3 new HIIT workout fat killers: This is how you give yourself the rest in 5 minutes


Do you have what it takes for a HIIT workout adventure? There are These days. You want to be exhausted after training. Here are 3 workout finishers that pack a punch – and make you happy in 5 minutes.


You’re done with your workout. But you still have a few minutes.


And you long for that pleasant feeling when you get out of the shower. Warm somehow cleaned “from the inside.” Physically tired and mentally wide awake.


The treadmill HIIT workout and cardio machines are too boring for you today. You might otherwise do your 20 or 30 minute HIIT workout and get your fat burning going again after your muscle-building training. But you can finish your training with a fast and effective HIIT workout.


In just 5 minutes!


Today you will get to know three of my favorite HIIT workout finishers. Each is an adventure in itself: from exhausting to hellish, with or without equipment, and all three without equipment.


Equipment: Which HIIT workout equipment do you need?

The point is really easy.


  • For HIIT Workout Finisher No. 2, you only need your body weight,
  • a couple of dumbbells are enough for the first HIIT workout,
  • kettlebell for the third finisher.


In the long run, I think a combination of dumbbell and bodyweight training is ideal for building a strong, lean, resilient, and attractive body.


With a couple of dumbbells and your body, you can do most HIIT workout finishers comfortably at home. You can get started today. There are no excuses. Here you will find a simple muscle-building training plan without equipment.


Even when it comes to fitness equipment for the home, you always have the most important training device with you: your own body.


So there are no more excuses. Let’s get started!


Ready to go?


If you think you’re in great shape and have experience in kettlebell training, then I’ll get you small with Numero 3 at the latest. 


HIIT Workout Finisher - The "shoulder grinder"

1, HIIT Workout Finisher – The “shoulder grinder”

Number one is a Tabata-style dumbbell shoulder press workout variation.


You can do this exercise pretty much anywhere you have dumbbells (or something similar) handy.




  • Grab 2 relatively light dumbbells, one in each hand.
  • Position yourself so you have a watch with a second display in the view.
  • Feet are shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold the dumbbells at your sides at shoulder height, palms facing in.

Here we go

Do this Tabata circuit for 4 minutes (= 8 rounds) with a constant intensity.


  • Dumbbell shoulder presses without rest – for 20 seconds.
  • 10-second break


Pay attention to a clean technique for 4 minutes (see video).


2, HIIT Workout Finisher – The “Pushup Pyramid”


Pushup Pyramid

You can do number two with every imaginable push-up variant.


Choose a number between 1 and 10.


Here we go

Suppose you took the 4.


  • Do 1 push-up and rest for 2 seconds in the top position.
  • Do 2 push-ups and rest in the top position for 2 seconds.
  • Do 3 push-ups and rest in the top position for 2 seconds.
  • Do 4 push-ups and rest in the top position for 2 seconds.
  • Do 3 push-ups and rest in the top position for 2 seconds.
  • Do 2 push-ups and rest in the top position for 2 seconds.
  • Do 1 push-up, fall over, and let yourself be renewed.


The higher the number, the more difficult. By the way, the 2-second break is more demanding than it sounds. 


kettlebell circuit

3, HIIT Workout Finisher – The hopscotch kettlebell circuit

You should only do this finisher if you are familiar with kettlebells and know the four following exercises.


And this thing is at least as tricky as it sounds.


Here we go

Remember, all of those repetitions are without a break. 


  • 20-second swings
  • 20-second cleans
  • 20-second press (start position at shoulder height)
  • 20 seconds clean and press
  • 20 seconds press
  • 20-second cleans
  • 20-second swings
  • Lie down until the muscle burn is bearable again, and be proud of yourself …!


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HIIT Workout Finisher – Conclusion: Operation successful, the patient being ventilated?

One of the three HIIT workout finishers should be optimal for your fitness level. This should make it easy to end your training session with a bang. The afterburn effect ensures that you are still firing on all cylinders hours after training.


These 3 HIIT workout finishers are my favorites from fitness coach Jason “Cardio sucks” Ferruggia’s book Renegade Cardio. I see things differently with the “Cardio Sucks,” but if a total of 52 ingenious HIIT workout finishers come out of it, I should be fine with that.


I got Renegade Cardio on the recommendation of a friend’s trainer and was immediately hooked. One of the best workout books I’ve read on the subject.


If short, intense HIIT workouts are your thing, you are not a fitness newcomer, and you would like to get suggestions, you can download the e-book here. There’s no risk. Jason offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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