Water is the best healer – learn how to interpret the signals correctly.



Almost all essential metabolic processes are served by water. Water is our most crucial solvent and means of transport. There are many signs of a lack of water in your body. You may have just forgotten how to interpret the signals correctly.


Consume at least two and a half liters of water every day!

Even more so with physical exertion in the hot season. Because water is (life) important:


…for your cells

Water is the most important means of transport for our organism. It brings oxygen into the cells, collects the used gases, and transports them to the lungs to be breathed out again. Around 13 billion cells are embedded in water in our bodies. In our cells, all substances that enter are transformed, transformed, and rearranged.


drink more water


…for your joints

Our “synovial fluid” diminishes over time, which can result in arthritis and back pain. Water is used as a lubricant in the crevices of the joints. The signals of a lack of water can be joint pain and stinging pain. In the worst case, the bones can rub against each other, causing inflammation or even rheumatism. Having enough water keeps our joints supple, and everyone knows that flexible joints are also a sign of youthfulness.


Of course, we’re all getting older, but we don’t have to look old. Your skin urgently needs water. If you drink too little water, your skin will dry out. This lack of water can only be compensated for inadequately or hardly at all with expensive moisturizers because the skin also needs water from within. When it is dry from the inside, the cells shrivel up, so to speak, and they can only fill up again when they are given what they need: water


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woman drinking water


…for your blood

Water thins your blood. Water is also reducing the risk of blood clots and thrombosis. Water is lowering blood pressure. If the blood’s water content in our body has decreased, it can lead to tiredness and sluggishness, weak drive, and difficulty concentrating. To always have enough blood circulating in the body, we have to drink enough water throughout the day.


(Marginalia) In an optimal, well-hydrated state, our blood consists of almost 94 percent water!


…for your lungs

The red blood cells can store more oxygen with a sufficient supply of water. During breathing, water evaporates, the alveoli are very sensitive. They depend on being continuously moistened. If this is not the case, the bronchi become more prone to respiratory diseases. Every day we lose around 1.2 liters of water through breathing and the skin.


…for your DNA

Water can prevent damage to our genetic make-up. The mechanisms for repairing the DNA are supported by water.




…for your heart

Our heart is a suction and pressure pump! The blood moves – just like the water in nature – meandering through our organism. Since the blood pressure can be lowered by adequate water supply, our heart is relieved. So everyone can prevent a heart attack. If around ten percent of the body water is lost, there is a risk of a stroke or heart attack.


If more than 20 percent of body water is lost, the organism is life-threateningly weakened.


…for your kidneys and your liver

Water supports our most important detoxification organs in their work. It washes the toxins out of our body and dissolves deposits. If these two organs can no longer work properly due to a lack of water, a kind of “re-poisoning” occurs in the body. Our kidneys filter and purify about 180 liters of fluid per day. Two liters of this are then excreted as urine. If your urine is almost as clear as water, then you have drunk enough.


…for your brain

Headaches, tiredness, memory loss, and poor concentration are just a few of the symptoms when our brain does not get enough water. The brain consists of almost 95 percent water and swims in its own “water bed,” the cerebral fluid. If it is not supplied with enough water and oxygen, it quickly reports pain signals to indicate the deficiency. The brain is also involved in hormone production. 1400 liters of blood flow through our brain every day.


30 Day Challenge 2
30 Day Water Challenge Survey



…for your connective tissue

The connective tissue has an important support function for our organism. It can store a lot of water because the cells can soak up like a sponge. If there is always enough water available to our connective tissue, it is nice and firm and hardly wrinkles on the outside.


…for your eyes

Our eyes are almost 99 percent water! The pollutants in the air, insufficient oxygen supply, or too much work on the computer can make the eyes dry. Water effectively prevents this symptom. The tear fluid consists of water and salt. We need these so that our eyes are adequately moistened. Shining eyes are a symbol of beauty and make people appear charismatic.


…for your bones

Our solid bone tissue still consists of almost 22 percent water. If you drink only too little water, the body begins to get this water from everywhere it can get it – including from the bones. This can result in osteoporosis (bone loss). The risk of bone fractures with increasing age, which is often caused by osteoporosis, can be reduced by drinking water.


Muscle training


…for your muscles

Well-trained muscles consist of 75 percent water. To maintain our muscular system, the body needs water. Tight muscles also help in getting a beautiful body silhouette.

High-quality fruit and vegetables are also a good way to keep the muscles tight and vital.


…for your metabolism

Almost all important metabolic processes are served by water. Water is our most important solvent and means of transport. There are many signs of a lack of water in your body. You may have just forgotten how to interpret the corresponding signals correctly. In general, we think that a dry mouth is the first sign of thirst.


That is not correct. The first signs of thirst can be heartburn, poor concentration, feeling hungry, headache, neck pain, bad mood, bad breath, joint pain, pain when walking, discouragement, etc.


As you can see, many symptoms can lead to a single cause: you are drinking too little, or you are drinking the wrong thing.


TIP – Don’t wait to feel thirsty. Just get into the habit of drinking two liters of water every day. Place two bottles with the glass within easy reach, preferably on the desk, and keep drinking something throughout the day until the two bottles are empty.


Take this video survey to learn more about water detox and if this method can help you also.


With a cup of coffee – which, as we now know, draws water from the body – you should drink two glasses of water so that the kidneys have a chance to detoxify this drink again. Better: drink unsweetened herbal or fruit tea instead.


The industrially produced juices and lemonades are also not ideal water substitutes; they are often mixed with various sweeteners that can upset our enzyme balance. Try homemade juices and smoothies with this excellent recipe guide.


In order to get – and maintain – beautiful skin, a healthy appearance, and a positive charisma, we have to learn to listen to our bodies again. In this way, we come back into a natural balance and can also face everyday life with more benevolence.


Water Moccasin recipe


Stressful day? Try this 😉


Water Moccasin Shot Recipe

The Water Moccasin shot highlight five ingredients:

  • whiskey
  • peach schnapps
  • triple sec
  • lime juice
  • and simple syrup


It is one of the famous shots at college bars and, as you try it, you will understand why.


You can choose your favorite whiskey when making the Water Moccasin cocktail, but no need to reach for anything particularly expensive or refined. A tried and true bottle like Crown Royal does the trick and is a typical pick among bartenders.


Given the Water Moccasin’s mix of ingredients, it works best as a chilled shot. But if you really like the flavor, you can always pour the drink over ice and sip it as a cocktail. See below for the recipe, and enjoy.


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