139 protein foods that will help you lose weight and build muscle

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The Ultimate Chart – 139 Protein Foods that will make you look good in a swimsuit.


Getting fat has probably never been easier than it is today. This table of protein foods will help you.


Sometimes I feel like Neo in the Matrix – red pill or blue pill?


The blue pill is tempting because you don’t have to change: you just let yourself be lulled by convenience food marketing and believe in nutrition at the push of a button.


You continue to live in an illusion, a simulation of the perfect, average life.


Or you take the red pill. Take the path that takes you out of your comfort zone.


It’s not the easiest way. But you create your future.


Do you want the red pill? Then this article will help you find the right way out of your comfort zone as quickly as possible.


Why does the protein food table help you


Why does the protein food table help you?

40,000. You can choose from so many products in the supermarket.


Sounds like diversity at the dining table. But most of these products contribute to the fact that 6 out of 10 Americans are overweight – and the trend is rising.


However, there is also an unprecedented variety of healthy foods.


Lately, there are more ways than ever to eat healthily.


Protein foods are part of every meal. Not only because protein is an essential building material for the immune system, muscles, and organs.


Protein fills you up and keeps you full. And for a long time.


Conversely, your body often signals cravings if you don’t get enough of them.


Which foods provide the most protein, taste, AND fit into your nutritional model? The question is often not so easy to answer with all the selection.


My coaching clients receive a  positive list from me that includes hundreds of healthy naked-look-good foods.


People who want to lose weight in particular often suffer from feelings of lack: “I’m not allowed to eat this and that anymore.” That is of little help.


Let’s focus on what you want to eat MORE of in the future?


I am sharing part of this list – the best protein sources – with you in this article. Below you can also download and print out the protein-containing food table as a PDF.


There are good and bad protein foods.


Because “good” sources of protein are sometimes quite a calorie bomb, you should look out for protein-rich foods that are comparatively low in calories if you want to lose fat.


Unfortunately, looking at the nutritional value label is not always helpful.


With a little trick, you solve this dilemma. All you need to know is the  PQ of a food.


low-calorie route to more protein


PQ: The low-calorie route to more protein

The idea comes from my colleague Bret Contreras.


Nutritional tables tell you calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat.


A key figure is missing. And that is (waist) worth its weight in gold.


I call it the protein quotient or PQ for short:


The protein quotient (PQ) shows how much protein a portion of food contains per 100 kcal.


The PQ is between 0 (= no protein at all) and 25 (= pure protein) in percent (%). 


This means that foods with a high PQ provide a lot of protein but comparatively few calories. Simplified:


If you want to lose weight, you need a high PQ.


Because of the high protein content, you will feel full and tend to eat less.


selection of the ten best protein foods


Here is a selection of the ten best protein foods to lose weight


  1.    Skinless chicken breast  (turkey breast or turkey breast)
  2.    Venison  (deer steak, deer schnitzel and rabbit fillet)
  3.    Fish and seafood(cod, hake, pollock, flounder, pike, lobster, sole, tuna, or wild salmon)
  4.    Chicken egg whites
  5.    Lean cheeses  (Harz cheese and cottage cheese)
  6.    Low-fat quark
  7.    Skyr
  8.    Protein bread
  9.    Seitan
  10.   Protein Powder  (Soy Isolate, Protein 96, and Whey Isolate)



The Ultimate Protein Food Chart

The protein food table is divided into five groups:


  1. Meat
  2. Fish
  3. Dairy products and eggs
  4. Vegetable protein sources
  5. Dietary supplements (sports nutrition)


Units :

  • Protein (P), carbohydrates (CH), and fat (F) in grams
  • Calorific value in kcal
  • Protein quotient (PQ) in grams of protein per 100 kcal
  • All information per 100 g of food


If you are missing a protein-containing food on the table, please send it to me in an email. If possible, also name the nutrients and thereby help other readers.


Protein Foods Table #1 – Meat


Tip:  The tables are interactive, i.e., you can sort them by clicking on the respective column heading. So you can filter out foods with a lot of protein and little fat.


