10 Rules for wealth and prosperity in 2021


Who doesn’t want to indulge in money, do what one wants all day long and look to the future with no financial worries? Who doesn’t want to be rich? Can you imagine being rich? No? Then do it anyway. Imagine being rich. If it doesn’t work out now, you will soon be able to do it with my help. What are the rules for wealth and prosperity?


 To the facts:


Less than 1 percent of the world’s population is rich – 0.7 percent, to be precise. Worldwide there are 35 million people. The rest of the approximately 7 billion people are only onlookers, at the most dream of being rich themselves, but have no idea how it could work.


Even if you don’t want to belong to these 35 million, at least in English speaking countries, everyone has the opportunity to lead the life I described in the first paragraph. Because all the prerequisites for becoming rich are given in our living environment:


  • Internet access,
  • Education,
  • Law and order,

And much more.


Even in Russia, India, Pakistan, and China, which together make up half of all people in the world, there are countless billionaires and millionaires.


wealth and prosperity rules


So what does it matter to be poor or rich?


Obviously, the rich have some common habits that they must have in order to be rich and wealthy. One thing is clear: being rich does not depend on fate. There are many rich people and very many poor people in America, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada. In China, Pakistan, India, and Russia as well. Therefore, it is clear that it is free will that makes people successful and, therefore, usually also wealthy.


But even if you don’t want to get super-rich but rather imagine a middle-class existence, the following rules will help you to achieve your goals and fulfill your wishes.


keep eye on goal rule for wealth and prosperity


 Rule No. # 1 – Always keep an eye on your goal


Focus your mind on a certain (financial) point that you see as a worthwhile goal. Just as a laser pointer fixes exactly one point sharply and unmistakably, imagine your target just as sharply and don’t lose sight of it. Imagine a specific goal that will lead you to get rich. The inner message of wanting to “get rich” or “have a lot of money” is not very helpful. It would be best if you had a specific goal like “a villa with so many rooms,” a “Porsche with this and that equipment,” or “a luxury yacht with that and that length.” Visualize your goal, and your subconscious will take all measures to achieve this goal.


In any case, you have to focus your mind on your goal, make it visible and tangible through various measures, and deal with it every day. Whether it was Philippe Reis, the inventor of the telephone, or Thomas Alpha Edison, who invented the light bulb – each of them worked obsessively on their plan. Affirmative messages are a great way to focus on your goal.


You will find out more about this later.


Work actively rule for wealth and prosperity


Rule No. # 2 – Work actively on your goals every day


Just having goals without doing anything is illusory and impossible. The basis for your future success has these three letters: DO – every day.


The steel industrialist Charles Schwab worked at the beginning of the 20th century and established a very simple rule:


“Every day you get out of bed, write down a list of tasks that you want to do that day. And then try to do as many tasks as possible that day. ”


It is now known that almost all wealthy and successful people use this procedure. Usually, they write down their goals for the next day the evening before and then do as many as possible after getting up. It’s not even that important to complete all of the tasks on this list. It is important to define the goals for the next day, write them down and get to work.


Rule No. # 3 – Save and invest part of your income


Nobody can be enough if they spend all their money. No matter how small the income, save regularly. Remember the saying, “Even small drops of water make an ocean!”


All rich people reward each other. It is precisely these rewards that we see on television, on Facebook, and on the Internet: expensive cars, luxury yachts, watches, villas, and world trips. However, the rich first earned money and then rewarded themselves. They didn’t spend their earned money immediately. They invested it first. Not the other way around, as most people do: “First spend and then earn!” (Apart from entrepreneurs who first invest money for future profits and usually have to take out loans).


On the subject of “saving money,” I read an excellent book that I can really recommend to you: “The richest man in Babylon!”

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It describes how you can make a fortune by saving part of your income. And only when you have made a fortune can you live a life of luxury and pleasure. From my own experience, I know that the system described in this book works perfectly!


Rule No. # 4 – Invest and Reinvest


Billionaire Warren Buffet says (among other things): “If you want to get rich, invest your money and reinvest your profits!”


He’s responding to the magic of compound interest. If you do not squander your winnings but reinvest them, you will receive compound interest, i.e., “profit on profit,” further profit on the won profit, etc. If you always follow this rule, your small initial investment will turn into a large sum over time. You will see, too, “Small cattle make crap. Our language is full of such wisdom, all of which have a real, essential, and, above all, truthful core.



