Slightly different ideas for the first date


Wet hands, tingling in the stomach, and hormones pumping – dates are lovely. After all, there is an exciting person whom we would like to get to know better. And he us. Perfect.

But after the umpteenth romantic date at the Italian restaurant around the corner, we are ripe for a little more creativity.


Perfect date can be a little more unusual!


After all, it is precisely the unusual experiences that you will never forget. Fortunately, the times in which we left the evening to the man are over.


So just come up with a few fancy ideas for you and your date.

No idea what you can do? Here are a few inspirations that will hopefully be good for an exciting evening and lots of cupids and butterflies.


#1 – The idea for the first date: A shopping tour

Of course, you actually prefer to go shopping alone (and unobserved) than a woman. But we’re not talking about underwear, socks or new jeans either.


First date ideas


Flea markets, street festivals, dusty antique shops, and crazy design shops – shopping can be much more than just hunting for your next outfit. The small, bizarre shops, in particular, tempt you to rummage for hours. Going for a relaxing stroll, without time pressure or a shopping list, is more than nice with a man by your side.


Another advantage, there will be no shortage of things to talk about. And if you only gossip about kitsch and clutter together. Flea markets, street festivals, dusty antique shops, and crazy design shops – shopping can be much more than just hunting for your next outfit.


Another advantage: There will be no shortage of things to talk about. And if you just gossip about kitsch and clutter together.


crazy first date ideas


#2 – The idea for the first date: Delicious drops

Beer, wine, Prosecco, or a cocktail – almost every date in the evening has something alcoholic to offer, regardless of the variant.


So much for the expected date. But how about if you refine the whole thing a bit? For example, by taking part in a wine tasting or whiskey tasting with your date.


Nice side effect: The alcohol will ensure that you have a casual and relaxed conversation. Although you shouldn’t overdo it.


 Always remember: You want to remember your date the next day. So don’t drink it under the table, please.


Ideas for the first date
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#3 – The idea for the first date: Picnic at night

Have you ever had a picnic at night? The time has come.


The advantages: a blanket, lots of goodies, a bottle of wine, candlelight, and a charming guy next to you. Splendid. The dim light makes everything wildly romantic, and you can relax and get closer.


The perfect place is usually a park, but maybe one of you also has a roof or a large backyard available or even better (if accessible): You move the picnic to the beach by the sea or the shore of a lake.


The benefits: a blanket, lots of goodies, a bottle of wine, candlelight, and a charming guy next to you. Splendid. The dim light makes everything wildly romantic, and you can relax and get closer.


#4 – The idea for the first date: Tourists in your own city

Play a tourist in your own city. City tours don’t have to be boring and stuffy. But on the contrary. You can have a lot of fun together.


Be it a harbor tour by boat, a scary night tour through the catacombs, a guided tour of the best graffiti in the city, or a sight-seeing tour in a comfortable double-decker bus – you are sure to have fun with your date, and time flies by.


Because you are at home here, none of you have ever thought of taking part in such a tour in your own city.


best first date ideas
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#5 – The idea for the first date: The classic with a difference

The classic: First a visit to the cinema (because it’s so nice and dark there) paired with a romantic candlelight dinner.


So far, so nice. But even this type of date, which would hardly be so popular if it weren’t ideal for getting to know each other, can be ‘pimped up.’


First: don’t choose just any cinema, but an old, historic cinema with plush velvet armchairs (better still sofas) or a luxury cinema with table service and reclining chairs. The film should also be something special and not the usual blockbuster. Just show him that you have a taste.


 Second: the food. You can ask him what he especially likes and doesn’t like to eat. But wouldn’t it be ten times better to ask him what he has never eaten? Japanese, African, or Peruvian?


Or you choose a restaurant where you can get finger food or sit on large pillows on the floor. Or a dark restaurant where you can’t see anything. That way, he won’t forget your ‘classic’ cinema dinner date anytime soon.


#6 – The idea for the first date: Culture freak

You and your date between Picasso, van Gogh, and Co.? Why not. Many galleries and museums are also open in the evening, museums at least one day a week. And the museum doesn’t have to be boring and dusty if you choose the right exhibition.


There are excellent modern artists from video installations and sound spaces to action painting and graffiti artists. A vernissage with music and champagne and possibly a crazy ‘happening’ is definitely not just something for bores.


Of course, you should be reasonably interested in art, or at least be able to get excited about it. And he too.


first date ideas - the big show

#7 – The idea for the first date: The big show

A show can also be just the thing for an exciting date with him. We’re not necessarily talking about an opera or a classic play where you sit next to each other in silence and don’t even dare cough.


There are enough wild theater productions or shows, such as a burlesque show, that are anything but heavy fare.


Also useful: cabaret. Even a comedy show can break the ice and give you a wonderfully funny date. Laughing together connects people.


Always good: a concert by your or his favorite band.


first date crazy ideas

#8 – The idea for the first date: Dance lesson

Going out together to really dance the night away. But different this time, like in the old days! You decide whether Schwof or Lindy Hop. Old dances, in particular, can make for a wonderfully entertaining evening.


A fiery salsa, or would you prefer a romantic waltz or wild rock’n’roll? It’s best to do a trial lesson together and learn a dance style that you both don’t know yet.


While you despair of the dance steps, he charmingly steps on your feet, and together you can get up close and personal. Lovely!


#9 – The idea for the first date: Off to the bowling

Sure, going bowling is also a classic among dates. But that’s exactly what makes bowling incredibly charming.


Are you having a gross motor disaster while bowling? No problem. This will make the evening all the more fun and cause one or two fits of laughter.


And if you’re a bowling queen – no problem either. Then flatten him and show him what girls can do at the bowling alley. He’ll be impressed.


Nice side effect: you can stare at him, unabashedly at his bottom.



#10 – The idea for the first date: Animal lovers

This date idea is perfect for animal lovers. And those that are nocturnal. After all, every zoo has a long zoo night, during which you can go on a discovery safari with your date in the dark.


If you are not a big game lover, you can also marvel at giant tarantulas, rays, and crocodiles in the aquarium or terrarium.


The nice thing is that there is no end to a conversation, and on this type of date, you can indulge in old childhood experiences together. Because for the majority of you, your last visit to the zoo should be a while ago.


Good ideas for first date
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#11 – Ideas for the first winter date

Sure, a picnic on the cold, wet lawn is not ideal for getting closer to a romantic setting in winter. Nevertheless, the cold season also has its charm: How about a retro trip back to childhood?


Ice skating or sledding as a couple can be incredibly romantic. On sunny winter days, a walk through the white, snowy landscape with the obligatory hot chocolate afterward can be ideal for getting to know each other during long conversations.


In the run-up to Christmas, of course, you can also visit the Christmas market. An evening appointment is ideal when the festive lighting creates a romantic atmosphere.


Not in the mood for cold? Then make an appointment for a cooking class! This is an original alternative to the classic restaurant visit and not quite as obligatory at a first meeting as cooking at home. The common activity helps to reduce the initial shyness.


A visit to the tropical heated botanical garden is also a good idea to continue a hot flirt in the exotic warmth.


Or how about a first date in the planetarium to get each other’s stars out of the sky …?