who moves little in everyday life and has spent a lot of time sitting can initially remain seated.


And on a bicycle ergometer.


You can alternately “sprint” for 30 seconds and “rest” for 30 seconds.


I choose this middle ground to:


  • to avoid injuries
  • determine how fit my client is,
  • to avoid a mental “burnout” and still
  • to burn FAT.


After a few HIIT sets, I’ll know if the workout is too hard or too easy for him.


Burn Fat Fast new Generation supplements


Then I adjust the intervals and have it repeat some intervals:


  • Unchallenged? 40-second sprint with 20-second rest.
  • Overwhelmed? 20-second sprint with 40-second rest.


If you don’t know your stress limit, this is a good way for you to find the right intensity.


In other articles, you will find more HIIT training plans and basics about HIIT training and cardio training.


Summer Figure Heavy Weight Training


Perfect Summer Figure #2 – Heavy Weight Training

Cardio training and HIIT sprints will help you increase your energy needs and burn extra fat in the short term.


But if you really want to lose fat, there’s no getting around strength training.

Muscle-building training with heavy weights is the master key for your summer figure.


When you train your muscles, your body releases fat-burning hormones.

Fatty acids are released from your stores into the blood. This makes it more readily available as an energy source.


You can increase this effect even further by keeping the breaks between your training sets short (30-60 seconds) and keeping your metabolism going.


Many women fear becoming a female version of Schwarzenegger by lifting “heavyweights.”


That’s why they train with pink weights in the high rep range. Firstly, this is usually a waste of time, and secondly, the fear is unfounded:


  • Your diet — how many calories you eat daily — determines whether you gain muscle or lose fat.
  • Building muscle takes time.


With a slight energy deficit, strength training with heavy weights will help you achieve your perfect summer figure.


strength training when losing weight


Why there is no alternative to strength training when losing weight

Take a balloon. Blow it up really nice and tight. Now tie it up and leave it for a few days.


What does the balloon look like after a few days when it only contains half the air?


I would say “wrinkled .” The outer skin loses tension.


The same can happen to your skin when you lose weight without weight training.


So do you have to do strength training?




I’ll be the last to tell you, “You have to .”


I like the thought that you want!


Summer Figure Six-Pack Diet


Perfect Summer Figure #3 – Six-Pack Diet

If the right training gets you 30% towards your summer figure, the right diet makes up the remaining 70%.


Even if I repeat myself :


The perfect summer figure is also created in the kitchen!


I could write a book on proper nutrition – the topic is as complex as you like.


My motto today: “Keep it simple!”


Five things to watch out for:


  •       No “processed” carbohydrates like sugar, white flour products, rice, and pasta. You should also reduce or eliminate whole grain products and switch to protein-rich foods and lots of – especially green – vegetables. Try this special Custom Keto Diet Plan! It has amazing results.
  •       No liquid calories. Our brain does not register high-calorie drinks (e.g., juice, soft drinks,…) as a meal. The extra calories you eat will not make you feel fuller or happier. Zero-calorie drinks like tea and black coffee are fine.
  •       Protein up, carbs down! The protein keeps your metabolism going and ensures that you lose fat but not muscle when you lose weight. In addition, protein keeps you full for longer.
  •       Drink waterDrink 3-4 liters a day. If you are well-hydrated, your body can break down fat optimally. A plateau when losing weight often occurs when my customers drink too little.


This also prevents you from getting an appetite, which is actually due to thirst.


 By the way, one of my clients solved the problem with a carafe. A smart idea.


Time required with some practice: max. 3 minutes/day.

Most people get fat because they don’t do the first two.


get your diet under control


Why do you want to keep an eye on the speedometer?

Do you remember the driving school?

Think of the moment you were driving in city traffic or on the freeway for the first time.


Would you have managed to keep to the speed limit without a speedometer?

Once you have gained experience behind the wheel, you will have developed a feeling for how fast you are driving – you need to look at the speedometer less and less.


It’s the same if you want to get your diet under control.

To start, it’s a good idea to look at the speedometer – and start tracking your diet


This will make you aware of your current eating habits, and you can – step by step – make adjustments. You’ll learn a lot about healthy foods at the same time.


Over time, looking at the “speedometer” is less and less necessary.

In this article, you will learn more about accurate tracking and why there are no mistakes and regressions.



say goodbye to sugar


How to say goodbye to sugar & co

Many of my customers are shocked when I tell them what is good for them and what is not.


Believe me. Like most people, I love sweets, baked goods, rice, and pasta.


But I rarely think about it anymore.


It’s a matter of habit. That is the good news.

You can change habits. I’ve done it, my clients have done it – and so can you.


To establish a new habit, you can take at least 21 days. Change one little thing at a time. Be patient. And stay tuned – then you slowly switch to “autopilot.


3 steps to the summer figure


3 Steps to the summer figure – Conclusion

You’ve procrastinated long enough, procrastinated long enough. Is Summer just around the corner – too late for the summer body?


Never. It is never too late!


I’m not promising you it will be easy.


But it can be incredibly fun if you feel first, then see how you make progress. And then you are approached by other people:


“You’ve changed…compliment!”


If you really want it and are willing to invest and work hard – you will make it!


Burn Fat Fast new Generation supplements


Then you can already achieve results in 4 weeks that you feel and see.

And you can build momentum and adopt new healthy habits that give you a tailwind. Tailwind, which will also help you to stay tuned in autumn.


So go for it!


If you’ve been putting off the “summer figure” project since the beginning of the year, you now know three simple strategies to achieve the first visible results in 4 weeks.


Starting with a 90-day goal is best, as described in this private home coaching program. After all, the first four weeks are just the beginning.