Being rich doesn’t depend on fate or where you live. Rather, it is your free will whether you want to get rich or not. If you want to get rich, you should also observe and apply the following rules:


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Rule No. # 5 – Get advice from experts and apply it!


“A master has not yet fallen from the sky!” Or one cannot be a master in all things. If you are not a master of money and wealth yourself, become an expert yourself, or find one. Do not be afraid to seek competent assistance and ask him questions. The main message of this rule: act according to the advice. Most people seek advice and sleep through the future by doing nothing.


Don’t you make this mistake too!


Rule No. # 6 – No credit cards – only cash is true!


Controlling your expenses is an essential step in getting rich. Because you don’t get rich by spending your money, but by keeping it, however, that does not mean to be stingy from now on or to gout for every cheap bargain.


Only spend the money that you have in your pocket. Then all expenses are limited to the amount you currently have with you, and you avoid spontaneous purchases on credit. Also, you only spend the money on which you have planned the expenditure in your budget.


Spending on credit cards is often nonsensical. Besides, they are spent unnecessarily on spontaneous purchases, or worse, on nonsensical things. True to the motto:


“You spend money that you don’t have on things that you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like!”


Credit cards used to be convenient and protected against losing cash in the event of a robbery. Credit cards have now become a much greater risk to wealth because they “destroy” more money than could ever be lost in a robbery.


A credit card is always good for an emergency. Make sure you use cash for your essential purchases. Of course, it is different if you have a net worth of more than 10 million euros ;-). However, I suspect that you will not be sitting in front of this website.


Rule No. # 7 – Optimize your time and skip the TV


I mean, we could sell our television set. Unfortunately, my family is against it. We all only have 24 hours a day. And when such a resource is limited, it is as valuable as gold. So it would help if you got into the habit of viewing your time as valuable and not wasting it on meaningless TV shows.


Decide on your priorities in life. If you love soaps, cookery or fashion shows or feature films, then you will love to watch them. But then don’t expect to get rich with it. To get rich, you have to keep your mind occupied with something that will move you forward. And a surefire way to get rich is. KNOWLEDGE (e.g., through reading).


Rules for wealth and health


Rule No. # 8 – Read for Self Improvement


All rich and successful people are constantly striving to improve. The best way to do this is by reading. However, not novels or short stories, but non-fiction and specialist books that are beneficial to your knowledge and skills. Of course, you can also read novels, but these should rather be for relaxation.


Reading shouldn’t be an option for you, but make it your duty and force you to do it. In the beginning, it will be difficult for you, but over time, you will gain joy in it. Start reading at least 30 minutes a day and keep increasing that time. Once you have understood that specialist and non-fiction books are of considerable benefit to you, you will find yourself reading a lot.


Most successful people read before bed for a good reason. It has been proven that the subconscious stores the last topic of the day in a special way and processes it at night. If you read something constructive before going to sleep, what you read will be anchored in your subconscious – you are practically learning while you sleep.


Alternatively, you can also record knowledge about your self-improvement through audiobooks. Many use audiobooks while jogging, before going to bed, or on the way to and from work, school, or university.


An excellent way to absorb motivation and knowledge is with the right affirmations. You can play them on your smartphone as “Silent Subliminals” without affecting your sleep or your falling asleep. During the falling asleep and waking phase, the consciousness is not yet fully awake, so that the desired information wanders directly into the subconscious and has its beneficial effect.


Rule No. # 9 – Promise Less – Deliver More!


All rich and successful people follow the maxim: “Work is customer service!”


You perform better than you promised. Conversely, they will not make any promises that they cannot keep and always try to do more than the customer expects. Successful people are ready to work on weekends, even on Sundays, over a reasonable period of time, at least until they’re rich.


Maintain health rule for wealth and prosperity


Rule No. # 10 – Maintain Your Health


Rich and successful people always take care of their health. They know that every day of illness means loss – or that you have to wait longer for success. Until you are rich and can afford the most luxurious resorts and spas, you have to take care of your own health.


Get rich first and then enjoy the luxury of having yourself cared for when you are sick.


Exercise regularly and watch out for the calories you eat. Occasional culinary sins such as visiting “American specialty restaurants” are forgivable if they are only visited occasionally.


Regardless of whether you are self-employed or employed, you are most productive in the last few years. You have an experience that has been tanned and shaped by life, and nothing can shake you anymore. Enjoy this time of your prime in the best of health – you really deserve it!


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