Protein Foods Table #1 – Meat

Protein Rich MeatPCHFkcalPQ
Beef jerky46.02.75.524019
Buffalo, hack20.20.17.214614
Buffalo, steak, lean (bison)
Pheasant, lean22.00.05.213516
Deer steak23.10.02.111121
Chicken breast22.10.02.611419
Chicken, whole, with skin18.80.010.316811
Veal, Fillet21.20.03.811918
Veal, Hack19.70.07.714813
Calf, Hind leg22.20.01.610322
Veal, Chop20.70.08.716113
Veal, Liver19.64.64.313515
Veal, Sirloin Chop, Steak22.80.02.411320
Veal, Shoulder, Roast20.20.04.812416
Rabbit, fillet24.30.01.511122
Lamb, fillet20.40.03.411218
Lamb, Sirloin Chop21.80.03.311719
Horse meat, lean21.40.01.910321
Turkey, Minced meat17.40.79.816111
Turkey breast, skinless24.60.01.010723
Venison, cutlet22.50.01.710521
Beef, fillet, loin21.20.04.012118
Beef, mince19.70.513.620210
Beef, mince, tartare21.40.03.011319
Beef, hind leg22.60.02.311120
Beef, leg20.60.04.312117
Beef, liver20.55.33.913815
Beef, neck19.00.09.316012
Beef, topside21.70.02.611120
Beef, saddle (roast beef)
Beef, Shoulder (Bow)
Pork, Knuckle25.60.77.617315
Pork hind leg22.60.02.711520
Pork, loin22.90.05.113817
Ostrich, fillet22.40.01.711120
Turkey breast24.00.01.310822
Shoulder of ham, Pork18.60.43.310618
Wild Rabbit21.80.02.311419
Wild Boar19.50.09.316112


Protein content in meat per serving

Protein Rich MeatP per 100 gPortion SizeP per portionCalories per serving
Turkey, Minced meat17.412021193
Shoulder of ham, Pork18.620037212
Chicken, whole, with skin18.815028252
Beef, neck19.020038320
Wild Boar19.520039322
Veal, Liver19.612034254
Beef, mince19.712024242
Veal, Hack19.720039296
Beef, Shoulder (Bow)20.220040258
Buffalo, hack20.220040292
Veal, Shoulder, Roast20.220040248
Lamb, fillet20.420041224
Beef, liver20.520041276
Beef, leg20.620041242
Veal, Chop20.720041322
Buffalo, steak, lean (bison)21.620043218
Beef, fillet, loin21.220042242
Veal, Fillet21.220042238
Beef, mince, tartare21.412026136
Horse meat, lean21.420042242
Beef, topside21.720043222
Lamb, Sirloin Chop21.820044234
Wild Rabbit21.820044228
Pheasant, lean22.015033203
Chicken breast22.115032171
Calf, Hind leg22.220044206
Ostrich, fillet22.415034167
Beef, saddle (roast beef)22.520045260
Venison, cutlet22.520045210
Beef, hind leg22.620045222
Pork hind leg22.620045230
Veal, Sirloin Chop, Steak22.820046226
Pork, loin22.920046276
Deer steak23.120046222
Turkey breast24.015036162
Rabbit, fillet24.320049222
Turkey breast, skinless24.615037161
Pork, Knuckle25.620051346
Beef jerky46.0301472


Protein Foods Table #2 - Fish


Protein Foods Table #2 – Fish

Fish Rich In ProteinPCHFkcalPQ
Anchovies, canned28.90.09.721014
Sea ​​bream18.40.02.09719
Salmon, smoked23.90.08.216714
Canned anchovy in oil
, drained
Iridescent curls, smoked26.10.07.016816
Tuna, fresh23.40.06.214916
Tuna in water,
canned, drained
Wild Salmon25.00.01.011422


Protein content in fish per serving

Fish Rich In ProteinP per 100 gPortion SizeP per portionCalories per serving
Sea ​​bream18.420037194
Tuna, fresh23.420047298
Salmon, smoked23.920046334
Wild Salmon25.020050228
Tuna in water,
canned, drained
Iridescent curls, smoked26.120052336
Canned anchovy in oil
, drained
Anchovies, canned28.930963


Dairy Products and Eggs


Protein Foods Table #3 – Dairy Products and Eggs

Protein Rich Egg and dairy productsPCHFkcalPQ
Chicken egg whites10.50.30.14424
Cream cheese preparation, semi-fat10.73.65.010510
Cream cheese preparation, lean13.44.01.08216
Cottage cheese, low-fat13.33.31.48116
Cottage cheese, full fat12.62.64.310212
Yoghurt, skimmed4.34.20.13811
Cheese, Camembert, semi-fat24.30.08.617514
Cheese, Harz cheese30.00.00.812624
Cheese, Mozzarella, reduced fat19.01.08.515712
Milk, Buttermilk3.24.00.53310
Milk, skimmed3.55.00.13610
Cottage cheese, low-fat13.54.00.27518


Protein content in dairy products and eggs per serving

Protein Rich Egg and dairy productsP per 100 gPortion SizeP per portionCalories per serving
Chicken egg whites10.550522
Cream cheese preparation, semi-fat10.720021210
Cream cheese preparation, lean13.420027164
Cottage cheese, low-fat13.320027162
Cottage cheese, full fat12.620025204
Yoghurt, skimmed4.3200976
Cheese, Camembert, semi-fat24.330753
Cheese, Harz cheese30.030938
Cheese, Mozzarella, reduced fat19.030647
Milk, Buttermilk3.2250883
Milk, skimmed3.5250990
Cottage cheese, low-fat13.520027150


Foods Table #4 – Plant Protein


Protein Foods Table #4 – Plant Protein

Plant-based FoodsPCHFkcalPQ
Organifi Green Juice53.340.00.034216
Brown lentils23.349.21.43098
Protein bread31.14.79.022214
Lamb's Lettuce2.01.80.42110
King Oyster Mushroom4.43.30.03313
Green beans2.45.00.0337
Green peas711.00.4848
Kidney beans2136.512957
Red lenses26.757.81.53528
Bean sprouts5.57.11.05510
Spirulina, fresh5.92.10.43716
Spirulina, dried59.820.24.136716
Sweet lupine, crushed33.16.25.929211
White beans2135.01.62857


Organifi green juice


Protein content in plant foods per serving

Plant-based FoodsP per 100 gPortion SizeP per portionCalories per serving
Organifi Green Juice53.33016100
Brown lentils23.36014185
Protein bread31.1401389
Lamb's Lettuce2.080217
King Oyster Mushroom4.42501183
Green beans2.460120
Green peas760450
Kidney beans216013177
Red lenses26.76016211
Bean sprouts5.580444
Spirulina, fresh5.91014
Spirulina, dried59.810636
Sweet lupine, crushed33.15017146
White beans216013171


Protein Foods Table #5 - Dietary Supplements


Protein Foods Table #5 – Dietary Supplements (Sports Nutrition)

Dietary SupplementsPCHFkcalPQV
Casein, protein powder77.94.82.136521
Hemp protein, protein powder50.024.012.038913X
Protein 96, protein powder90.91.71.239123
Rice Protein, protein powder76.019.00.029019X
Soy Isolate, protein powder90.00.50.536725X
Warrior Blend, protein powder74.08.08.040019X
Whey Isolate, protein powder90.43.11.139423
Body Attack Carb Control, protein bars45.022.015.037412
Foodspring vegan protein bar33.341.78.328312X
Frey 55er, protein bar56.016.010.037415
OX bars, protein bars40.01.05.021019
AmFit chocolate fudge, protein bars32.631.68.632110
Quest Bar (Vanilla Almond), protein bars33.335.013.331711
Weider High Protein Low Carb, protein bars41.020.09.032013


Protein content in dietary supplements per serving

Dietary SupplementsP per 100 gPortion SizeP per portionCalories per servingV
Casein, protein powder77.93023110
Hemp protein, protein powder50.03015117X
Protein 96, protein powder90.93027117
Rice Protein, protein powder76.03023114X
Soy Isolate, protein powder90.03027110X
Warrior Blend, protein powder74.03022120X
Whey Isolate, protein powder90.43027118
Body Attack Carb Control, protein bars45.06020193
Foodspring vegan protein bar33.3301085X
Frey 55er, protein bar56.05028187
OX bars, protein bars40.05020105
AmFit chocolate fudge, protein bars32.64515143
Quest Bar (Vanilla Almond), protein bars33.310045374
Weider High Protein Low Carb, protein bars41.04521160


Note: Vegan sports foods are marked with an “x” in the last column. You can find good quality products on Amazon, in your local gym, or use the internet search engine. Write the name of your preferred product and add a “near me” search term to find some store near to your location.


This is how you use the protein food table


This is how you use the protein food table to lose weight and build muscles.

All foods mentioned are MBSC formula compliant. How to use the table to your advantage:


  1.     You make better decisions.

 The lists give you an overview of the best protein sources for a lean and muscular body.

 It is deliberately not a complete database of ready-made menus or even a list of “forbidden” foods.

 You won’t find any restaurant menus, fast food, or ready meals.

 In bookstores and online, you can find some nutritional charts with thousands of entries.

 Most people intuitively know pretty well which foods are unhealthy. The idea behind the protein food chart is to give you more choices among the things that are good for you.


  1.    You make more variety.

 Ever get bored of eating the same thing every day? Then these lists will inspire you to try new, fresh ideas.

 Are you tired of turkey breast? How about the ostrich, lamb, or venison steak?

 Are kidney beans sticking out in your ears? Not only lentils and white beans but also black beans, chickpeas, and baked beans provide more variety.


“It doesn’t get easier. You just get stronger.”


  1.    You can put together menus.

 You can use the tables for your food diary or if you want to put together a menu based on macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat).

 Programs, apps, and websites help you plan your meals. And often, a healthy meal can be put together quickly when you use foods from this list.

 Pick a lean protein source as a base, supplemented with a natural carbohydrate source and some healthy fats, and you’ve got a tasty, look-and-be-naked meal.

 You can adjust the portion and calorie count to suit your needs.


  1.    You raise your awareness of healthy food.

 You’ll make more intelligent decisions at the dinner table when you know ​​how many calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein a portion of food contains — even if you’re not tracking calories.

 Have you ever nibbled on a bag of peanuts without realizing it was almost 1000 calories?

 Some foods on the high-protein food table are very healthy and contain many micronutrients, but they also give you a lot of energy. You should know that.


Note: Cooked vs. Raw Food

Remember that the calorie density of food changes as it is cooked.

Meat loses liquid when heated. Because of this, 100g of cooked meat contains more calories (and protein) than 100g of raw meat.

The same goes for legumes, which you can buy dried, fresh, or canned.


Tip:  The tables are interactive, i.e., you can sort them by clicking on the respective column heading. So you can filter out foods with a lot of protein and little fat.


Ultimate Protein Foods List


The first part about protein: Protein: What is it good for, and how much protein should you eat?


Ultimate Protein Foods List – Conclusion

The number of overweight people is increasing every year. Apparently, putting on fat has never been easier than it is today.


But looking good in a swimsuit has never been easier.


Even if only a fraction of the 40,000 products on the supermarket shelves are healthy, there are still hundreds of foods to choose from.

Combined, there are endless possibilities. More than any assembly line production, no matter how varied, can produce.


For my coaching clients, I have compiled an extensive positive list of staples from which to choose the ones they love AND the ones that move them forward.


You now know one module of this list – 139 foods that provide a lot of protein and few calories.


I guess you’ve already decided for yourself whether you’re going to take the red or the blue pill.


The first part about protein: Protein: What is it good for, and how much protein should you eat?